More Than Words’ list of places of worship is a multi-denominational list of religious organisations all over the UK.

Part of our extensive UK business database, our places of worship database provides accurate contact and marketing details for the relevant decision-makers within these institutions.

It is a valuable resource for businesses selling relevant products and services helping them to generate leads and sales..

How many church buildings are in the UK?

Research from the National Churches Trust (NCT), carried out in 2019 found that there were 40,300 buildings used for worship in the UK.

Additionally, last updated in 2018, the Office for National Statistics lists 11,625 organisations under SIC Code 9491 (religious organisations) that are registered for VAT and/or PAYE.

Decision-making within places of worship usually falls to one of three groups:

  • the Board of Directors – the group is responsible for ensuring that the organisation is compliant with laws and regulations
  • the leader – the head of the organisation, such as the priest, swami, rabbi, minister etc
  • the director – ministry directors are in charge of administrative decisions and the day-to-day running of places of worship.

The right contact for you will vary depending on what products or services you are selling.

Contact us to work with an account manager on building a list of places of worship and contacts that are most relevant to you.

What’s on our list of places of worship?

More Than Words’ database of places of worship covers all types of religious buildings and includes:

  • 12,867 places of worship,
  • 7,158 names for budget-holders with the authority to make purchase decisions,
  • 7,171 phone numbers (either direct or main switchboard), and
  • 971 email addresses.

Get in touch with us – let us know about your business, your range of products and services, and the benefits that what you sell delivers to places of worship. We can then narrow down the list of decision makers within places of worship most likely to benefit from what you offer.

Just call 0330 010 3495 or you can click here to email our B2B data lists team.

More Than Words note – looking for SIC codes for places of worship? There is no exact match however the closest UK SIC code is 94910 – “Activities of religious organisations”.

List of places of worship FAQ

Do I have to buy the entire list of places of worship?

We can provide you with a full list of certified places of worship or selections from it – whichever is better for your business.

Instead, our team can discuss your specific business, products and services with you to find out which of the places of worship on our list are the most relevant to you.

This way we can provide you with the information of contacts who are most likely to need what it is that you are selling.

Variables contained on the places of worship database UK set include:

  • contact title (Mr, Mrs, Dr, Miss, and Sir)
  • contact initial
  • first name and surname
  • contact position in the organisation (job title)
  • name of the place of worship
  • legal status of the organisation
  • postal address including 2 lines for the address, town, county, and postcode
  • telephone number for the main switchboard or relevant office
  • email address for the main contact

Many of our clients prefer to choose even more specific data sets, based on religion, types of building and so on.

Some of the specialist types of data we can provide for this sector include:

  • Places of worship for Islam
  • Places of worship for Christianity
  • Places of worship in the UK
  • Places of worship for Buddhism
  • Places of worship for Judaism

How long can I use the data and do you provide guarantees on quality?

You will have 12 months to use the data on your list of places of worship.

During this time if we do not meet the quality thresholds stated we will issue a pro-rata refund to you or supply you with replacement records.

We believe that successful lead generation relies not on the quantity of data available to you, but the quality of your prospects.

For this reason we offer the following guarantees on the entirety of our UK business database:

  • 85% email deliverability (excluding soft bounces)
  • 92% telephone number accuracy
  • 98% postal address accuracy

Marketing to places of worship

With our list of places of worship your business can find and market to decision-makers within religious organisations, raising awareness of your products and services and building long-lasting connections.

Direct marketing describes marketing activities which involve contacting your target audience directly with offers, products and services that are relevant to them – usually by email, phone, or post.

Direct marketing is a vital tool for making contact with prospects from your places of worship database as it takes away the ‘chance’ aspect of indirect or reactive marketing which involves the expense of distributing marketing material out with no guarantee that your target audience will see it.

Email marketing to places of worship

Using email marketing campaigns to make connections within your places of worship contact database has a number of benefits for businesses of all levels of experience.

For those starting out or trying to branch into a new market, the lower cost of email marketing in comparison with mainstream marketing channels makes it a good place to start.

Email requires very little in start-up costs and with a number of cost-effective email marketing tools available online you can send out thousands of emails with a very limited budget.

Email marketing platforms also make it easy to get started, offering templates and tools for campaign management and analytics.

You can test your email subject lines, copy or even the offer you want to send to your B2B email database and track how these perform in order to refine your campaign over time.

Telemarketing to places of worship

Our B2B telemarketing data gives your sales and marketing teams the information they need to get direct two-way feedback from your prospects instantly and save time qualifying your leads.

Telephone calls are more personal, meaning that as conversation flows you can obtain valuable information about what it is a prospect is looking for and how your service or product could help them.

Prospects from your list of places of worship can ask questions and you can ease pain points in a personal way that helps to promote trust.

More Than Words can market to contacts from your list of places of worship for you

If your business doesn’t have the time or resources to perform direct marketing at this time, why not let More Than Words do it for you?

More Than Words’ managed B2B email marketing campaigns are designed and implemented by our in-house team of copywriters, designers and campaign managers.

We have extensive experience with email marketing and we can provide additional support and feedback throughout the year to help your campaigns to grow over time.

B2B telemarketing is always best performed by a trained and experienced telemarketer because, although managed B2B telemarketing campaigns have value as conversations with your target audience, a talented telemarketing to squeeze even more value out of the phone calls they make.

At More Than Words, our telemarketing team has the understanding and skill to make high-volume, high-quality calls to the contacts on your list of places of worship.

We also perform telemarketing for lead generation and appointment setting and can offer our own insights into how the campaign is working, measured against our own key performance indicators.

Postal marketing to places of worship

More Than Words don’t currently do managed postal mail campaigns to the public sector but our business to business mailing list (of which this is a part) can be used by 3rd party mailing houses.

Selling to places of worship

A study by the Lake Institute on Faith & Giving, published in 2019, identified how churches managed their finances.

The study found that the average church, after wages, spent the bulk of their money on maintaining their buildings, spreading the message of the church and doing ministry work in the community.

This gives marketers valuable insight into how to approach religious institutions with your products and services.

Churches and other organisations will be looking for businesses that match up with their stated mission and goals to connect with.

Thus, it is important to do research on the contacts in your places of worship contact list before you begin a direct marketing campaign.

Work out what the main objectives of your prospects are and tailor your marketing campaigns to helping them to meet these goals.

You should be prepared for a long sales cycle – as mentioned above, there is often a high number of decision-makers within places of worship and your product or service needs to impress the majority of them.

Take the time to get to know your contacts and use all of the marketing channels at your disposal to make contact and creating an ongoing dialogue with them to keep your business top of mind.

Find out more about our list of places of worship

With our comprehensive list of places of worship your business has access to relevant contacts within religious organisations all over the UK.

More Than Words supplies all of our data with the guarantee that our in-house experience and knowledge of the sector and of direct marketing is available to you to help you to generate the maximum return on your investment possible.

Find out more about our list of places of worship by calling 0330 010 3495, or click here to email our marketing databases team.

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