List of funeral directors for direct marketing campaigns

More Than Words’ list of funeral directors is a comprehensive source of contact information for decision makers at funeral homes across the country.

In the UK, the funeral market is estimated to be worth approximately £1bn annually, with approximately 600,000 funerals each year.

The UK funeral home sector is divided into:

  • current industry leaders in the UK are The Co-operative Group and Dignity Caring Funeral Services, national association groups, that conduct about 25% of all funerals in the country,
  • major chain groups, like Funeral Partners Limited, and
  • independent funeral directors tend to focus more on providing low costs and a customer-focused experience.

In funeral homes, funeral directors are often in charge of purchasing decisions.

List of funeral directors from More Than Words Marketing

They work directly with a family suffering a bereavement to ensure that cremation, services and burials are organised according to their wishes.

If you’re selling to funeral homes, you need a funeral directors contact list that is close to your niche.

What’s on our list of funeral directors

More Than Words’ list of funeral directors includes:

  • 4,900 funeral directors
  • 4,373 contact names,
  • 3,148 telephone numbers, and
  • 1,682 email addresses.

More Than Words note – looking for the SIC codes for funeral directors? The UK SIC code is 96030 – “Funeral and related activities”.

Our full direct marketing service incorporates:

1. Database of funeral directors

  • complete list of UK funeral homes
  • funeral director email addresses
  • the data is available to you for 12 months following your purchase
  • multiple fields are included in each entry.

2. Featuring one email marketing design, three email broadcasts, and in-depth follow-up reporting

  • one email designed and written by our designers and copywriters is compelling,
  • three email campaigns delivered by our trusted servers, and
  • a detailed report on which recipients opened the email and clicked through to your site.
Database of funeral directors for direct marketing campaigns

3. After-sale support

  • regardless of your technical skills, our in-house technicians can help you use the data and any supporting information,
  • we will review any advertising you send and provide advice.

Marketing to funeral directors

You can use our list of funeral directors to contact funeral directors online and offline via direct marketing.

Direct marketing involves advertising your products or services to a highly-targeted audience by email, phone, and mail.

With direct marketing, you choose your audience, you decide when and how you want to reach them.

Assuming these contacts are the right choices for your business, this should vastly improve your response rates.

By using direct marketing, you can tailor your marketing messages to funeral directors’ needs, and generate stronger leads.

Email marketing to funeral directors

Email marketing campaigns sent to contacts on a B2B email database can be an effective way to directly engage prospects.

With emails, you can reach your target audience within seconds of sending a campaign.

You can automate the sending of emails with platforms such as Mail Chimp for just a small upfront investment.

The templates on these platforms allow for quick personalisation and A/B testing of subject lines, copy, and offers.

In addition, you can use this software to track how many people clicked through and converted on your site.

This way you can target the most engaged prospects later.

Telemarketing to funeral directors

A B2B telemarketing call is a simple and effective way to build that human connection with people.

Telemarketing provides immediate and quantifiable responses, with the chance to answer questions and tailor your offer or marketing pitch as you get to know your prospects.

Let More Than Words manage your marketing campaigns 

Businesses may not have the time or resources to run a direct marketing campaign.

That’s why we offer managed B2B email marketing campaigns and managed B2B telemarketing campaigns for our clients.

We want to help you contact the prospects on your list of funeral directors and maximize your return on investment.

We combine the expertise of designers, copywriters, telesales professionals, and campaign planners to create and execute successful campaigns for you.

With More Than Words, you’ll have flexibility in dealing with prospects.

We can adapt our marketing strategy to fit your changing needs so that funeral directors on your list get the attention and focus they deserve.

Selling to funeral directors

Traditional burial funerals are stated to be the third most expensive purchase within a person’s lifetime.

The cost of dying in the UK was £9,263 in 2020 including the funeral service, send-off costs and professional fees.

For the families of a recently deceased person, finding an affordable funeral home that offers professional, tailored funerals is important.

Through companies like Beyond Life and Funeral Guide, consumers now have more resources for comparing different funeral directors.

This means funeral homes have to keep their business competitive to appeal to those that have recently lost a loved one.

If you can help them to lower overall funeral cost, or add special detail to any funeral arrangement could be their key to survival.

Businesses selling products and services to funeral directors can benefit from this need to stay competitive.

Market your business as a way to help funeral directors offer lower prices or more value.

In an increasingly connected age, funeral directors need long-term solutions that will help them serve their target market better.

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