Why is outsourcing marketing and sales to a third party becoming more popular among British businesses?

It doesn’t matter what your business does – sales and marketing is hugely important.

Large or small, startup or well established, it is near impossible to achieve success without an ongoing commitment to improving and investing in your sales and marketing function.

Without sales and marketing, competitors will get ahead of you and the business is unlikely to grow at the rate in which you were hoping for.

However, sales and marketing is not easy.

In fact, sales and marketing is one of the more difficult parts of running a business.

There are a lot of different aspects of promoting your products and services to get right.

Improving your company’s sales and marketing understanding and strategy includes knowing which techniques work best on your customers and how leads can be better and more reliably converted into sales.

You also have to make sure that you recruit the right people to delivering figures to hit company targets.

The increasingly complexity of running modern and successful sales and marketing operations is why more and more businesses are choosing to outsource this to teams of experienced professionals.

5 reasons why you should outsource your marketing

1. Increase in profits and revenue without the responsibility for extra staff

Results are generated more quickly by an experienced team who will require a fraction of the training that a new person to the industry would require.

There is no requirement to hire a sales manager to motivate, coach, and manage the team on a daily basis.

There are no endless rounds of recruitment to organise and no new staff to train and on-board.

All of these activities, if in-house, increase your fixed costs and rob you of valuable management time you could be using to develop the business and its product and service offering.

2. A focused and dedicated team

With specific experience in sales and marketing, an outsourced team exists only to truly focus on your business and your customers.

They know the best practices, the newest techniques, and how to get those much-needed conversions.

Importantly, they know what doesn’t work and where not to waste time. There is no trial and error, there are no mistakes, and there is no learning curve.

With outsourcing, you don’t have to worry about whether or not a strategy will work.

3. Learn from sales and marketing expertise

With years of experience, a specialist sales team has a much better insight into customers, their pain points, and all of the stops on their buying journey.

This isn’t knowledge that is easy to come by in any other way than constant rounds of canvassing, fact-finding, and pitching.

However, this knowledge makes a significant difference in regards to how well sales and marketing plans work overall.

You and your colleague will benefit from the opportunity of seeing how a range of different customer acquisition techniques produces different outcomes and:

  • how those outcomes inform staff on the right ways to deliver fast results and
  • how those very same outcomes provide the knowledge needed to understand which approaches should be avoided altogether.

Everything you learn vicariously through your outsourced sales team can be evaluated and then discarded or used in the future to continue business growth.

4. Outsourcing your marketing can be easily scaled if needed

By outsourcing your marketing, you acquire a greater level of flexibility.

If your business and its access to cash grows or downsizes, the sales and marketing output can be scaled up or down accordingly.

If you suddenly want to push a specific product or if you want to increase the budget, changes can be made in no time at all as the infrastructure will already exist within an outsourced agency.

5. Outsourcing your marketing and sales frees up your time

Sales and marketing is a time consuming part of running a business but it’s a part which needs to be worked on and improved consistently and effectively in order to make a significant difference to the performance of a business.

It’s not something that works when you and your management team have an hour or two to concentrate on it during a week.

It’s better to leave it to a dedicated outsourced team whose direction you can steer and whose targets you can amend according to the needs of the business.

Taking care of sales and marketing is a huge undertaking, one that can pull much needed time and resources away from other more pressing matters.

Getting started outsourcing your marketing

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Outsourcing your marketing and sales

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