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40,000+ UK Schools
80,000+ Public Sector Orgs
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Sell direct to businesses, schools, and the public sector with More Than Words Marketing

Email marketing automation will generate your company an average return of at least £42 for every £1 spent, according to the UK Data and Marketing Association.

The cost per lead and cost per customer acquisition on an email marketing campaign is a fraction of other direct and digital marketing methods.

Ever since the introduction of GDPR in 2018, returns on investment enjoyed by our clients have continued to climb.

More Than Words' email marketing agency service

More Than Words’ email marketing agency service provides clients with direct inbox access to:

  • 350,000+ business decision makers,
  • 40,000+ education decision makers and influencers, and
  • 80,000+ public sector decision makers and influencers.

Choose only the data you need

With email marketing, you select only the businesses, schools, and public sector organisations you wish to target.

You don’t have to purchase the entire database.

In fact, we’d rather you didn’t.

The fewer the targets you select, the lower the cost.

Our job is to create the maximum number of closeable sales opportunities possible for your business at the minimum possible financial risk to you.

Choose from one of our two service levels

We offer two types of email marketing service:

  1. managed email marketing services, where we design your email, send it off to the recipients, and send you detailed performance reports following each broadcast, and
  2. a database-only service where we send you a database containing prospect email addresses and you’re responsible for organising and executing the campaigns.

 More Than Words advice – if you do not have experience in sending your own email marketing campaigns, we strongly recommend that you select the managed service.

Databases for Marketing from More Than Words

Email marketing businesses

Email marketing to schools

Email marketing to the public sector

The real commercial value of a great email marketing strategy

There are two clear commercial advantages to email marketing.

Firstly, the most significant benefit is its low cost in comparison to other forms of digital marketing (such as telemarketing, social media and postal marketing).

You’ll often pay less for email campaigns from email marketing agencies (including web design, copywriting, dispatch, and reporting) than you will for one telemarketing campaign or postal mail campaign.

Second, an email advertisement lands direct into a decision maker’s inbox and it is not subject to intervention or blocking from a secretary or other gatekeeper.

Email marketing delivers both:

  • immediate and actionable leads, and
  • pipeline (future) leads – you’ll know which recipients are actively considering purchasing your products and services.

Your account manager will show you how to make the most from the information on your campaign performance reports.

We can also give advice regarding the best email marketing platform to use if you are conducting your campaigns in house.

Our email marketing service is founded on fully-compliant data with a focus on quality, not quantity

Email addresses are very easy to find.

What’s not easy to find are quality email addresses which are GDPR-compliant and updated on a nine-month cycle to ensure the highest quality and accuracy.

At More Than Words, you select just the contacts you wish to email from our three main databases – UK B2B, UK schools, and UK public sector.

You do so with complete confidence that each database has been built with quality of information as the main goal and not quantity of information.

You can also be assured that all UK and relevant laws and legislation have been followed to the letter.

The 6 techniques we use to maximise return on investment

By using an established email marketing company like More Than Words, you're working with experienced professionals .

By using an established email marketing company like More Than Words, you’re working with experienced professionals who:

  • understand the value of closeable leads to a business and
  • work to a set of techniques proven to generate as many closeable leads as possible.

We use the following six approaches to generate the maximum level of enquiries and sales from the email campaigns we run for you.

1. Send messages of value to recipients

The focus of each of your emails will always be to encourage interaction with recipients which eventually lead to new deals.

However, the decision-makers you contact will stop opening messages from you if all they ever receive from your company are transactional emails or sales pitches.

While some of the emails you send will be overtly sales-led, a successful digital strategy has more variety.

You need to also share your insights and experience in providing solutions and positive outcomes to your existing customers.

The more potential customers learn from you, the more they value your information. This makes it easier to gain their trust when they’re close to making a purchasing decision, and customer loyalty later on.

For clients using our managed email marketing services, our copywriters thoroughly research:

  • your industry,
  • the products and services you sell,
  • why buyers need them,
  • what stops buyers from making a purchase, and
  • your competitors.

The sales pitch element of each email campaign will be driven by clearly describing:

  • the benefits of your products and services and
  • how they solve an issue for a client or help them to make more money.

 2. Don’t overcomplicate appearance and remember compatibility

All of your email designs from More Than Words Marketing are created in-house from scratch – we never use an email template.

Your design will look as if it’s come from your company.

We will use your logo, your fonts, your taglines, and your company colours.

When a recipient clicks through to your website from your email, they will see consistent branding which delivers confidence and peace of mind.

3. Predictability and visibility

As a key part of your email strategy, you should send your messages to subscribers at roughly the same time of the month.

In 3 to 4 months’ time, recipients will:

  • expect to see your message,
  • appreciate the timeliness of delivery, and
  • be more likely to open and read the contents.

 4. Give something to get something back

Do you have a content creation and digital marketing strategy centring around sharing important and useful knowledge with your target audience?

Do your blogs and online articles offer new perspectives on the value that your products and services deliver to clients?

Linking back to your online content marketing library of articles or case studies is a successful way to build credibility in any small business.

Better still, we can track which of your recipients click through to read the articles and then pass their contact details on to your sales team for follow up.

5. Always ask for the business

We would recommend a mixture of links to your website (for tracking purposes), your email address (so you can receive direct enquiries), and your telephone number.

Ensure that the call to action is where it’s expected – email recipients expect the call to action to be at the bottom of an email so it should always be placed there.

There is, however, no disadvantage into having additional calls to action.

6. Respect the wishes of recipients who no longer want to be contacted

Our managed email marketing team manages all unsubscribe requests for you during the course of your campaign.

Responses to your email campaigns

For clients purchasing our managed campaigns, we provide you with immediate notification on direct enquiries and full reports on email marketing campaigns.

LIVE Lead service

More Than Words’ LIVE Lead service team will forward you the details of any direct enquiries from your chosen decision makers within 30 minutes of receipt.

For a variety of different reasons, mainly technical, you don’t receive direct responses from clients on the campaigns we broadcast for you.

Instead, we handle all initial interactions with email recipients on your behalf.

The important market intelligence you gain from your campaign reports

Three days after your email campaign is dispatched, we send you a full report showing the following information:

  1. openers – we send you full details (including name, company, email address, main telephone number, and more) of every decision maker who opens your email.

We also show you the number of times they have opened it in the three days since they received your email.

  1. click throughs – we will also send you full details of every recipient who clicks through to your website from your email.

As with openers, we also indicate the number of times they have clicked on the links in your email within the three days since transmission.

As with Google Analytics, you can use this information to understand what works, what doesn’t and who your most engaged prospects are.

Working with More Than Words, the UK digital marketing agency service

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Please call us, email us, or fill out the contact form and let us know what you want to achieve with email marketing.

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    Email marketing – interesting links and more information

    Done correctly and with the right email database, email marketing offers your company the opportunity:

    • for quick win sales and
    • to build your brand among your target audience over the course of a year.

    If you want to do more research into email databases and email marketing in general before you get in touch with us, we’ve selected six articles covering both the legal requirements you’ll be expected to follow and the current best practices on generating positive responses from email marketing.

    Please remember that we also offer managed email marketing campaigns to businesses, schools, and the public sector.

    Although we do sell standalone email database packages, most customers choose our managed email marketing campaigns.

    By choosing our email marketing agency service, you outsource the delivery and reporting of your campaigns to us, all following email marketing best practices.

    You may also opt to let us design and write your email – you sign off our work as “complete” before we send anything out at the end of the drafting process.

    If you’ve never used an outsourced email marketing service before, we have prepared five links on how companies like More Than Words work and the questions you might wish to ask us before using our service.

    Many clients like us to personalise their emails too – we have also listed a link to a site with a great article on the subject from Lauren McMenemy.

    Let us know who you want to reach, what impression you want to make on them, and what you’d like to sell to them over the next 12 months.

    To talk with us how your company can achieve the maximum return on investment through the purchase of an accurate, compliant, and bespoke email database or via our managed email marketing service, please call us on 0330 010 8300 or you can email us by clicking here.