Want to build productive and ongoing relationships with the individuals and teams who place all of contract opportunities and who make the decisions on who will supply their hospital trusts?

With More Than Words Marketing, you can build awareness of your company and the products and services you offer by email, phone, and post.

Our NHS supply chain contact marketing database contains:

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What’s on our NHS hospital procurement contact list?

Information we hold on the people on our database

Our database holds the following information on NHS supply chain decision makers:

  • Salutation – Mr, Miss, Mrs, Ms, Dr – etc
  • First name
  • Initial – first name abbreviated to the initial letter
  • Last name
  • Job Title–official job title
  • Seniority – level of management within the organisation they work for
  • Qualifications – educational or vocational qualifications the contact is known to have
  • Town or city – the town or city in which the contact is based

We hold the following contact details:

  • Postal address – The postal address at which the contact is based
  • Contact email address – the email address of the contact
  • Contact phone – the direct number for the contact or, where that is not available, the switchboard number

And, finally, we hold the following information on the organisations contained on the list:

  • Annual spend – twelve month budget shown in millions.
  • County – the postal county in which the contact is based
  • Internal department – in most cases on the database, this is the purchasing and procurement team or department
  • Main email – the main e-mail address for the organisation
  • Main phone – the main telephone/switchboard number for the organisation
  • Websites – the URL for the main website of the NHS trust listed
  • Main site – indicates is the person is located at the headquarters or main site for the organization they work for
  • Name of the organisation – official legal title
  • Staffing level – number of staff employed by the organisation
  • Organisational notes – Useful information we find including forthcoming changes/mergers and so on
  • Organisation Type – in all cases on this database, this is the NHS
  • Organisation Type Additional – for example, NHS Foundation Trust as well as individual NHS trusts
  • Postcode – the postcode of the location at which the contact is based
  • Population served – the population served by the organisation (this enables suppliers to estimate the number of patients served annually)

Which procurement and purchasing departments are contained on the database?

Most NHS organisations and some larger departments have specific procurement contacts or teams for the following:

  • Adult Services Purchasing/Commissioning – responsible for purchasing products and services for the Adult Services department
  • Building/Engineering Purchasing
  • Capital Equipment Purchasing
  • Central Contract Management
  • Central Purchasing of Supplies
  • Children’s Services Purchasing/Commissioning – responsible for purchasing products and services for the Children’s Services department
  • Commissioning Services
  • Departmental Purchasing/Contracts
  • Diagnostic/Medical Equipment Purchasing
  • Domestic Cleaning/Laundry Purchasing
  • Food/Catering Purchasing
  • Medical/Surgical Purchasing
  • Performance/Planning Purchasing
  • Pharmaceutical Purchasing
  • Transport Purchasing

How can I market to decision makers with the information contained on the procurement database?

The NHS procurement marketing database we offer contains the information prospective suppliers need to run email marketing campaigns to contacts with the authority and money to purchase their goods and services. You can also run telemarketing campaigns and postal marketing campaigns to the contacts we supply you with.

What types of support do you provide customers with?

We provide customers with a number of after-sales services with the aim of helping them reach the right procurement and supply chain contacts with the data we provide them with.

For the 12 months following purchase, you can access free support from our technical and advertising teams and they’ll assist you with your direct marketing campaigns towards supply chain and procurement teams and decision makers.

Can you send email campaigns to NHS procurement services on my behalf?

Yes. We can send to the procurement services departments you’re targeting within the NHS with our managed email marketing campaigns to the public sector. We also offer outsourced telemarketing campaigns to the public sector.

Get in touch with NHS supply chain decision makers and influences direct

NHS suppliers’ sales and marketing teams trust More Than Words to provide them with the quality data and back-up support they need to contact the decision makers they need to get in touch with to sell their goods and services to the health service.

Benefit from the experience we have in helping clients reach procurement and supply chain decision makers with a message they respond positively to.

For more information, guidance, and advice on procurement within the NHS and how the NHS supply chain works, please contact us on 0330 010 8300 or you can click here to email our UK public sector database team.

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