The most successful marketing campaigns, the campaigns which generate the greatest levels of response and sales, have two things in common:

  1. the most targeted and up-to-date mailing list and
  2. great creative which engages with the target audience and strongly sells the benefits of the products and services you’re selling.

Looking for mailing lists to carry out your own campaigns?

More Than Words is a full-service direct marketing agency. If you need accurate, compliant, and comprehensive data to reach direct to your target market, please get in touch.

Tell us about your business, what you sell, and the audience you want to reach – give us 24 hours and we’ll come back to you with a fully-costed quote for 12 months’ usage of the relevant part of our database.

But we offer our clients more than just the accurate data you need to reach your target audience.

For one year after purchase, our creative marketing team will be available to review your email message copy, your postal marketing copy, and the telesales script you intend to use to contact the people on your mailing list.

Let us give you our feedback and comments on what you propose to send to the people on your list or what you propose to say on the telephone to them.

More Than Words note – the people on your mailing list are often referred to by marketeers as “contacts”, “subscribers” or “recipients”.

Looking for mailing lists and want help to carry out your next campaign?

If you don’t have the infrastructure or the staff to run your own email marketing campaigns, our team can do it for you instead.

We’ll design and write the text and the content of each email message we send to the contacts on your bespoke mailing list. We’ll notify you every time we receive a lead direct from the future customers on your database. Three days after each campaign, we’ll send you a data file showing you which decision making individuals opened your email message and clicked through to your website so you can follow them up.

Telemarketing is also a proven way to deliver better results from a bespoke mailing list. Working with an experienced telemarketer, a telemarketing manager, and a telesales script writer, we’ll personally introduce what you sell to the decision makers on your list with a view to booking appointments for you and your reps, generating leads, and gathering specific marketing data.

Which types of mailing list can I purchase from More Than Words?

You can purchase the contact details of just the people within companies and organisations most likely to buy from you – we offer a:

  • UK business database – over 3,000,000 decision makers within UK companies.
  • UK schools database – details on 50,000 head teachers and many 100,000s more teachers, heads of year, business managers, and more.
  • UK public sector database – contact over 250,000 decision makers and elected officials with over 800 different job roles and functions.

B2B mailing lists

For the data you need to generate sales from decision-making contacts within the business sector, choose from our business lists:

School mailing lists

To generate sales enquiries from head teachers and other decision makers within the education sector, choose from our:

Public sector mailing lists

To sell to decision makers within the public sector (including elected officials with budgets), choose from our:

What are the job titles of the people on your mailing lists?

The future customers contained on your mailing list will, in nearly all cases, be the most senior decision makers within the company or organisation they own or work for. They will have the responsibility and the budget required to purchase your products and services.

B2B job title data

In addition to managing directors, we also holds hundreds of thousands of records for engineering procurement, facilities management, finance, fleet, health and safety, human resources, marketing, operations, general procurement, sales, and telecoms.

School job title data

In addition to the head teachers, we’re able to source contact data on other decision makers within schools including business managers, Heads of Year (first form, second form, third form, fourth form, and so on), business managers, facilities managers, SENCOs, and more.

Public sector job title data

Our public sector mailing list contains information on decision makers and influencers at all levels of seniority. The procurement structure of many public sector organisations is complicated, especially when one organisation is part of and funded by another larger organisation of which it is a direct member.

We have many years’ experience in sourcing the exact decision makers and influencers you need to be communicating with – please contact us for more.

What other data do you collect from each business, school, and public sector organisation?

In addition to collecting decision maker contact data on our mailing lists, we also collect a wide range of supporting data on the companies/organisations they own or work for to help us for enhanced segmentation.

This greatly improves our ability to supply you only with mailing lists containing the decision makers of the greatest potential commercial value to you.

Decision maker names – contact data

When compiling our B2B mailing list, we collect the following data on all decision making contacts:

  • Name – we have separate data fields for the first name and last name of individuals and their salutation of choice (Mr, Ms, Mrs, Miss, Dr, and so on)
  • Postal address – the full postal address including postcode where the decision maker is based.
  • Phone number – the phone numbers we generally collect are the landline numbers (direct dial numbers) of the senior decision maker although, in smaller companies and organisations, we’re more likely to take down the switchboard phone number. Occasionally, we record mobile numbers too.
  • Email address – for companies and public sector organisations, the email address we have for individuals on the database is generally their direct email address (it does not have to be forwarded to them by a secretary for example). For schools, we supply the office email address.
  • Website address – where known, the website address is contained on the mailing list we send you.

More Than Words note – current marketing regulations dictate that we and our media partners are unable to collect and sell under licence email addresses from sole traders and partners. Therefore the number of business emails available is around 15-20% of the telephone and postal data records we hold on our B2B mailing list.

B2B mailing list data

For each business on our B2B mailing list, we also collect:

  • number of employees (90%)
  • number of branches (90%)
  • type of premises (70%)
  • website address (75%)
  • level of turnover (banded) (60%)
  • year the original company began trading (40%)
  • company registration number (8%)
  • incorporation date (8%)
  • net worth (7%)
  • profit or loss making? (2%)
  • %age increase or decrease in profitability YOY (2%)
  • turnover increase or decrease YOY (shown in pound sterling) (2%)

More Than Words note – the figure in brackets shows the percentage of companies on our database for which we have that data. If that field is particularly important to you when we’re running counts for your bespoke mailing list, please let your account manager know.

School mailing list data

For each school on our education mailing list, we also collect over one hundred different characteristics from the type of school to the number of pupils to Pupil Premium data. Please let us know which types of schools you wish to target before we run a bespoke count for your list.

Public sector mailing list data

For each organisation on our public sector mailing list, we also collect:

  • Annual spend – the organisation’s spend over twelve months shown in millions.
  • County – the postal county in which the contact is based
  • Internal department – the name of the internal department which the contact works in
  • General organisational grouping – Local Government, Regional Government, Central Government, NHS, QUANGOs, etc
  • Main email – the main e-mail address for the organisation
  • Main phone – the main telephone/switchboard number for the organisation
  • Main site – indicates the site at which person is located at the headquarters or main site for the organization they work for
  • Name of the organisation – The official legal title of the organisation
  • Staffing level – Number of Employees employed across the organisation
  • Organisational notes – Useful information we find about the organisation including forthcoming changes/mergers and so on
  • Organisation Type – includes a top level description of the type of organisation a contact is working for (for example, an NHS Trust, Local Authority, and so on)
  • Organisation Type Additional – used to further clarify an organisation or to describe a specific department within an organisation (for example, an Acute Trust, Metropolitan Council, and so on)
  • Postcode – the postcode of the location at which the contact is based

Purchase a bespoke mailing list for your business or book a managed campaign

Let us create a mailing list bespoke to your company containing the people with British firms, schools, and public sector organisations most likely to need your products and services so that your sales and marketing team have the best chance of delivering you the results and generating the revenue that you want.

Find out more about the mailing lists we offer by calling one of our account managers 0330 010 3495 or click here to email our marketing databases team.

More Than Words note – need more than one member of staff to have access to the mailing list? An unlimited number of users within your company may access the database during the license period at no extra cost. If you need someone outside your company to have access to the database (like a 3rd party mailing house), please let your account manager know.

Mailing list FAQ

For companies which need an accurate, comprehensive, and bespoke mailing list to power their direct marketing campaigns, you can approach two different types of companies – mailing list owners or mailing list brokers.

Mailing list owners are the companies responsible for collecting the information held on the mailing lists they sell – information like decision maker names, phone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses, line of business, company size data like number of employees, number of branches, level of turnover, and so on. The mailing list owner is also responsible for maintaining the quality and accuracy of the data on their list as well as its compliance with legal requirements.

A mailing list owner will generally specialise in one type of sector, for example business mailing lists, school mailing lists, public sector mailing lists, and so on.

More Than Words is a mailing list broker. We have developed productive relationships over many years with many of the UK’s leading owners and other media partners. This means that we’re able to build a bespoke database for you from a variety of different sources. In addition, the volume of business we present our list owner and media partners means that we’re able to match and occasionally beat any prices you’re offered direct.

More Than Words sells B2B mailing lists – mailing lists which allow you to promote your products and services direct to decision makers in businesses, schools, and the public sector.

B2C mailing lists are mailing lists of consumers which companies use to find individuals who might want to purchase their products and services in a personal capacity from home. We do not sell B2C mailing lists – if this is what you want, we recommend that you shortlist suitable list owners or list brokers registered with the Data and Marketing Association.

Yes it is legal to buy any mailing list as long as the way it was compiled is compliant with GDPR rules – please click here to read our GDPR policy.

You must also make sure that your use of the mailing list purchased is compliant with GDPR too. In particular with any email ads you send, you must offer all contacts, recipients, and subscribers ways to opt out of any future email campaign you send.

You normally do this by providing a link to your website at the bottom of your email content which points contacts, recipients, and subscribers to a contact form into which they can enter their details. You must also display your company name and postal address (normally your head office) in the footer of your email marketing messages.

If you wish to conduct telemarketing campaigns to your bought-in subscriber list, you must check to see that they’re not registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) or, if you are calling businesses, with the Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS). If you wish to join either service, please visit each site and use the navigation menu on the page to subscribe – subscriptions are free for each list.

If you are looking for a free email list, you won’t find one here. More so than any other piece of contact information, email addresses are very hard to collect and mailing list owners must invest considerability to keep all emails up to date on their databases.

If you see a free email list for sale, it is likely to be an unauthorised copy of a copyrighted database and many years old. Email address data decays at a rate of 2.1% per month meaning that, if your data is three years old, more than three quarters of the email addresses are likely to be wrong.

Please never be tempted to purchase a free email list as you risk alienating your target audience and damaging the esteem in which your company is held among the decision makers most likely to purchase from you.

Data quality is paramount to generating the highest possible return on your direct marketing campaigns.

Our accuracy guarantees are as follows:

  • 98% on contact address
  • 92% on contact telephone number
  • 85% on contact email addresses (excluding soft bounces)

If we fail to achieve these benchmarks, you’ll be entitled to a pro-rata refund or we’ll replace the erroneous records free of charge.

Power your next marketing campaign with More Than Words’ data and mailing lists

Want to find more new customers from your marketing campaigns? Want to work with marketers with the experience you need to successfully present your products and services to decision makers within businesses, schools, and the public sector?

For your next campaign, use a More Than Words mailing list and benefit from the creative input of our marketing and sales team whether you’re a data-only client or a managed services client.

Find out more about the mailing lists we offer by calling one of our account managers on 0330 010 3495 or click here to email our marketing databases team.

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