More Than Words’ list of post offices provides a comprehensive source of contact details for decision-makers and budget-holders in UK post offices.

Our post offices database is part of our extensive UK business database which provides businesses selling products and services with over 3,000,000 decision makers within businesses across the UK.

The United Kingdom’s postal and courier industry currently generates more than £22bn in turnover each year.

While the ever-increasing popularity of email and social media has seen the amount of letters sent in the UK decrease over the past decade, the increasing popularity of ecommerce has seen parcel shipments rise exponentially.

In 2019, letter volume in the UK amounted to ten million pieces while parcel shipments were calculated at around 2.6 billion for that year alone.

The privatisation of Royal Mail in 2014 led to many post offices branching off from the public sector and being moved to independent outlets that combine a retail shop with the Post Office branch.

These are owned by one of the following:

  • a multiple retailer such as W H Smith,
  • an sub-postmaster, or
  • a company under a franchise arrangement with Post Office Ltd.

These post offices are operated directly by the company or individual that owns them.

Finding the right decision-makers within relevant post office branches is easy with our list of post offices. To get started, please call 0330 010 3495 or you can click here to email us.

What’s on our list of post offices?

More Than Words’ list of post offices contains:

  • 9,753 post offices
  • 6,104 contact names for decision-makers or budget-holders within post offices
  • 8,437 phone numbers (direct or main switchboard)
  • 1,255 email addresses

We only add a business to our database of post offices if we are certain that we hold enough information for it to be valuable to your marketing efforts.

That’s why every entry on our list of post offices must pass a certain quality threshold and after it’s been checked for accuracy and relevance.

Additionally, our quality guarantee assures:

  • 85% email deliverability (excluding soft bounces)
  • 92% telephone number accuracy
  • 98% postal address accuracy

If we fail to hit our own quality thresholds, we’ll issue a pro-rata refund to you or supply you with replacement records – whichever you’d prefer.

More Than Words – looking for SIC codes for post offices? The code is 53000 – “Postal and courier activities”.

Do I have to buy the entire list of post offices?

We only want to sell you contact information for decision-makers that will be valuable to you.

While most clients do take the full database, we’d prefer only to supply you with the decision makers and post offices most likely to need your products and services.

We suggest speaking with your account manager before purchasing a database to decide which of the variables contained on our list of post offices are most relevant to you.

The variables contained on our post offices database UK list are:

  • contact name (separate fields for first and last name)
  • contact title (Miss, Mr, Mrs, Dr etc)
  • job title of contact
  • business name and type of business
  • legal status of the business
  • email address for the contact
  • postal address including 2 lines for the address, town, county, and postcode
  • telephone number for the contact or main switchboard

Marketing to post offices

With our list of post offices, your business can use direct marketing approaches like email, phone, and postal marketing to get in front of decision makers with budgets and a need for your product or service.

With direct marketing, you choose the targets, you choose the method by which you communicate with them, you choose what goes in your message, and you choose when it’s sent.

Where indirect marketing decides on the message first, putting it into advertising spaces in the hope that the right people see it, direct marketing begins with choosing your audience and then tailoring your message to suit them.

Many businesses find that they acquire stronger leads through direct marketing than through indirect (or reactive) channels.

Email marketing to post offices

Email marketing campaigns generate high-quality leads.

Using a B2B email database, all you need to do is find email marketing software that best suits your purposes. The software will then be able to send, track and evaluate your email campaigns for you automatically. When you get in touch with us, ask us which email platform we’d recommend your business uses.

Many email marketing platforms provide templates and other features that help you to design and write campaigns –  even if you have little or no experience.

You can A/B test your emails (sending two versions of the same email to see which is the most successful) or use click mapping to see what exactly recipients are clicking on in your emails.

The majority of email marketing platforms also allow you to monitor open, click-through and conversion rates. This helps you to test the content of your emails to see what it working and what isn’t.

Telemarketing to post offices

Telemarketing is one of the best forms of marketing for engaging with prospects.

People relate better to other people than they do to businesses and a telemarketing campaign is the optimal way to give your business an opportunity to make sales.

During telemarketing calls your representatives can answer questions and address any concerns the prospect has.

These calls work as a two-way conversation – getting to know the prospect as an individual in order to understand them better and providing valuable information that will aid future marketing campaigns.

Telemarketing calls are a quick way to gauge the level of interest your prospect has in your products/services and set appointments.

Appointment setting is a valuable form of B2B telemarketing because people are more likely to agree to a meeting than a sale straight away.

Once you have a meeting set up, the close rate for in-person meetings is 40%.

Do you want More Than Words to market to your list of post offices instead?

If you don’t currently have the time to market to your post offices contact list or you don’t feel confident in your ability to do so effectively, More Than Words can do it for you.

Our team of experienced copywriters, designers, telesales representatives and campaign planners are available to design and implement managed B2B email marketing campaigns for your business.

We also run managed B2B telemarketing campaigns based on appointment setting, lead generation or even market research, with full transparency and reporting to show you where your campaign is working and who your sales team should follow up with.

More Than Words is made up of marketers and sales professionals with decades of experience and we apply this knowledge and experience to each of your campaigns.

We can offer insight and feedback on your offers, products and services to help you to see them through the eyes of your prospects.

You will get a fresh perspective on how to approach your marketing campaigns and refine your marketing messages over time.

Postal marketing to post offices

More Than Words does not currently run managed postal mail campaigns.

If you are interested in a managed direct mail service, our business to business mailing list (of which this is a part) can be supplied to 3rd party mailing houses who can perform this service for you.

Selling to post offices

There is no point having a list of all UK post offices if you don’t know how to sell your products or services to them.

The key to selling to contacts from your list of post offices is to understand what it is they want and then offering solutions that help them meet these objectives.

The core requirement of any post office, just as with any independent business, is maintaining their bottom line and generating a profit.

For this there are a few things they can focus on:

Improving customer experience

Customers tend to stay loyal to businesses in which they feel taken care of.

Post offices need to make their business welcoming and valuable to their customers. If your business can provide a service or product that helps them to do that then this is your way in.

Making their service more convenient

Today, consumers are used to being able to access everything they need right away. For post offices this often means expanding into online services as well as physical premises.

Perhaps your business provides fast delivery options or outsourced post office services online – the speed and convenience of your product or service should be central to your marketing messages.

Providing products that people want and need

Post offices have really branched out in recent years, now providing travel services, insurance and even currency exchange as well as standard postal services.

Think how your business could supply post offices with something that fits with their current business model but is outside of what most other post offices provide.

It may be worth thinking about what people in different regions need but have difficulty getting, or products that are already available in larger retailers but haven’t made it to more local post offices yet.

Find out more about More Than Words’ list of post offices

With up-to-date information about decision-makers with post offices, your business can successfully target and market to the right customers for your products and services.

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