Telemarketing is used by businesses for many purposes including increasingly for brand awareness.

When people think of telemarketing, they normally associate it with upselling, generating leads, and customer service, to nurturing leads, explaining complex sales, making appointments and cleaning data.

For building brand awareness, telemarketing offers several significant benefits which are hard to achieve through other advertising channels.

In this article, we’ll look at what these benefits are to help you decide whether telemarketing is right for your business when building brand awareness.

We’ll discuss:

  • brand awareness – what is it?
  • telemarketing vs telesales – what’s the difference?
  • how telemarketing helps brand awareness
  • reaching the right customers
  • how to use telemarketing effectively
  • telemarketing as part of a multi-channel campaign
  • it’s personal
  • what kind of ‘return on investment’ can you expect?
  • the next steps

What is brand awareness?

Brand awareness is…

…the “extent to which a brand is recognized by potential customers, and is correctly associated with a particular product.”

It is the very first step in the process of a buyer’s journey.

It is where:

  • your audience find out about you,
  • they form an opinion about you, and
  • you become front-of-mind when they are faced with a buying decision.

Knowledge of your brand increases consumer and business decision-maker trust in your company and its products and services.

Brand awareness also helps to increase traffic to your website, to generate leads, and to build loyalty making more likely the chance of follow-on sales to existing customers.

Telemarketing vs telesales – what’s the difference?

The terms telemarketing and telesales are often used interchangeably.

While there are two distinct definitions, telemarketing is often now an umbrella term that includes telesales.

Strictly speaking, in More Than Words’ opinion:

  • telemarketing describes a promotional activity designed to generate interest in a company and its products and services to such an extent that an appointment can be made with the person being spoken to or information gathered from them for sales purposes
  • telesales describes a promotional activity where the sale is completed over the phone.

How telemarketing helps brand awareness

Telemarketing helps build brand awareness in several ways.

It allows you to go to your potential customers (by calling them) instead of waiting for them to come to you.

This is a clear advantage over social media, events, seminars and more.

Telemarketing helps your new customers become familiar with your brand.

While it’s true that many telemarketing calls reach voicemail, you are introducing your brand to prospective clients because you do actually end up having many constructive conversations with prospective clients.

With telemarketing, you are also creating a personality for your brand.

Consider your telemarketing team to be the person behind the counter in your local shop.

Your impressions of their whole business are based upon your opinion of that person and your interactions with them.

Even in a digital age, people buy from people.

Leads generated from telemarketing help to remove time spent by your telesales team and field sales reps cold calling and help to close sales.

They can warm a prospect up to be later passed onto telesales and face-to-face closers.

Reaching the right customers with a brand awareness campaign

Telemarketing is a low-cost approach to accurately targeting the decision makers you want to reach.

You build quality connections with an audience you’ve chosen and eliminate wastage by not spending money reaching those uninterested in your products and services.

This is because telemarketing is a form of direct marketing.

It’s the opposite to an approach which assumes all customers’ needs are equal.

It helps promote a product or service to an audience where you have identified a strong reason for interest in what you have to offer, with a message that is carefully constructed.

But you must be careful that the company you choose is targeting the right people, so that you benefit from positive brand awareness.

How to use telemarketing effectively to raise brand awareness

We can all recall a time when we have walked into a store for some product advice and left, without purchasing, thinking we knew more about the product than the sales adviser.

If your telemarketing is to be successful, your telemarketers need to be informed and speak with authority about your products.

This can make the difference between customers speaking positively or negatively about you with colleagues or their friends or family and ultimately affects your sales figures.

To get the best results, we recommend:

  • native speakers – overseas labour costs are cheaper, but you will lose quality leads. It is much easier to build a relationship with someone when you have something in common.
  • training your advisors to be informed – arm them with every answer a customer could throw at them. If your team can use the product themselves, even better.
  • to be authentic, warm and friendly – high pressured sales techniques often reflect badly on a brand and increase the likelihood of a lost sale.
  • to find out what they want – not what you think they want. This comes down to good market research and can positively affect the approach your telemarketer takes. Telemarketer listening skills are also an important part of this process.
  • to have a script prepared – its purpose is to build credibility with customers and should be a guide rather than read verbatim where possible. Converse don’t advertise.
  • to avoid using weak words – ‘maybe, possibly, yeah, basically’ – identify the weak words and help prevent them.

Another benefit that brand awareness through telemarketing has is the ability to convey enthusiasm.

Sales is the transfer of enthusiasm. You can transfer enthusiasm over the phone, not over email.”

Imagine hearing genuine passion from someone who loves what they’re talking about.

It can be infectious.

You are more likely to remember and believe that than just a few words on a social media post.

There is huge value in the human voice.

It can convey emotions, empathy and your potential customers will know that your attention, for the duration of that call, is focussed entirely on them.

Telemarketing as part of a multi-channel brand awareness campaign

While telemarketing offers great value, it is important to remember that, to be at its most effective, it should form part of a bigger brand awareness campaign that follows the rule of 7.

The rule of 7 says that, “the prospective buyer should hear or see the marketing message at least seven times before they buy it from you.”

Email and social marketing are effective tools but, to be even more effective, consider adding person-to-person contact over the phone to your marketing mix. It’s…

…“the combination of activities in rapid succession – social, email, phone together – that makes the difference.”

With telemarketing, you can handle the various reservations and questions that a potential customer may have immediately, allowing you more control over how your brand comes across.

A phone call be followed up with an email that confirms the points discussed or goes into more detail with a link to the company website or social media pages to see what other customers think.

81% of businesses surveyed said that…

…“they improved campaign performance when they combined telemarketing with another channel.”

When selecting which channels to use with telemarketing, it is useful to consider which combinations have driven the most sales for other businesses.

For B2B, telemarketing works best when combined with (in order of success):

  • email
  • company website
  • social media
  • advertising mail
  • exhibitions / events

For B2C telemarketing works best when combined with (in order of success):

  • email
  • company website
  • advertising mail
  • mobile text message
  • inserts

(Source: DMA, 2014).

It’s personal

Telemarketing is a two-way conversation, not a one-way message.

In fact…

…“telemarketing is one of the very few person-to-person marketing methods that persists.”

Importantly, it allows your customers to have a conversation with you about your brand that you have control over and input in.

As we see online, customers want to be heard.

They are giving their opinions on products and services on sites like Trip Advisor and Amazon.

When businesses give their customers a chance to do this on a call, businesses enjoy the rewards.

53% of consumers say their trust in a brand increases when they have spoken to someone on the phone.

What kind of ‘return on investment’ can I expect?

The argument for spending on brand awareness on telemarketing can be backed up with ‘Return on Investment’ (or ROI) statistics.

The UK Data and Marketing Association says that for every £1 spent on B2C telemarketing, you can expect a £5 return.

For B2B telemarketing, you can expect an £11 return.

That’s a gain of 500% to 1100%, which represents great value for money.

Telemarketing also offers immediate insight into your chosen market.

Up-to-date customer feedback gives you a chance to modify your products or services and to better observe current trends in the market.

You’re able to more quickly recognise changes in spending habits.

Telemarketing gives companies the opportunity to continue a conversation with a prospective customer who may not be in the right part of the buying cycle too.

The opportunity to collect an email marketing opt-in when you’re on the call allows for further communication – important for the rule of 7.

The next steps to building your company’s brand awareness

In this article, we have analysed how telemarketing can benefit your business through brand awareness.

The definitions of brand awareness and telemarketing have been discussed and how telemarketing can help you reach the right customers.

We’ve outlined how telemarketing can be used effectively and how it forms an important part of a multi-channel campaign.

Finally, we discussed the ‘personal’ qualities of telemarketing and its potential return on investment.

More Than Words can help you take the next steps involved in integrating telemarketing within your business.

Many companies, charities and public sector organisations have already benefitted from our experienced team.

We have helped them make connections with the people or organisations they needed to reach to achieve their goals.

Get your own ready-made audience of buyers and influencers, we just need to know who you want to talk to and we’ll guide you through the process.

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