More Than Words’ list of funeral directors is part of our extensive UK business database, a comprehensive source of contact information for decision-makers in funeral homes all over the UK.

The UK funeral market is estimated to be worth approximately £1bn annually, with around 4000 funeral directors conducting around 600,000 funerals each year.

The UK’s funeral sector is broken down into:

  • industry leaders – the current industry leaders in the UK are The Co-operative Group and Dignity Caring Funeral Services, which conduct around 25% of the UK’s total funerals each year,
  • chain groups – generally major regional co-ops, these include Swindon & Gloucester Co-operative Society, Heart Of England Co-operative Society, The Midland Co-operative Society and the Southern Co-operative Society, and
  • independents – these local businesses tend to be more focused on providing low costs and a customer-centric experience.

The funeral directors themselves are often in charge of purchase decisions within funeral homes, as they work directly with families to ensure that the services and burial are organised in accordance with the family’s wishes.

Selling products or services to funeral homes requires a funeral directors contact list that is closely targeted to your specific niche.

What’s on our list of funeral directors

More Than Words’ list of funeral directors includes:

  • 4,900 funeral directors
  • 4,373 contact names,
  • 3,148 telephone numbers, and
  • 1,682 email addresses.

To find out more, please call 0330 010 3495 or you can click here to email our B2B data lists team.

More Than Words note – looking for the SIC codes for funeral directors? The UK SIC code is 96030 – “Funeral and related activities”.

List of funeral directors FAQ

Do I have to buy the entire list of funeral directors?

We only want to sell you information for the decision-makers most likely to need your products and services so we would prefer that you did not purchase the entire database of funeral directors if you don’t need it.

Instead, our team will discuss your business, products and services with you, as well as the intended goal of your marketing campaign.

We can then match this against the data we hold on our list of funeral directors and provide you with a bespoke list of contacts that is best suited to you.

The fields contained on our UK funeral directors database  are:

  • contact title (Mr, Mrs, Dr, Miss, Sir etc)
  • full contact name
  • name of business
  • the job title as reported by the contact
  • type of business and legal status
  • full postal address including 2 lines for address, town, county, and postcode
  • email address for the contact
  • telephone number (main switchboard number)

Our team will work with you to build the most relevant funeral directors contact database possible – so be as specific with your requirements as you can.

Some of the specialist data searches we have conducted for this sector include:

  • independent funeral directors
  • National Federation of Funeral Directors
  • Funeral Directors Association UK
  • registered funeral directors
  • funeral directors directory
  • funeral directors regulatory body
  • funeral guide

Marketing to funeral directors

With our list of funeral directors, your business can use proven direct marketing techniques to contact funeral directors online and offline in order to get your products or services in front of the right decision-makers.

Direct marketing is a proactive way of advertising your products or services to a highly-targeted audience by email, phone, and post.

Where indirect marketing methods involve putting marketing messages out and hoping that they reach the right people, you choose your audience with direct marketing and you choose when and how you get in touch with them.

Using direct marketing channels you can tailor your marketing messages specifically to the needs of funeral directors generating stronger leads from a relevant pool of contacts.

Email marketing to funeral directors

Sending email marketing campaigns to contacts on a B2B email database is an effective way of directly communicating with prospects in real time.

As an immediate marketing medium you can have your products and services in front of your target audience within seconds of sending an email campaign.

Email marketing platforms such as Mail Chimp or Constant Contact allow you to automate the sending and tracking of emails for just a small initial outlay. When you get in touch with us, ask us which platform we’d recommend for your campaign.

Many of these platforms feature ready-made templates for you to drag and drop images and copy into, allowing for quick personalisation and A/B testing of subject lines, copy and offers.

You can also use this software to measure how many contacts from your list of funeral directors opened your email, clicked through and even converted on your site so that you can target the most engaged contacts for later marketing.

Telemarketing to funeral directors

You can use the B2B telemarketing data on your list of funeral directors to add a personal touch to your marketing campaigns by having two-way conversations with the people in charge of purchasing your products and services.

People tend to trust other people more than they do faceless corporations and a telemarketing call is a simple and effective way to make that human connection.

As with email marketing, telemarketing provides immediate and quantifiable responses with the opportunity to answer questions and adjust your offer or marketing pitch as you get to know your prospects.

Let More Than Words market to your list of funeral directors on your behalf

We understand that running a direct marketing campaign is a time and resource-heavy process that businesses don’t always have the capacity for.

That’s why we offer managed B2B email marketing campaigns and managed B2B telemarketing campaigns for our clients.

We want to help you to make the biggest return on investment in contact the prospects on your list of funeral directors.

Our managed campaigns are run by a team of experienced designers, copywriters, telesales professionals and campaign planners, who combine their knowledge and expertise to create and implement effective campaigns on your behalf.

Working with More Than Words on your marketing campaigns gives you flexibility in dealing with your prospects.

As your needs change, we can adapt the way we approach your marketing strategy so that prospects from your list of funeral directors are always getting the attention and focus they need.

Postal marketing to funeral directors

While More Than Words does not currently run managed direct mail campaigns, we are able to supply our business to business mailing list (of which our list of funeral directors is a part) to 3rd party mailing houses.

Ask your account manager for more information when you get in touch.

Selling to funeral directors

Traditional burial funerals are stated to be the third most expensive purchase within a person’s lifetime.

The cost of dying in the UK was £9,263 in 2020 including the funeral, send-off costs and professional fees.

For the families of the recently deceased, trying to find an affordable funeral home that still guarantees a professional, dedicated service is key.

Thanks to online companies like Beyond Life and Funeral Guide, consumers now have better resources for comparing and choosing their funeral director, meaning that funeral homes need to make their business more competitive in order to maintain their bottom line.

For businesses selling products and services to funeral directors, this need to stay competitive provides a useful opening.

Focus your marketing campaigns around how your business can help funeral directors to offer lower prices or more value to their customers.

For more traditional funeral directors to continue trading in an increasingly more connected age they will need long term options that help them to provide a uniquely valuable experience to their target market.

Do you guarantee the accuracy of your funeral directors’ database?

Before we add a business to our database, it needs to pass a certain quality threshold to make sure that all of the data we provide is valuable to our clients.

We believe that the quality of your funeral directors database is more important than the quantity.  The more information we hold on a funeral home and its decision-makers the more value it will deliver to your marketing efforts.

That’s why our list of funeral directors comes with the following quality guarantees:

  • 85% email deliverability (excluding soft bounces)
  • 92% telephone number accuracy
  • 98% postal address accuracy

In the rare event that we fail to hit these targets we will supply you with replacement records or a pro-rata refund – whichever you would prefer.

Find out more about our list of funeral directors

More Than Words’ list of funeral directors helps businesses selling products and services into this valuable sector to find and market to the decision-makers who most need them.

For more information on our list of funeral directors, please call 0330 010 3495 or you can click here to email our marketing databases team.

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