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List of post offices for direct marketing campaigns
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Use our list of post offices across the UK to market your products and services to decision makers via post, telephone and email

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Jun 1, 2022

List of post offices for direct marketing campaigns

Our complete list of UK post offices provides contact details for decision-makers and budget-holders in post offices.

The post offices database is part of our comprehensive UK business database that connects businesses to over 3,000,000 decision makers within UK companies.

Over £22 billion is generated annually by the postal and courier industry in the United Kingdom.

With email and social media becoming more popular, the number of letters sent in the UK has decreased over the past decade. On the other hand parcel shipments have risen rapidly.

Ten million letters were sent in the UK in 2019. Around 2.6 billion parcels were shipped that year.

Since Royal Mail was privatised in 2014, many post offices have branched out into independent outlets that combine a retail shop and a Post Office branch.

They are owned by one of the following:

  • multiple retailer such as W H Smith,
  • sub-postmaster, or
  • company under a franchise arrangement with Post Office Ltd.

These post offices are operated directly by the company or individual that owns them.

What’s on our list of post offices?

More Than Words’ list of post offices contains:

  • 9,753 post offices,
  • 6,104 contact names for decision-makers or budget-holders within post offices,
  • 8,437 phone numbers (direct or main switchboard), and
  • 1,255 email addresses.

Postal offices are only added to our database if we are certain we have enough information to make it valuable to your marketing efforts.

1. List of post offices

  • a complete listing of UK post offices,
  • the email addresses of post office decision makers
  • the data is accessible for 12 months after purchase
  • there are multiple fields in each entry.

2. Campaigns include one email marketing design, three email broadcasts, and full follow-up reporting

  • one email design and copywriting,
  • three email campaigns delivered by our servers
  • get detailed reports on who opened the email and clicked through to your site.

3. After-sales support services

  • whether you have technical skills or not, our in-house technicians can help you make sense of the data.
  • our account managers, designers, and writers will advise and review advertising.
More Than Words note – looking for SIC codes for post offices? The code is 53000 – “Postal and courier activities”.

Marketing to post offices

You can use direct marketing approaches like email, phone, and postal marketing to reach decision makers with budgets and a need for your product or service.

Direct marketing lets you choose the targets, how you communicate with them, what goes in your message, and when it’s delivered.

Indirect marketing decides the message first, then places it in advertising spaces, hoping that the right people see it.

Direct marketing starts with choosing a target audience and then tailoring the message to their needs.

Many businesses find that direct marketing generates better leads than indirect (or reactive) channels.

Email marketing to post offices

Email marketing campaigns generate high-quality leads. Using a B2B email database, all you need to do is find email marketing software that best suits your purposes.

The software will then be able to send, track and evaluate your email campaigns for you automatically. Even if you have little or no experience, most email marketing platforms offer templates and other tools that help you design and write campaigns.

Your emails can be A/B tested (sending two versions of the same email), or you can use click mapping to see what your recipients are clicking on. Most email marketing platforms also let you monitor open, click-through, and conversion rates.

This helps you test the content of your emails to see what works.

Telemarketing to post offices

The best way to give your business a chance to succeed is with a telemarketing campaign. People relate better to people than to businesses. Your representatives can address prospects’ concerns during telemarketing calls.

During these calls, you get to know the prospect better in order to understand them better and provide valuable information to aid future marketing campaigns. Set appointments via telemarketing calls to gauge prospects’ interest in your products/services.

Appointment setting is a valuable form of B2B telemarketing because people are more likely to agree to a meeting than a sale straight away. Once you have a meeting set up, the close rate for in-person meetings is 40%.

Do you want More Than Words to market to your list of post offices instead?

If you don’t have the time or confidence to market effectively to the post office contact list, More Than Words can help. Experienced copywriters, designers, telesales representatives, and campaign planners will custom design and develop managed B2B email marketing campaigns.

We also conduct B2B telemarketing campaigns based on appointment setting, lead generation, or market research. We’ll provide full reporting so you can see where your campaign is succeeding and where to focus your sales efforts. Our team of marketers and sales professionals has decades of experience and we apply this knowledge and experience to each campaign.

By offering insight and feedback on your offers, products, and services, we can help you see them from your prospects’ point of view. You’ll get a fresh perspective on marketing and fine-tune your marketing messages.

Selling to post offices

Knowing all UK post offices won’t help you if you don’t know how to sell your products to them. Your key to selling to postal service contacts is to understand what they want and then offer solutions that help them achieve their goals.

A post office, like any independent business, needs to maintain its bottom line. For this there are a few things they can focus on:

Improving customer experience

Those who feel cared for tend to stay loyal to businesses. A post office must make its business welcoming and valuable to its customers. If you can help them achieve that, then this is your way in.

Providing a more convenient service

Consumers are used to having immediate access to everything they need. Often, this means expanding online as well as physical services at post offices.

Perhaps your business offers fast delivery or outsources post office services online – the speed and convenience of your products or services should be central to your marketing.

Offering products people want and need

Post offices have been branching out in recent years, offering travel services, banks, insurance, even money exchange along with standard postal services. Think about how you could offer post offices something that fits their current business model, but is different from what most other post offices offer.

Consider what people in different regions need but can’t get from their nearest post office. Or perhaps products available at larger locations but not in a local post office.

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Find out more about More Than Words’ list of post offices

Up-to-date information about decision-makers at post offices can help your business market your products and services to the right customers.

For more information on our list of post offices, please call 0330 010 8300 or you can click here to email our marketing databases team.

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