Ben Fairlie

Managing Director

Ben Fairlie

Ben has been involved in B2B marketing for more than 20 years and, alongside Clare, takes a hands-on approach to the running of More Than Words Marketing. 

He is always open to new ideas and strategies to ensure More Than Words continues to grow and provide companies with essential outsourced sales and marketing services.

Ben loves a challenge and, in addition to the day to day running of the company, also develops custom data solutions based on clients’ needs and market demand. 

Not only this, but he is our go-to person for all things IT and Telecoms related within More Than Words.

Years in the industry 20 YRS
Years with MTW 4 YRS

Clare Tweed

Sales Director

Clare has worked in Marketing and Advertising for 27 years in various roles, including Field Sales, Telesales, Mentor and Sales Manager.

Heading up More Than Words Marketing alongside Ben, she provides clients with solutions and achieves results using a unique no-nonsense approach.

She has vast experience of dealing with businesses across a wide variety of B2B and B2C industries from SME’s to PLC’s.

Her supporters are those that enjoy working with someone knowledgeable, honest, tells it how it is, has a good sense of humour and is not afraid to say No!

Years in the industry 27 YRS
Years with MTW 4 YRS

Lisa Kinghorn

Senior Account Manager

Confident and independent, Lisa is one of More Than Words’ most frequently mentioned team members on our Google reviews page.

Working with More Than Words for four years, Lisa has dedicated herself to learning everything there is to know about how the public sector and Education sectors operate and purchase products and services.

Lisa plays an active role in the business side of the company, providing invaluable help to her clients and colleagues alike.

Years in the industry 12 YRS
Years with MTW 4 YRS

Andy Balmbra

Account Manager

With more than a decade in the industry under his belt, Andy credits More Than Words with helping him to learn and become an expert on new products and services. 

He enjoys the challenge of evolving and adapting to new ways of presenting these to clients, and thrives in different environments. 

Andy states that one of his proudest achievements within the company has been:

“Playing a key role in a company that managed to remain trading and thrived during the pandemic/lockdowns whereby new business was still continuously generated and services still carried out as planned for clients.”

Years in the industry 10 YRS
Years with MTW 2 YRS

Scott Walker

Account Manager

In a short time with More Than Words, Scott has already become an invaluable team member, winning a very competitive tender for a large customer and receiving multiple, incredible testimonials from our existing clients.

Scott says that his favourite thing about working with us for the last year has been, ultimately:

“Being given the opportunity to work with MTW, who I have used as a service provider personally, for many years.”

Years in the industry 11 YRS
Years with MTW 1 YRS

Corey Lillicrop

Campaign Support Manager

Corey has worked within the Direct Marketing industry, in an IT/technical capacity, for almost 7 years. 

Throughout three years with More Than Words, Corey has worked hard to ensure that all of our clients’ email campaigns run smoothly, as well as providing business-wide company support and working alongside Ben to develop new products.

Years in the industry 7 YRS
Years with MTW 3 YRS

Courtney Lindsay


Courtney has worked as an administrator within the Recruitment, HR and Construction industries before joining More Than Words, giving her key insight into how these industries work.

Supporting both clients and the More Than Words team with both marketing and administrative needs, Courtney is the team member who creates and issues clients with their campaign reports, as well as informing them of potential leads from their telemarketing campaigns so that they can move quickly on conversions.

Years in the industry 10 YRS
Years with MTW 2 YRS

Hannah Davies

Sales Adminstrator

Hannah Davies More Than Words Marketing

Hannah has worked in administration roles within Retail, Healthcare and Office supply industries before joining More Than Words, which has given her a wide variety of administrative and IT skills.

Her role serves both customers and the internal sales team with both administrative and IT support, Hannah is the team member who sets up client telemarketing campaigns, manages client email designs, processes client orders and provides valuable sales and IT support.

Years in the industry 11 YRS
Years with MTW 1 YRS
Leanne Phillips

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