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HR Contacts Database

Do you need an accurate, up-to-date list of HR contacts within UK businesses?

Our database provides 10,068 data records for HR contacts within UK companies, which would enable you to promote your products and services directly to them.

This email list of HR contacts comes with direct named email addresses to boost your marketing efforts.

In addition to providing you our HR contacts database we can also provide an email design and managed campaign service.

Your email is designed with your target audience in mind, making sure that it grabs the attention of busy human resources professionals despite the abundance of marketing communications they receive every day..

This email will be sent out on your behalf on three separate occasions, from our dedicated servers, and we will follow up each mailout with a comprehensive report that shows tracking activity including opens, click throughs and conversions.

In this article we will:

discuss the elements that make up an HR budget

introduce you to what a database is

discuss how best your business can market to HR contacts

look at the common challenges HR professionals face

look at ways your brand can effectively reach out to HR Personnel

list the additional benefits clients receive when they purchase the HR Contacts Database

What is included in a HR budget?

There are many things that an HR department may include in their budget, and much of this will depend on the size of the company, and how much money they have to work with.

The human resources budget for any company refers to the funds that the department allocates to every process of the business. HR is at the heart of an organisation, and holds the finances for areas such as recruitment, salaries and employee benefits, as well as training, workforce engagement and wellness.

In order to allocate these funds, HR will usually analyse current and historical accounts and data. The individuals that work in these departments are pros at understanding how their management of finances have affected the positive and negative growth of the company. Some of the most common things that HR professionals will be in control of include:


Recruitment advertising

Temporary staff

Employee referral programmes

Outsourced services

Recruitment brochures/printing costs

Website development/job ad placements

Employee Benefits

Health Insurance

Dental Insurance

Life Insurance

Retirement plans/pensions

Gym and fitness memberships/discounts

Corporate entertainment options

Training And Development


Training courses

Certification programmes and exams

Catering for courses

Audiovisual rental/purchase

Consultation fees/hiring speakers

Health And Safety

Gym and fitness facilities or memberships

Health and safety training

Smoking cessation schemes

What is a HR contacts database?

A contacts database contains specific job title contacts across a wide variety of industries, in this case the contacts are responsible for HR. This type of database is appropriate for companies who wish to market their products and services to people who hold a particular job title such as HR, Marketing, Facilities and so on.

Our HR database includes important information for each contact, including the name of the HR contact, postal address, phone number, named email and other relevant information that will help your business to market directly to them.

Marketing to HR: the basics

Before you can successfully market to any HR professional, you first need to understand who you are talking to, what they do, and what sorts of things they might be in the market to buy.

There is no point trying to sell to a business contact that isn’t in charge of the purchasing decisions for your area. Whilst it is tempting to assume that your email would be passed onto the person in charge of this area, the likelihood is that it will be deleted without a second thought.

HR is an enormous sector, with HR departments across all types of businesses hiring professionals for generalised work, as well as for more specialised areas.

Depending on the size of the organisation you are targeting, you may want to speak to a general HR manager, who is able to direct your mail to the right place, or you might need to hone in on one specific employee who is in charge of your area of expertise.

In a general company hierarchy, a generalised HR person will work under the Directors, who then report to the senior VP, who in turn will report to the CEO.

However, in larger businesses, you may be targeting someone lower down on the food chain, who will then pass your information up to the right person.

HR Specialists

Professionals that specialise in one aspect of HR might work in:


Employee benefits

Health and wellness

Legal issues


Workplace safety

Training and development

Because our email list of HR managers provides additional information including job titles and (in some cases) company size, you are better placed to find and target the individual that you need to speak with for the best chances of success. General HR Personnel

A general human resources employee works across all areas of the specialist areas outlined above. Their goals tend to derive from the overall benefit to the organisation as a whole, meaning that they will prioritise factors that will help in the areas that the organisation is currently focusing on.

For example, if a company is working on growth, HR professionals will be dedicated to things like recruitment and organisational planning.

These members are most often focused on different areas from month-to-month, so your business will need to demonstrate an understanding of the needs of the business as a whole in approaching them.

HR in larger companies

In a larger company you are more likely to encounter individual personnel working in specialised areas. Because big businesses devote entire departments to HR, each member of staff is able to have an area of expertise, and be in charge of procurement for the individual needs of that part of the business.

HR personnel within big businesses are most likely to be in charge of budgets for things like:

Office equipment. Larger companies have extensive need for office equipment, and a large portion of their budgets will be dedicated to this.

Software. HR software is necessary to ensure the smooth-running of any larger company, and funds will be allocated to procuring the latest and most advanced versions of these technologies.

Recruitment. Hiring new staff is an extensive task for larger companies, who usually have large budgets in order to manage this process.

Career development. The biggest companies often have the most opportunities for growth and employee development, meaning that training and other staff development opportunities are sought.

Compliance. Tax and accounting is a crucial part of business, and HR departments will have entire areas dedicated to sourcing accounting technologies and support services to ensure that the organisation is on top of financial matters.

HR in smaller companies

Smaller businesses have fewer employees, making it more likely that there will be one HR manager to report to when approaching the business with new opportunities.

HR departments in smaller organisations often play more of a reactive role with regards to team management, due to the constraints of a smaller team. This means that, when contacting an HR contact in a smaller business, you will be focusing on:

  • Recruitment. New recruitment strategies, advertisement and web development will need to be kept to a low budget, and offer the most value for the least money. Many smaller businesses are looking into developing Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) that minimise the admin costs associated with recruitment.

  • Retention. Whilst small organisations are less likely to spend a lot of money on entertainment and benefits, they are also the most likely to focus on workplace culture and building up the dedication of team members. Training, safety and health and wellness options are often popular with HR managers in these companies.

  • Administration. Cutting administration time and costs is crucial to smaller businesses with reduced HR teams, so software and management systems are popular with personnel in these organisations. These organisations are also looking for useful and affordable financial management services that can improve compliance and keep costs down overall.

Common HR professional pain points

With a better understanding of the challenges faced by HR professionals, you should be able to expertly craft an invitation or offer that they are more likely to take up. Some of the major challenges reported by HR personnel include:

Inefficient or complicated processes and regulations

HR is all about getting the cogs of the business turning as smoothly as they can, meaning HR personnel is always on the lookout for things that will make their lives easier.

Local laws and legislation are always changing, which HR needs to keep on top of, and as technology changes so too must the procedures of the business.

HR needs to find tools and technologies that can help staff to help themselves, and is easy to upgrade when the time comes.

Finding innovations for a better employee experience

Acquiring talent is a key role for HR managers, but many forget that staff retention is just as, if not more, important for workplace culture. HR personnel need to work to keep employees happy in their environment, and build a comfortable and enjoyable experience that will also encourage new recruits if people do leave.

This means providing things like online training, gym facilities and fitness courses or work from home arrangements.

Attracting talent

You can’t retain talent that you don’t have, so naturally attracting talent is another key HR challenge.

Whichever industry you are working in, there will be businesses in your sector with HR managers looking for ways to make it easier to find the best talent available and attract them to their company.

Online platforms offer a useful place for businesses to advertise for new staff, tailored specifically to the types of people that they want to work with. There are also a wealth of job interview processes and technologies that can be utilised to ensure that candidates are best screened for suitability.

This is where marketing businesses can really come into their own, helping HR professionals to market their brand better, so that they attract the right types of candidates before they even need to go looking for them.

Fostering a culture of learning and development

These days, businesses don’t just need to pay the people that they hire. What candidates are looking for when they apply for jobs is something that is going to be a career, and add more to their lives than just the ability to pay rent.

A business needs to provide their employees with job progression, and the opportunity to make more of themselves from within their job role.

This is where HR comes in, providing training, eLearning courses and opportunities for development of their skills that will help them to climb through the ranks within the company, and even prepare them for life outside of it.

In order to ease this pain point, a brand will want to offer HR managers something inspiring and original. Unique training courses and events, speakers and online courses are all popular options.

How can your brand reach out effectively to HR personnel?

One of the things that is true across the board for HR professionals is that they are incredibly busy, and have multiple offers from businesses just like yourself every day. So how do you break through this barrier and effectively market to this target audience?

Our HR contacts database UK is more than just an email list of HR managers - it is the beginning of a relationship with some of the most important organisations in the UK. You want to make sure that you approach them satisfactorily the first time, if you can.


The most popular and simple way to reach HR personnel is also the option that we suggest and provide you professional support with. Emails offer a quick and simple way for you to outline your offer and grab attention without taking up too much of someone’s time.

Be aware that HR professionals see these sorts of emails every day, and are wary of advertising, so be honest and direct, and don’t use hyperbole or unsubstantiated claims as this will instantly see your mail relegated to their trash folder.

Teleconferences or webinars

Using our database, you could invite HR professionals to a teleconference or webinar where you can discuss your offer and speak with them directly about their feelings. This is a great way to build a rapport with the HR managers that you want to get in touch with, and find out their challenges and concerns directly.

You may find that you get less responses this way, but the ones that you do get are far more engaged.

Use your own PR

When sending out an email, linking to your website or sending a direct mail, it may be helpful to provide a link to your own testimonials or an impartial reviews site where you can see the clients you have worked with before.

HR professionals hear from hundreds of different businesses every week and have the ability to be choosy about those they want to work with. Showing that you have worked effectively and professionally with other businesses (especially big brands) will help them to see you as a major player in your industry.


At More Than Words we believe that telemarketing provides the personal touch that strengthens any connection made through email marketing. Telemarketing is a good follow-up to a marketing email, allowing the other party to ask any questions or discuss any elements of your offer, and it also helps to remind the person about your brand and offer.

Additional services available with the HR Contacts Database UK

Email design

With your purchase of the HR database, you can receive an email design created by our professional in-house copywriters and designers and ready to send out to the clients you wish to target.

We will work with you to gather any information that you wish to include in your email design, including your offer or proposal, and any information about your brand that you feel is important.

Our skilled copywriters will work to craft a compelling email, including a high-quality and persuasive subject line that will make your email more likely to be opened.

Your email will be kept strong and simple so that it is scannable and easy to read. HR professionals are savvy with regards to marketing, and don’t have time to read through pages of ‘industry-speak’ to get to the point.

We ensure that your email is bold and interesting, with a strong focus on what you can offer them and how your offer will benefit their business.

We design our emails in a simplistic and elegant way to reduce loading time and convey professionalism. We are happy to use your logo and branding, and may even be able to use your font if possible. Emails are seo optimised, but we try to use keywords judiciously so that the copy doesn’t read as spam.

Your email will be designed in HTML5 to ensure that it displays correctly on whichever device it’s opened – desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Three email broadcasts

Once you are happy with the design that we have provided for you then we will send three separate email campaigns out to the chosen recipients on your HR database on an agreed schedule.

We use the same servers that we have used for many years, which means that they have built up a high score and you don’t need to worry about your transmissions being relegated to the junk folders of your target contacts.

You can choose the days and times of your email communications, in order to match up with the times at which your chosen contacts will be the most receptive, or the least busy so that they can give your email the time it deserves.

Once your emails have been sent we follow up by tracking and recording every open and click, and we send you information within an hour (excepting any technical issues at our end) of who has interacted with your mailout.

Three days after the email has been sent, we will provide you with a full tracking report of any activity generated by your campaign.

In the past, More Than Words has found that clients using this service have been able to generate strong leads through our email campaigns. Those clients who do click on, or otherwise interact with, our emails tend to be motivated to move forward in the process with our client when they follow up on their mailouts.

Back-up support services after-sales

When you purchase the HR Database, you get a full 12 month licence that allows you to use it for marketing via post, email and telephone.

We provide free technical support to our clients alongside their purchase of the database, helping you to access and use it effectively. This includes things like separating contact details for different industries, sectors and job titles, for a more targeted marketing campaign.

Our advertising team is also more than happy to provide you with any further support or help with your campaign. We can provide constructive feedback of your own advertising materials, and help you to develop an idea into a campaign that converts.

HR Contacts Database 2020 – our offer

Please call now for our price on the HR Database which includes:

10,068 data records

10,068 HR contacts

10,068 email addresses

1 email design – created in tandem with our expert in-house copywriters and designers

3 inclusive email campaigns

full reporting on your email campaigns

technical and advertising support

12 months’ data usage Additional information contained on each record

address (including town, county, and postcode)

phone (generally the central office or branch number)

employees (on site and nationally)

company registration number (if applicable and incorporation date)

turnover band

company net worth

profitable or loss-making

profit percent change

sales volume increase or decrease


premise type description

branch count Not all fields are populated. Please contact us to ask about coverage on any of the above fields if they are of particular importance to your marketing activities.

To speak to us about our HR Contacts Database, please call us on 0330 010 8300 or email clare@morethanwordsuk.co.uk.

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