There are 135 jewellery retailers with a turnover of more than £5m. Over 1,500 retailers turn over between £100,000 and £250,000 with 1,350 turning over between £250,000 to £1,000,000. Jewellery is an important part of the retail landscape in the UK and there are opportunities for suppliers to help the sector grow and to compete better against competition from online.

With our list of UK high street jewellers, you can contact decision makers direct to offer your products and services with email marketing campaigns, by telemarketing, and direct mail postal marketing.

For more information on our jewellery retailer database for direct marketing campaigns, please call 0330 010 8300 or you can click here to email our B2B data lists team.

What’s on our UK jeweller database?

On our list of jewellers (part of our extensive UK business database), we have the following:

  • 7,679 jewellery retail stores
  • 6,342 decision-maker contact names
  • 1,809 contacts with an email address
  • 4,747 companies with a phone number
  • 6,137 companies with an employee size

You don’t have to purchase the entire database – just let us know more about your company, what you’re selling, and why a jewellery retailer would need it.

Our job is to then search through our database section by section to find you the targets of greatest value for your marketing campaigns. Give us 24 hours and we’ll be back to you with a count and a quote.

Email marketing to High Street jewellers

You can use our B2B email database to send campaigns to the decision makers you’re targeting direct. If you’d prefer us to do it for you instead, please ask us about our managed B2B email marketing campaign service.

Telemarketing to jewellers on the High Street

Telemarketing gives you the opportunity to build up two-way relationships with your potential customers and you can use the B2B telemarketing data contained on our database of High Street jewellers to power your campaigns.

If you’d like us to run these campaigns for you, please ask us about our outsourced B2B telemarketing service when you call.

Can you sell me a database of London jewellers?

Yes – we can sell you a marketing database of London jewellers as well as for any other location in the country.

Does your database contain jewellers’ UK website address details?

Yes – we list the websites of jewellers on our database where we also have an email address in most cases.

Is this database for retailing to larger UK High Street jewellers?

Although the database does contain contact details on jewellers like Warren James, Ernest Jones, and Goldsmiths, finding decision makers for the products and services you sell in companies as large as these is more difficult. You should consider this database as a starting point for your marketing campaigns for brands as large as these.

Our list of jewellery retailers is more suitable for suppliers looking for decision makers within smaller businesses (either one retail outlet or up to ten retail outlets).

More Than Words note – if you want more detailed decision maker data for big brands like Warren James, Ernest Jones, and Goldsmiths, please ask us about our corporate database when you call or email us.

What do the companies which purchase your database sell to jewellers on the High Street and beyond?

Each jeweller with a shop on the High Street now has to contend not only with their retail competition but also competition from online. Could you work with a jeweller to improve the quality of their website to make it easier for customers to buy online?

What do UK jewellers want from their website? They need to offer online shopping and a website now needs to offer an intuitive and enjoyable virtual store experience. Most jewellery websites now allow visitors to search for what they want by category or categories or by collections.

Online is such an important part of the sector now and a jewellery company website will now often encourage its visitors for an email newsletter sign-up. Sending regular emails to customers and prospects is a proven way to prompt clients to go back to a retailer’s website to take advantage of any special offers available at the time.

Although the online experience is increasingly important, so is the in-store experience. One visit to a retail store may result in a sale worth tens of thousands of pounds. There is still a significant number of jewellery clients who want to see the diamonds or earrings they wish to purchase for themselves before buying. Can you help jewellers improve their in-store experience to capture those clients?

And whether a sale is made via a website or in-store, clients expect the highest level of customer service. Do you have the knowledge and the skills to help jewellers not only win new clients but also to retain the loyalty of their existing clients?

If you are a growing jewellery brand and you want to promote your jewellery pieces to decision makers within the jewellery retail sector (for example, luxury watches, your range of diamond rings or earrings, your collection of diamond or silver necklaces, the gold wedding rings you offer, uncut diamonds, and so on), email marketing, as a visual medium, will be particularly suitable for your campaigns.

Many companies using the database make quantity-based offers to the jewellers on the discount providing the incentive of a cut in wholesale price for placing a larger order.

Offer your range of products and services direct to every UK jewellery retailer on our list

Get in touch with us and let us know about your business and what you sell and why it will be of greatest interest to a jeweller.

We’ll then take what you’ve told us and we’ll search through our entire database to find the decision makers which, when you contact them, will be most likely to engage with you and find out about the quality products and services you offer.

For more information on our list of UK jewellery retailers, please call 0330 010 8300 or you can click here to email our marketing databases team.

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Market your products and services direct to Britain's retail jewellers

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