NHS procurement contact list for email, phone, and postal campaigns.

Want to build productive and ongoing relationships with the decision makers in charge of tenders and contract opportunities within hospital trusts?

With More Than Words Marketing, you can build awareness of your company and the products and services you offer by email, phone, and post.

Our NHS marketing database contains contact details for those involved in the procurement process within the Crown Commercial Service and hospital trusts.

These include:

List of NHS procurement leaders for email, phone, and postal campaigns

What’s on our NHS procurement contact list?

Detail held for the people on our database

Our database holds the following personal information on NHS supply chain decision makers:

What's on our hospital procurement contact list?
  • contact name,
  • official job title,
  • level of management within the organisation they work for,
  • location.

We hold the following contact information:

  • postal address,
  • email address, and
  • direct number for the contact or, where that is not available, the switchboard number

And, finally, we hold the following information on the organisations contained on the list:

  • annual report and spend,
  • county,
  • service (NHS England, NHS Scotland, HSC Northern Ireland, NHS Wales),
  • internal department – in most cases on the database, this is the purchasing and procurement team or department,
  • the URL for the main website of the NHS trust listed
  • number of staff employed by the organisation
  • organisational notes – useful information we find including forthcoming changes/mergers, national contracts and more, and
  • population served – the population served by the organisation (this enables suppliers to estimate the number of patients served annually).

What types of support do you provide NHS suppliers with?

Market to the public sector with More Than Words

We provide our clients with a number of after-sales services with the aim of helping them reach the right procurement and supply chain contacts with the data we provide them with.

For the 12 months following purchase, you can access:

  • technical support – no technical skills are necessary; our in-house professionals can help you utilize the data that you purchase
  • advertising support – our account managers, designers, and writers will be able to review your advertisements and offer suggestions

Can you send email campaigns to NHS trust headquarters and other NHS commercial solutions organisations on my behalf?

Yes. We can send to the procurement activity departments you’re targeting within the NHS with our managed email marketing campaigns to the public sector .

We also offer outsourced telemarketing campaigns to the public sector .

Use our NHS procurement contact list to reach decision makers directly

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NHS suppliers’ sales and marketing teams trust More Than Words to provide them with the quality data and back-up support they need to sell their goods and services to the health service.

Benefit from the experience we have in helping clients reach procurement and supply chain decision makers with a message they respond positively to.

For more information, guidance, and advice on procurement within the NHS and how the NHS supply chain works, please contact us on 0330 010 8300 or you can click here to email our UK public sector database team.

Contact NHS procurement decision makers direct

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