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List Of High Street Jewellers For Direct Marketing Campaigns
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Promote your products and services directly to decision makers in jewellery retail with our list of high street jewellers in the UK

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Aug 20, 2022

By using our list of high street jewellers in the UK, you can market directly to decision makers by email, telemarketing, and direct mail marketing.

In the United Kingdom, there are 135 jewellery retailers with a turnover of more than £5m.

Therefore jewellery plays an important role in the retail sector across the UK. This means that suppliers have a chance to help the sector grow and compete better online.

What’s on our UK jewellers database?

Our list of UK jewellers (part of our extensive business database) includes:

  • 7,679 jewellery retail stores
  • 6,342 decision-maker contact names
  • 1,809 contacts with an email address
  • 4,747 companies with a phone number

Our full service comprises:

1. Database list of high street jewellers

  • an up-to-date database of UK jewellers,
  • email addresses for decision makers in the jewellery retail industry,
  • the data will be available for 12 months after the purchase, and
  • each entry includes several fields.

2. Every campaign includes an email marketing design, three email broadcasts, and a full follow-up report

  • using our email designers and copywriters, we create one engaging email design,
  • three email marketing campaigns delivered from our trusted servers, and
  • a full report for each campaign showing which recipients opened your email and clicked through to your website.

3. After-sales service

  • even if you have no technical skills, our in-house technicians can assist you with using the data you purchase
  • our account managers, designers, and writers are available to review and give advice on your advertising

Email marketing to High Street, fine jewellery and independent shops

So use our B2B email database to send email campaigns directly to decision makers. If you’d prefer us to do it for you instead, please ask us about our managed B2B email marketing campaign service.

Telemarketing to high Street and independent retailer businesses

Use our database of high street jewellers to power your B2B telemarketing campaigns. Alternatively call us about our outsourced B2B telemarketing service if you’d like us to run these campaigns for you.

Can this database be used to sell products to UK high street jewellers?

The database does contain contact details for jewellers like H Samuel, Ernest Jones and Goldsmiths, but finding decision makers in companies as large as these is more difficult.

So consider this database as a starting point for marketing campaigns for brands of this size. Our list of high street jewellers has contacts within smaller retailers (one or more retail outlets) and retail chains.

More Than Words note – if you want more detailed decision maker data for big brands like Warren James, Ernest Jones, and Goldsmiths, please ask us about our corporate database when you call or email us.

Selling to the companies on our list of high street jewellers

Because jewellers with a shop on the High Street now has to contend with both retail and online competition consider how you can help.

For example can you offer something to improve their website to increase online purchases?

What do UK jewellers want from their website?

Websites now need to offer an intuitive and enjoyable virtual store experience. Most jewellery websites now let visitors search by categories or collections. A jewellery company website will often ask its visitors for their email address to subscribe to their newsletter.

Regular emails sent to customers and prospects can encourage them to visit a retailer’s website to take advantage of special offers. While the online experience is increasingly important, so is the in-store experience.

A retail store visit can result in a sale worth thousands of pounds. There are still a significant number of customers who want to view a wide range of quality jewellery before making a purchase.

Are you able to help our list of high street jewellers improve their in-store experience?

No matter where a sale takes place, clients expect the best service. Can you help jewellers not only win new clients but also retain their existing ones?

In the jewellery retail sector, email marketing will be particularly suitable if you want to market your jewellery pieces to decision makers.

For example:

  • watches and luxury watch products,
  • bracelets
  • diamond engagement ring collections,
  • earrings
  • diamond or silver necklaces,
  • rings including diamond ring/gold wedding ring sets, or
  • gemstones, precious metals and uncut diamonds

The database is often used by companies to offer discounts based on the size of the order to jewellers.

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Offer your products and services direct to our list of high street jewellery retailers

Let us know about your business, what you sell and why it is of interest to a wide selection of jewellers.

Then, we’ll search our entire database to find the decision makers who will be most likely to engage with your products and services.

For more information on our list of UK jewellery retailers, please call 0330 010 8300 or you can click here to email our marketing databases team.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ's)  vector icon in orange and dark blue

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