Our list of architects contains 5,340 contacts within architectural practices and it offers your business the opportunity to get in touch with a select and wide range of the industry’s key decision makers and influencers.

Many companies send email marketing campaigns to a list of architects they’ve compiled or bought in however they don’t use the medium very well unfortunately.

No offense is meant by that – the problem is often that there is just too much information on many companies’ email advertisements for time-pressured architects to digest and follow-up.

We offer a solution to that issue and many others with the UK architects’ email database – your route into this £8bn a year marketplace.

The database contains 5,340 high-quality architectural contacts with 2,383 email addresses plus we include:

  • 2 email designs – work with our in-house copywriters and designers
  • 3 inclusive email campaigns
  • full reporting on your architect email campaigns
  • technical and advertising support
  • 12 months’ data usage

Please call us and ask for our latest competitive price on our list of architects in the UK.

In this article, we examine:

  • why it’s important to market to architects
  • who’s on our architect database
  • the latest opinion on effective, strategic, and targeting selling to architects
  • information on our email design and sends
  • have you considered using telemarketing
  • how to order the UK architects’ database

Why it’s important to market to architects

On any building project, the architect holds the majority of the power.

They are the most important member of the design team and the person through which most of the important decisions will be passed.

Our list of architects contains these important decision makers.

Research shows that, on small-to-medium building projects, architect-specified products and services often go straight through to the final phase without question.

This fact alone strongly demonstrates just how important it is for your product or service to win over an architect in order to repeatedly secure high-value contracts on an ongoing basis.

What’s on our list of architects?

Our architect email database contains:

  • 5,340 architectural practices
  • 2,383 email addresses
  • 5,340 contact names
  • contact job title
  • contact email address
  • address (including town, county, and postcode)
  • phone (generally the central office or branch number)
  • employees (on site and nationally)
  • company registration number (if applicable and incorporation date)
  • turnover band
  • company net worth
  • profitable or loss-making
  • profit percent change
  • sales volume increase or decrease
  • website
  • premise type description
  • branch count
  • legal status (sole trader, partnership, limited company, PLC)

With the information on our architect database fully verified, this is invaluable for any business in the construction, design, or engineering sectors wanting to:

  • engage fully with decision makers within the sector,
  • build brand awareness and a reputation for excellence in your field, and
  • generate high-value new leads.

Strategic and targeted selling to decision makers on our list of architects and designers

Selling to architects and specifiers is a process which, to be successful, must be planned and followed through.

It will take a little time to work well however, by using the More Than Words’ list of architects, we can handle the creative and broadcast sides of your email campaigns to architects.

We strongly recommend that you use the UK architects’ database to send off one email campaign a month to keep in front of this audience.

You should also combine email marketing from your list of architects with other types of marketing – we’ll explain why later in this article.

There are four factors working against you when selling products to architects

First, the decision makers on the list of architects you’re targeting may not have any projects for which your product or service might be needed right now.

We understand this will be frustrating but, when there is a need for your product and service, you need to use this time to build awareness and credibility.

Second, the architects you’re targeting will more than likely already specify a competing product or service from another company.

Third, architects’ time is under severe pressure and you have just a few seconds to grab their attention and explain your product or service.

Most marketing messages sent to architects lack clarity and they seem to push more the features of a product or service rather than the benefits.

Fourth, you need to be in constant, low-level communication with architects emphasising to them that you’re capable of delivering to the original specifications of projects they’re working on.

Although many architects will consider specification switching, introducing it into the sales and marketing process is likely to put obstacles in the way of winning current and future orders.

Modern marketing theory has demonstrated that you need to be seen by a potential customer up to 13 times before they consider contacting you.

One-off, single medium campaigns rarely work well and they rarely return your investment in them.

Finally, architectural practices are getting bigger and going global – there is an ongoing recent trend of practices merging with each and acquiring overseas competitors to achieve an international footprint.

For the very largest practices, the ability to deliver your product or service worldwide should feature in your marketing communications especially if it can be adapted to building compliance standards in an architecture firm’s destination markets.

Get to know your audience and the types of project they work on

Each architectural practice on the database will specialise in the type of work it does. There is significant value in separating the UK architect’s database into:

  • “prospects” (those with a very high likelihood of specifying the type of product or service that you sell) and
  • “suspects” (what you sell might not be of particular relevance on the majority of jobs they do but they may need it occasionally).

For prospects, your marketing communications should focus around a short summary of both the unique selling points of your product or service and recent projects for which it was specified.

In your initial contacts with them, they will not need you to be sold on the use of your product or service because they’re already specifying it from somewhere else.

What your marketing should do is demonstrate clearly your product or service’s advantages to the architect and, if possible, the construction company used and the client.

For suspects, blanket marketing of your product or service risks commoditising it.

Your marketing will deliver a better return if you demonstrate to your potential clients in the clearest possible terms the benefits your product or service brings to specific types of projects which a practice may be involved in.

You should aim to reduce (or eliminate) the imagination needed by an architect to see the use of and value in your product or service.

If you have not already, consider producing a digitised version of your product or service which can then be used in architects’ CAD software packages.

As time goes on and you continue the research on each of the companies whose details we provide you with, the opportunity to segment further for more individual and bespoke marketing to defined groups grows as will the enquiries and orders which result from deeper targeting.

Combine email marketing with other forms of marketing when using our list of architects

Here at More Than Words, we believe that all companies should constantly develop and refine their “marketing mix”.

Over-reliance (or complete reliance) on one form of marketing leaves you vulnerable so we would never recommend that you only rely on email marketing, for example. Email marketing should be one of a number of channels you adopt in an attempt to reach buyers.

You should also consider postal marketing, telemarketing, social media campaigns, exhibiting at niche trade shows and exhibitions, and more.

Some architects appreciate receiving marketing emails but they don’t have a profile on LinkedIn.

Other architects appreciate making connections at trade shows but they tell their secretary to bar all sales calls to them.

Each decision maker on our database will have their own personal likes, dislikes, and preferences on how they prefer to hear from suppliers.

The onus on you and your marketing department is to connect with prospects and suspects in the way they want to connect.

And look beyond architectural firm specifiers…

In addition to specifiers within architectural firms, there are plenty of opportunities to build relationships with contractors, many of whom will be involved at various points during blueprinting.

During blueprinting (particularly towards the end of the process when most specifying on a project is actually done), contractors you’ve taken the time to communicate with may suggest your product or service as an alternative, particularly if they are familiar with its installation.

At the same time, you may miss on (but not know about it) on certain projects because a contractor does not know about your product or service – they may prefer to stick with the product or service they know.

Getting in touch with them and sharing what you do may prevent this from happening in the future.

Finally, marketing to architects and designers who work in-house may yield ongoing orders particularly if yours is a performance-related product or service. Ask us about commercial property owners and commercial property tenants data when you call.

Two email designs included

With each purchase of our UK architect’s email database (part of our much wider UK business database containing over 3,000,000 decision makers), users receive two email designs to send to target clients.

You’ll be working with our in-house team of copywriters and designers.

Both emails will share much in common – particularly on layout and branding – but one email will be written and created for prospects and the other for suspects.

What do we need from you to design your email?

We’ll need as much information as you can give us about your product or service and the types of projects it is most likely to be used in.

Working with you, we identify the main selling points of what you offer on the email to architects who already specify a competitor’s product or service.

We will help you identify the four or five most important and relevant points likely to attract the interest of a prospect.

Your email to suspects will be slightly longer because, in addition to the main selling points, we’ll need to share with recipients the types of project your product or service has already been used on and the other types of projects for which it will be suitable.

Each email will be designed in HTML5 – this is so that it displays correctly no matter what device it is received on (mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop, and so on).

We tend to prefer minimalist designs for quicker loading times and so that any email filters used by recipients on the database know to let it be delivered to the inbox.

We’ll use your logo, colours, and (if technically possible), the fonts specified in your branding guidelines.

The emails themselves go through a drafting process.

After you have started working with our designers and copywriters, we will then make as many changes and amendments as needed until you’re completely happy with the design and the wording.

First three email broadcasts sent

We’ll carry out the first three email campaigns to the architects on your behalf.

Three broadcasts will be made to your prospects and three to your suspects.

Once you have the database, you’ll then need to let us know which architect firms are prospects and which are suspects.

Alternatively, if you just want to send the same email to each recipient, we’ll carry out your first six broadcasts providing you with two designs (the first design used for the first three broadcasts and the second design for the final three).

We use tracking technology meaning that, three days after each campaign has been sent, we’ll send you a database containing details of the recipients who have opened and/or clicked through to your website (and how many times they did so).

We’ll also manage your unsubscribes.

Telemarketing follow-up available to contacts on our list of architects

The human element is often the key to success in marketing campaigns and the thing which sets you apart from other businesses contacting architectural practices.

For those who don’t have the time or resources to hire a telemarketing team of their own, we can provide you with access to our in-house team of telemarketers.

They provide a wealth of knowledge and years of experience to really appeal to your contacts and increasing your chances of making a sale.

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