More Than Words’ list of restaurants is part of our extensive UK business database , comprising an accurate source of contact details for high-level budget holders within the restaurant sector.

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, the UK restaurant industry was enjoying a period of growth with increasing revenues year-on-year.

However, this trend was not reflected in every part of the sector with many independent restaurants struggling in an over-saturated market.

Today, due to uncertainty related to Brexit and the after-effects of 2020’s lockdowns, the majority of restauranteurs are having to think more strategically in order to stay afloat.

Worth £25.12bn in the UK, the industry is significant.

Additionally, demand is still high enough that restaurant industry forecasts predict a full recovery of the market by 2024.

For businesses selling to the food service industry there has never been a better time to market innovative products or services as solutions to the challenges ahead.

What’s on our list of restaurants

More Than Words’ restaurants contact database contains:

  • 34,565 restaurants,
  • 29,997 contact names,
  • 27,955 telephone numbers, and
  • 8,383 email addresses

The team at More Than Words has decades of collective experience in both sales and marketing.

We know that successful marketing relies on having access to the highest quality database rather than the biggest.

That’s why we only include entries on our restaurants database that have passed a certain quality threshold – and contain enough information to be useful to you.

We offer the following guarantees on the list of restaurants we supply to you:

  • 98% deliverability to postal addresses
  • 92% telephone number accuracy
  • 85% deliverability to email addresses (excluding soft bounces)

Contact us about our list of restaurants

Get in touch with us – let us know about your business, the types of restaurants you wish to target, and the products and services you sell as well as how they benefit restaurants.

For  more information on our list of restaurants, please call 0330 010 3495 or you can click here to email our B2B data lists team.

List of restaurants FAQ

Do I have to purchase data on every restaurant?

Not only is it not necessary to buy the entire restaurants contact list, but we also actively discourage it if it’s not the right business decision for you.

The businesses on our UK business database are segmented into more than 2,000 different classifications.

This allows us (and, in turn, you) to choose the restaurants that are the most specific to the products or services you are selling and the contacts that have the most need for them.

When you get in touch, your account manager will discuss your requirements beforehand. All you need to do is tell us the characteristics and demographics of your ideal target audience.

What information is included on the restaurant marketing database?

The variables on our list of restaurants include:

  • contact title (Mr, Mrs, Dr, Miss, and Sir)
  • contact first name
  • contact surname
  • job title
  • type of restaurant
  • name of restaurant
  • legal status
  • telephone number (usually a main switchboard number)
  • full postal address
  • email address

How do you categorise the restaurants on your restaurant database?

The restaurants on your restaurant database have the following classifications:

  • UK chain restaurants
  • Restaurants database UK
  • List of fast food restaurants
  • List of restaurants in London
  • Restaurants in alphabetical order
  • Restaurant food chains
  • British food chains
  • African restaurants
  • American restaurants
  • Argentinian restaurants
  • Brasserie restaurants
  • Brazilian restaurants
  • Caribbean restaurants
  • Chinese restaurants
  • English restaurants
  • French restaurants
  • Greek restaurants
  • Indian restaurants
  • Italian restaurants
  • Japanese restaurants
  • Korean restaurants
  • Large restaurants
  • Lebanese restaurants
  • Mediterranean restaurants
  • Mexican restaurants
  • Nepalese restaurants
  • Oriental restaurants
  • Pizza restaurants (pizzerias)
  • Portuguese restaurants
  • Pub Food restaurants
  • Russian restaurants
  • Scottish restaurants
  • Seafood restaurants
  • Spanish restaurants
  • Thai restaurants
  • Turkish restaurants
  • Vegetarian restaurants
  • Vietnamese restaurants

Once we know which variables are the most relevant to your products and services we’ll compile a bespoke list for your direct marketing teams and campaigns.

What is direct marketing to restaurants?

Combining direct marketing with More Than Words’ list of restaurants is the best way to get your products and services in front of the food service industry contacts with the most need for them.

Direct marketing is an action-oriented form of marketing that relies on direct, personalised communication with targeted recipients.

Unlike advertising, where the value of your content is key to generating leads, direct marketing is reliant on the value of your contacts.

Email marketing to restaurants

Email marketing campaigns are a cost-effective way to generate leads, making a B2B email database one of the most valuable tools your sales and marketing teams can have.

An email marketing campaign can be completely free but even if you use marketing software or partner with an agency like More Than Words the benefits far outweigh the costs.

In fact, according to the UK Data and Marketing Association, working with an email marketing agency will generate your company an average return of at least £42 worth of turnover for every £1 spent.

Additionally, email marketing is highly measurable.

The majority of email marketing platforms offer built-in analytics tools that help you to track metrics such as:

  • who opened your email,
  • how many times your email was opened,
  • who clicked through to your website,
  • how many emails ‘bounced’.

This information is central to refining your email marketing campaigns over time and generating the maximum number of sales and leads from your list of restaurants.

Telemarketing to restaurants

B2B telemarketing databases provide the information sales and marketing teams need to initiate a two-sided dialogue that creates a real connection between your business and your target audience.

Businesses often feel more comfortable making purchases from companies that they have had a ‘real time’ conversation with, as opposed to a faceless corporation.

Furthermore, telemarketing calls are a good way to validate the data on your list of restaurants, expand on the information you already have and perform data cleansing on your contact list.

Can you run my email and/or telemarketing campaigns to restaurants for my company?

Direct marketing takes time and sometimes you simply don’t have it. If you are unable to carry out email or telemarketing campaigns to your list of restaurants we can do it for you.

We provide managed B2B email marketing campaigns to help businesses to get the best results from their database.

Our experienced creative team and campaign managers will write, design, dispatch and report 12 separate email campaigns over the course of the year, based on the offers and information you have provided.

Similarly, our managed B2B telemarketing campaigns provide an opportunity for you to follow up on an email campaign, or to set appointments and perform market research.

Our telemarketers are experienced in pitching, handling objections and closing calls across a range of B2B sectors.

Your entire campaign will be overseen by one of our telemarketing campaign managers to make sure that we are getting optimal results.

Postal marketing to restaurants

We don’t currently run managed postal mail campaigns to the public sector but our business to business mailing list can be supplied to 3rd party mailing houses if you want to run a managed direct mail campaign.

What tips do you have on selling to restaurants and restaurant owners?

Restaurants are businesses with the same objectives as any other – they want to provide their customers with high-quality, high-value service in a way that is profitable and sustainable.

Successful selling to restaurants means offering contacts something they can use to maximise their profits and deliver value to their customers.

To do this you need to understand your target audience. Get an idea of their unique selling point and how your products or services can contribute to this.

Your direct marketing communications need to make it easy for the contacts on your list of restaurants to make purchase decisions.

Provide them with clear, easily-digestible information about the main benefits of your product or service and highlight important facts and figures that promote the value of your business.

Offer contacts a range of ways to get in touch with you and keep a dialogue going with them to keep your business top of mind.

Many marketers find the most success when they approach contacts using multiple marketing methods to create an ongoing conversation that doesn’t feel as though you are crowding them – instead simply making yourself available for their questions or concerns.

Want to know more about our list of restaurants?

With the right list of restaurants giving you access to the most relevant restaurant managers and owners you need to target, you will be able to generate leads, get sales and make connections to benefit your business in the long term.

For  more information on our list of restaurants please call 0330 010 3495 or you can click here to email our marketing databases team.

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