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Use our list of UK property developers to market products and services to decision-makers within residential and commercial development

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Aug 19, 2022

More Than Words’ UK property developers list contains contact details for 4,626 residential and commercial property developers in this £68.3bn a year marketplace.

Find out in this article how using a detailed property developer list for marketing can help to increase leads and sales.

Our list of residential and commercial property developers

The database contains:

  • residential and commercial property developers in London and the wider United Kingdom
  • 4,626 postal addresses
  • 3,300 telephone numbers
  • 2,230 email addresses

Search our UK property developers list

By discussing your products and services with our account managers they can search and provide you with a data set that is specific to the types of clients you work with.

Contained within our database of residential, mixed-use, and commercial property developers are a number of specific categories and industries including:

  • commercial property developers,
  • businesses involved in new homes and facilities management,
  • companies that work with landlords, and
  • start-ups, mid-level and established businesses.


Because you can search our list by different locations you can refine your selection to include smaller areas such as:

  • Central London and St James,
  • a city such as London, or
  • a much wider selection (England or the UK).

Services available

Depending on your requirements, you can purchase our UK property developers list in London and the UK as either:

Database-only service

You will be sent a Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, or comma-separated value file, containing:

1. Our full residential and commercial property development company data and information file

  • a comprehensive list of relevant and accurate contacts in the property development sector,
  • multiple fields per entry supporting targeted marketing campaigns

2. A 12-month lease from the date of purchase

  • a full year to search, connect and build relationships with the property development companies on your database

3. Account manager and technical support

  • we provide the expertise and technical support of our team for as long as you are leasing the database

Our accuracy guarantees

Our UK property development company database is provided with a guaranteed:

  • 98% address accuracy
  • 92% telephone accuracy
  • 85% email accuracy

If we fail to achieve these stated guarantees, we offer either a pro-rata refund of the amount over the threshold or replacement records.

What you get with our managed marketing campaign services

Our managed email marketing campaigns include the following:

12 email advertisements
Messages are created by our in-house team of professional designers and copywriters.

12 email campaigns
These are sent to decision-makers in residential and commercial property development companies where you decide there is interest in your products and services.

12 campaign reports
Showing how residential and commercial property developers in London and across the UK interacted with the emails.

Who can benefit from our UK property developer company list?

Our property development company list is part of our wider UK business database. It provides you with up-to-date, accurate, and GDPR-compliant contact details for key decision makers in the property development sector.

So access to this information could be of use to anyone involved in

  • property investment,
  • the construction industry,
  • building projects including planning new homes,
  • property owners looking to increase the sale or rental price of their properties,
  • commercial developers in London looking to build offices in new locations, and
  • estate agents and those involved with estate agents.

How to market your products and services effectively to property developers

To maximise your return on investment, we suggest that you adopt the following marketing and communication tactics when connecting with potential clients:

Offer insight into a relevant problem or situation

Show that you have researched and taken interest in the area that they are working in. Such as, if you work in construction in London, a common issue for property developers there are the barriers to development. 

Planning permissions and the limited capacity of the public sector often slows down the building of new homes and commercial property.

Therefore, commercial property development clients in London may be more interested in services that help them to speed up their projects than clients elsewhere in the UK.

A construction business may also focus on their ability to provide quality homes. This is an important factor in London where landlords need to be competitive. 

Similarly, UK companies developing new homes in today’s market are facing dramatically different issues depending on the size of their company.

A larger business such as Barratt Homes is more concerned by labour shortages. A smaller residential company could be tied up in house prices and planning.

What can you offer property developers in London and the UK to help them to sell their specific services to their target audience?

Consider why you are the right business for their specific needs. 

Demonstrate to property developers how your services have helped those with similar problems in the past, this can help to build trust.

Show how you helped developers exploit an opportunity or cope with a problem by providing a short case study in your email. 

By demonstrating how your company can help further following a purchase you can create opportunities for the future use of your services.

Delivering quality marketing messages

GDPR compliance

Under GDPR legislation, businesses are required to build rigorous privacy settings into their websites and into their other digital output. 

GDPR is an integral part of More Than Words’ data compilation services and those of our partners. Compliance ensures better quality communication and deliverability.

Deliverability and email quality

Deliverability is the ability for your emails to reach subscribers’ inboxes rather than being caught up in spam filters, bounced or blocked by ISPs.

It is decided by several factors including:

  • your reputation as a sender,
  • how often your emails are marked as spam by recipients, and
  • adherence to email recipients’ ISP policies.

More Than Words guarantees the accuracy and the deliverability of all of our marketing databases.

Working with More Than Words Marketing

More Than Words is a direct marketing company that focuses strongly on sales and advertising. 

We have an experienced team of marketing and sales professionals, and know how to generate and execute powerful campaigns that convert.

So our team will develop and deliver customised emails that attract readers quickly and clearly explain the benefits of your services. 

We create marketing messages with a strong call for action aimed towards generating prompt responses from property developers in London and the UK.

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To speak to us about our UK property developers companies list, please call us on 0330 010 8300.

click here to email us and ask us how our marketing databases team can work with you to promote your products and services.

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