Use our comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date list of hotels and hotel decision makers to market your products and services direct to decision makers within the sector.

More Than Words’ hotels database comprises an exhaustive list of 4* and 5* hotels, hotel chains and budget independents so that any business can find their target audience.

We and our media partners compile and maintain a regularly updated and complete list of hotels’ UK operations (part of our extensive and accuracy-guaranteed UK business database)

The hotel industry in the UK achieves annual revenues of £20.7bn annually.

Competition is intense. Hotel revenues are expected to continue to rise until 2024 as are occupancy rates, average daily rates, and revenues per room according to PWC.

Use our database of hotels to find high-level decision-makers and budget-holders within the hotel sector to  offer them the products and services they need to compete effectively.

What’s on our list of hotels?

More Than Words list of hotels comprises:

  • 12,388 postal addresses
  • 10,821 contact names for decision-makers and budget-holders
  • 8,779 direct or main switchboard phone numbers
  • 5,078 email addresses

We have a separate dataset for 4* and 5* hotels – ideal for businesses producing luxury goods and services or looking to expand into this market.

The list of hotels in the United Kingdom with 4 or 5 stars contains:

  • 468 contact names
  • 470 full postal addresses
  • 410 phone numbers
  • 425 email addresses

If you only want to contact independent or smaller chains, excluding major hotel groups, we also have a separate dataset for that.

This list comprises:

  • 7,1275 contact names
  • 5,735 phone numbers
  • 3,867 email addresses
  • 7,496 full postal addresses

To get started, please call 0330 010 3495 or you can click here to email our B2B data lists team.

More Than Words note if you also need a travel agents’ database for your direct marketing campaigns, please click here for our list of travel agents.

More Than Words note – looking for SIC codes for hotels? The UK SIC code for hotel is 55100 – “Hotels and similar accommodation”.

List of hotels FAQ

Do I have to buy the entire list of hotels?

You don’t have to buy our entire list of hotels – we only want to sell our clients information that is the most valuable to them. This means decision-makers from the hotels that are most likely to need their products or services.

When you contact us, let us know about your products and services and the types of hotels which buy from you the most. We’ll then isolate the same types of hotels from our database and present you with a count and a quote.

Be as specific as you like, many of our clients ask for specialist databases centered around certain information.

The fields on our hotels contact database include:

  • contact title (Mr, Mrs, Dr, Miss, and Sir)
  • contact first and last name
  • name of the hotel
  • type of hotel (chain, independent etc)
  • organisation legal status
  • job title (the job title reported by the contact)
  • full postal address including address, town, county, and postcode
  • telephone number for the contact or switchboard
  • email address details

Many clients wish to target hotels by their geographical location. Some of the most popular geographical lists we sell include:

  • List of hotels in London
  • List of London hotels
  • List of hotels in Belfast
  • List of hotels in Blackpool
  • List of hotels in Bournemouth
  • List of hotels in Cardiff
  • List of hotels in Manchester City Centre
  • List of hotels in East London
  • List of hotels in Edinburgh
  • List of hotels in Torquay
  • List of hotels in Batch
  • List of hotels in Newcastle upon Tyne

Marketing to hotels

With More Than Words’ list of hotels, your business can find high-value influencers and decision-makers in the hotel industry and get your products and services in front of them at an important time for the sector.

Our list of hotels is ideally suited to direct marketing, a type of promotion that involves finding your audience first and then choosing the way(s) in which you intend to communicate with them – email, phone, and post.

Direct marketing campaigns involve communicating information about your business, product or service directly to your target audience with the intended goal of persuading them to take a specific action.

Can I carry out email marketing campaigns to hotels with the database?

Email marketing campaigns offer one of the quickest and most profitable routes to market for companies selling to hotels.

If you intend to send your own campaigns, you need to do is find email marketing software that you feel comfortable with and into which you can load your B2B email database and you are ready to begin sending out messages.

Email marketing platforms often have drag & drop templates which let you add photos, videos and other forms of media quickly and easily. All they need is your hotels contact list to be imported to start sending mail.

Another key benefit of email marketing (and email marketing software) is that you can track open, click-through, and conversion rates so you can see how well your campaigns are performing and make adjustments as you go.

If you want advice on which email marketing software to use, please ask your account manager when you get in touch.

Can I carry out telemarketing campaigns to hotels with the database?

With the right script and an experienced team using an accurate B2B telemarketing database to call from, telemarketing is a successful way for your company to book appointments, generate leads, and build up information on each of the hotels on our list.

Where email marketing helps you to reach a lot of people at once, telemarketing provides an opportunity to open a two-way dialogue with your target market and make real connections.

Telemarketing works well when combined with a list of hotels because it allows you to quickly reach contacts and qualify the information you have.

You can also use telemarketing to gather new information (if relevant) and make a quick introduction to you and your business.

Telemarketing is useful for following up on other marketing channels as well. It can be used to get instant feedback from potential customers and gauge levels of satisfaction with your marketing efforts in order to refine them over time.

Can you run email marketing and telemarketing campaigns to hotels for my company?

At More Than Words we provide managed B2B email marketing campaigns to clients who want to create fantastic email marketing campaigns but who currently lack the staff or the infrastructure to carry them out.

Our team of copywriters, designers and campaign planners design and implement benefits-led email campaigns with a strong sales focus to send to your list of hotels.

We then track its performance before providing you with a full analytics report 3 days after each send.

Our managed B2B telemarketing campaigns are an important service for those businesses who want to make a personal impression on their contacts and maximise the return on their investment.

If you are working with a UK hotel chains list, for example, a personal connection with buyers often leads to your offer standing out from the crowd.

At More Than Words, we have an in-house UK telesales team experienced in lead generation, appointment setting, market research, or whatever task you want us to take on for you.

Just let your account manager know what goals you are hoping to achieve and we will suggest the optimal combination of marketing services for you.

Can you run postal marketing campaigns to hotels for me?

Currently, More Than Words doesn’t provide a managed postal marketing service.

However, our business to business mailing list (of which our list of hotels is a part) is suitable for use by 3rd party mailing houses.

Selling to hotels – our tips

Successful marketing to the decision-makers on your list of hotels will depend upon a number of factors.

These factors will differ depending on the specifics of your target audience.

In general, the higher the star rating of a hotel, the more they will be focused on quality or luxury in the products and services they buy.

Hotels with lower star ratings will be more focused on providing the best value to their customers through a basic range of features and services.

Meanwhile, large hotel chains need to ensure that everything across their entire property portfolio is standard.

The deals you make with hotel chains will take considerably longer to work out but will also be very valuable – and often long-term arrangements.

When working with larger hotel chains you should also be aware that final approval will come from the organisation headquarters rather than individual hotels so the bulk of your marketing will be geared towards contacts higher up in the hierarchy than if you were marketing to independent hotels.

Here, offering a free trial or demonstration to individual properties could prove valuable as the success of your product or service would be passed up the chain.

In all cases, using a combination of direct marketing channels to keep your business top-of-mind and gain insight into what the business is looking for is essential to generating leads and sales.

Do you provide accuracy guarantees with your hotel marketing database?

At More Than Words we believe that the quality is more important than quantity.

You will acquire far stronger leads with a smaller, highly-targeted audience than you would sending out general marketing messages to thousands of unqualified contacts.

For this reason we only add a hotel to our list of hotels once we have confirmed that we have enough information to make it valuable for your marketing campaigns.

We offer clients the following guarantees on our hotels database UK list:

  • 85% email deliverability (excluding soft bounces)
  • 92% telephone number accuracy
  • 98% postal address accuracy

On the rare occasion we miss our quality targets, we either issue you with a pro-rata refund or supply you with replacement records – just let us know which you’d prefer.

Find out more about our list of hotels

More Than Words’ list of hotels is an essential resource for any business conducting direct marketing campaigns to hotels in the UK to sell their products and services.

Let us know more about your company, what you sell, and how your products and services make a hotel more attractive, profitable, or efficient.

For more information on our list of hotels, please call 0330 010 3495 or you can click here to email our marketing databases team.

Promote your products and services direct to hotels in the UK

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