Our list of property developers in the UK contains 4,626 companies complete with multiple details for each entry and compiled with a focus on constant verification of both the relevance and reliability of the data.

In this article, we consider how using a list of property developers in the UK for marketing can help to boost your business in this £68.3bn a year marketplace.

We review:

  • our UK property developers’ database,
  • the types of marketing packages we offer to clients,
  • the benefits our clients enjoy from our property developers UK database,
  • how to market effectively to property developers,
  • how we maintain GDPR compliance in our databases,
  • what to expect from working with More Than Words, and
  • how to order your list of property developers in the UK

Property developers database UK – our offer

Our UK property developers’ list comprises:

  • 4,626 postal addresses
  • telephone numbers for 3,300 entries
  • email addresses for 2,230 of our property development contacts.

You don’t have to buy the entire database (part of our wider UK business database).

Instead, call one of our account managers and they will help you select the developers which offer you the greatest commercial opportunity.

Contained within our database of property developers are many specific local and national subsets including:

  • a UK commercial property developers’ list
  • the top 100 property developers in the UK (as featured on our database)
  • property development companies of all sizes

Regionalised data subsets included in the entire list include:

  • property developers in Essex
  • developers in West London
  • commercial developers in London
  • a London property developers’ list (including small property developers in London)
  • property developers in Manchester

Depending on your requirements, you can purchase our list of the best property developers in the UK as either:

Database-only service

You will be sent a Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, or comma-separated value file, containing:

1. Our full UK property developers’ data and information file

  • a comprehensive list of relevant and accurate contacts in the property development sector, ensuring the better credibility and high deliverability of your marketing campaigns.
  • multiple fields per entry supporting targeted marketing campaigns

2. A 12-month lease from the date of purchase

  • a full year to build relationships with the developers on the database and run as many campaigns as you wish during this time

3. Account manager and technical support

  • we provide the expertise and technical support of our team for as long as you are leasing the database

4. An accuracy guarantee for our property developers UK database

  • 98% address accuracy
  • 92% telephone accuracy
  • 85% email accuracy

If we fail to achieve these stated guarantees, you will be entitled to either a pro-rata refund of the amount over the threshold or replacement records.

12-month managed email marketing campaigns

Our in-house team of marketers, sales personnel, copywriters, and designers will work together in creating and sending out 12 compelling individual email campaigns over the course of one year.

Once a month, we send a campaign out to your chosen contacts on your behalf from our trusted email servers.

We will provide you immediately with information when your email results in a direct enquiry allowing your team to immediately follow up.

After three days, we send you a full analytics report showing:

  • which recipients opened your email and how many times,
  • which recipients clicked through to your website and how many times, and
  • which recipients opted out of being included on future campaigns.

Who can benefit from our UK property developers list?

Our property developers list provides your business with an up-to-date, accurate, and GDPR-compliant source of contact details for the key influencers and decision makers in the property development sector.

Access to this information could be of use to:

  • estate agents/agencies
  • architects
  • house painters
  • construction companies
  • glaziers
  • interior designers
  • wood suppliers
  • electricians

How to market more effectively to property developers

To maximise your return on investment, the More Than Words team suggests that, in your campaigns to property developers, you adopt the following marketing and communication strategies:

Offer insight into a relevant problem or situation

  • show that you have researched and taken interest in the area that they are working in
  • identify problems and concerns that they may be having
  • provide a simple, cost-effective solution

Discuss why you are the right business for their specific need

  • demonstrate how you have helped developers with similar problems
  • show how you helped developers exploit an opportunity or cope with a problem by providing a short case study in your email
  • highlight how you and your company are available to help further following purchase

GDPR compliance

Under GDPR legislation, businesses are required to build rigorous privacy settings into their websites and into their other digital output including email marketing.

GDPR is an integral part of More Than Words’ data compilation services and those of our partners.

Compliance ensures high deliverability

Deliverability is the ability for your emails to reach subscribers’ inboxes rather than being caught up in spam filters, bounced or blocked by ISPs.

It is decided by several factors including:

  • your reputation as a sender,
  • how often your emails are marked as spam by recipients, and
  • adherence to email recipients’ ISP policies.

More Than Words guarantees the accuracy and the deliverability of all the marketing databases we offer by offering pro-rata refunds or replacement records should we fall short of target.

Working with More Than Words

More Than Words is a content production company with a strong focus on sales and marketing.

Our team of marketers, sales personnel, copywriters and designers have decades of collective experience and they are skilled in originating and sending out compelling advertising campaigns which convert.

Our team creates a compelling opening to your email which draws readers’ attention immediately and which concisely explains the benefits of your service and key points of your campaign within 10 seconds.

Each email ends with a strong call to action to encourage immediate response from the property developers contacted.

Three days following transmission, our team follow up with a full analytics report which allows you to see which contacts interacted the most with your campaign.

Clients have enjoyed success by contacting the developers who opened your email the most number of times or clicked through to your website.

Our copywriters and designers are happy to work with any copy or branding you want us to include as well as making sure that the actual email sent is minimal and elegant.

This ensures speed of loading and that the emails will look great on any device that they might be opened on.

You will be assigned an account manager who will be available to answer any questions you have and who is there to provide advice to help you with your UK property developers list and email campaigns.

Access the database whenever you need to for the 12 months of your lease and we will maintain it so that it is kept updated and relevant throughout.

Contact us

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