More Than Words’ list of gyms is a comprehensive database of gyms in the UK. Our database is a valuable source of marketing data for businesses selling their products and services to the fitness industry by email, phone, and post.

There are around 6,700 health and fitness clubs in the United Kingdom. Around half of these are solely gyms. The UK has the second-highest rates of gym membership in Europe, with approximately 9.7 million members generating a total annual turnover of £1.9bn.

What’s on our list of gyms?

More Than Words’ gym database, part of our UK business database, features information for both health clubs and gyms and comprises:

  • 4,151 full postal addresses
  • 3,536 contact names for decision-makers in each gym
  • 3,567 phone numbers (either direct lines or the main switchboard)
  • 1,414 email addresses

You don’t have the buy the entire list from us if that’s not suitable for you. When you get in touch with us, you’ll first speak with one of our account manager who can discuss the requirements of your business and target market.

With what you tell us about your business, the products and services you sell, and the geographical areas you’re able to service, we’ll compile a bespoke list of gyms for you to conduct marketing campaigns too.

To find out more, please call 0330 010 3495 or you can click here to email our B2B data lists team.

More Than Words note – looking for SIC codes for gyms? The nearest UK SIC code is 93130 – “Fitness facilities”.

List of gyms FAQ

What information do I get in addition to the gym’s contact details?

The fields contained on our gym contact database include:

  • contact title (for example, Mr, Mrs, Dr, Miss, and Sir)
  • contact name
  • business name and type
  • job title as reported by the contact
  • full address including town, county and postcode
  • email address
  • telephone number
  • legal status of the business

Marketing to gyms

With our list of gyms, your business can use direct marketing to get your products and services in front of the gym owners and operations managers with the most need for them.

Direct marketing is an active form of advertising that involves presenting information about (or offers for) your business, products or services to an audience you target.

Where reactive marketing methods rely on your advertising being found by the right people, direct marketing starts with finding the audience and delivers messages specifically designed for them.

Can I carry out email marketing campaigns to gyms with the database?

Email marketing is an inexpensive form of marketing, especially when compared to traditional marketing such as direct mail or print media.

With email marketing, all you need is a B2B email database and access to an email marketing platform such as Mail Chimp and you can send out thousands of targeted ads within minutes. When you get in touch with us, ask us about which third party email service providers you should work with on your email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing has an excellent return on investment. In 2019, the DMA reported that for every £1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of £42.

It is also easy to measure and analyse email marketing campaigns with automatic reports on how many people are opening your emails and clicking through to your website.

This helps you to refine your marketing campaigns over time to maximise the number of leads and sales you generate from one campaign.

Can I carry out telemarketing campaigns to gyms with the database?

B2B telemarketing is an often overlooked but extremely valuable marketing method.

It provides immediate results thanks to its direct nature, helping marketers to ascertain the interest level of prospects so that they don’t waste time on sales that are going nowhere.

Telemarketing is also a good way to get direct feedback from prospects and customers.

You can use our B2B telemarketing database to make calls to book appointments, generate leads, gather further information about the individual gyms on the list, and open two-way conversations with decision makers.

Can you run email marketing and telemarketing campaigns to gyms for my company?

Sometimes you simply don’t have the time, the staff, or the infrastructure to run your own marketing campaigns and we understand that.

That’s why More Than Words also offers managed B2B email marketing campaigns to the contacts on your list of gyms.

With our managed service, you get the experience and expertise of our copywriting, design and marketing teams who create a compelling email around the offer, product or service of your choice.

We will also monitor your campaign after it is sent and provide you with a full report showing the opens, clicks and other interactions 3 days after each send.

For those looking to make more personal connections from the list of gyms, our managed B2B telemarketing campaigns help you to follow up with prospects, conduct market research and set appointments for later meetings with your own sales team.

Our telemarketing service is cost-effective because we already have a team of experienced telesales professionals ready to make your calls. We are also experts in lead generation and overcoming objections.

Can you run postal marketing campaigns to gyms for me?

At the present time, More Than Words does not have a managed direct mail marketing service.

However, if you are interested in running a managed direct mail campaign, our business to business mailing list can be supplied to 3rd party mailing houses.

Selling to gyms – our tips

Whether you are targeting the biggest gym chains in the UK or small independent fitness centres, the key to selling to gyms is first ascertaining their own individual goals and making your products and services the answers to any issues they need to solve or vital to unlocking any opportunity they’re unable to exploit.

This is useful for a number of reasons.

It helps you to find the right audience for your products (if you are a business that sells equipment for powerlifting there is no point getting in touch with athletics-focused gyms, for example), and gives you an idea of how to sell to them.

Researching the organisations on your list of gyms should help you to discover what the primary focus of each gym is, what their unique selling points (USPs) are and what you can do to make their lives easier.

Do you offer accuracy guarantees with your list of gyms?

We are confident in our ability to supply only the most accurate data. However, if we do fail to meet the standards we set for ourselves, we will offer you replacement records or a pro-rata refund to cover the deficit in entries.

At More Than Words we offer the following guarantees on any UK business database we provide you with:

  • a minimum of 85% email deliverability (excluding soft bounces)
  • 92% telephone number accuracy
  • 98% postal address accuracy

Find out more about our list of gyms

More Than Words’ UK gym database offers your company a comprehensive source of direct contacts within health clubs and fitness centres which we and our media partners keep up to date and accurate.

Whether you purchase one of our data-only services or you choose our fully managed campaigns, you’ll be fully supported for 12 months after purchase by your account manager and our advertising & technical support teams.

For more information and to get started with our list of gyms, please call 0330 010 3495 or you can click here to email our marketing databases team.

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