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List of health food stores for direct marketing campaigns
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A comprehensive list of health food stores helps businesses to sell products and services to retailers more effectively

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Jun 5, 2022

Health food stores database for direct marketing campaigns

More Than Words Marketing’s list of health food stores is part of our wider UK business database

Reach decision-makers within UK health stores with purchasing power. Sales of organic produce, vegan food and nutritional supplements are currently at an all-time high.

According to the Organic Market Report 2021, published by the Soil Association, the UK’s organic foods market is estimated to be worth £2.79 billion. This is up 12.6 percent from 2020. The organic food market is growing faster than the non-organic sector for the first time in 15 years, according to the report

A complete, current list of health food shops could enable your company to be part of this upward trend.

What’s on our list of health food stores

More Than Words’ health food stores contact list comprises:

  • 2,145 health food retailers,
  • 1,850 names for decision-makers within health food shops,
  • 1,451 telephone numbers, and
  • 487 email addresses.

Our direct marketing services include

1. Health food retailer directory

  • an extensive listing of health food stores,
  • the phone numbers and email addresses of decision makers at health food shops,
  • access the data for 12 months after purchase, and
  • each entry contains multiple fields.

2. Email marketing design, three email campaigns, and follow-up reports

  • our copywriters and designers create one effective email design.
  • three email campaigns delivered by our trusted servers, and
  • every email campaign comes with a detailed report showing click-throughs and opens.

3. Support after purchase

  • no matter your level of technical expertise, we have in-house data technicians to assist you.
  • while you own the list, we will review any campaigns you design yourself, along with support from our design and copywriting teams.

At More Than Words Marketing, we understand that the more information we hold about a business and its decision-makers, the more valuable and useful that data is.

Therefore, we only include the best health food store contacts we can find, for which we have sufficient information.

More Than Words note – looking for SIC codes for health food shops? There is no exact match so the closest SIC code for it is 47290 – “Other retail sale of food in specialised stores”.

Marketing to health food stores

With our list of health food stores, you can reach high-value decision makers who need your product or service – and then use direct marketing channels to reach them.

Direct marketing should focus on the prospective customer and how your products or services can make their lives easier.

In direct marketing, prospects typically are directed to take a specific action, such as visiting your website or booking an appointment.

Direct communication with your list of health food stores allows you to:

  1. drive sales and conversions
  2. test the appeal of your product or service
  3. provide potential customers with valuable, compelling content

Email marketing to health food stores

Email marketing campaigns are a great way to connect with prospective customers since they are measurable, cost-effective, and direct.

You can easily reach customers over email since most of your prospects check their inbox every day.

Inexperienced marketers can easily create great marketing emails using simple drag and drop templates on most email marketing platforms.

The software also comes with analytics and measurement tools to track how your emails perform over time.

Telemarketing to health food stores

Due to its personal and interactive nature, telephone marketing is an effective method of targeting local health food stores.

When telemarketing is carried out with thought, care, and the right B2B telemarketing data, it can be very effective. 75% of executives make appointments or attend events based on marketing calls, according to DiscoverOrg research.

Do you want us to market to your list of health food stores instead?

Sometimes a business does not have the time, staff, or resources to carry out their own email or telemarketing campaigns.

That’s why we offer managed B2B email marketing campaigns and managed B2B telemarketing campaigns. Our managed services provide you with direct access to our in-house team of copywriters, designers, telesales representatives and campaign planners.

They will implement and monitor your marketing while you focus on day-to-day business operations. Working with our team also allows you to gain a fresh perspective on your business, products, and services.

Selling to a health food store

Your success as a business will depend on how you stand out from your competitors.

This is true whether you’re targeting:

  • supermarket chain stores,
  • natural grocers,
  • organic foods market stalls,
  • online health food stores, or
  • local grocery store contacts.

Retailers’ perceptions of suppliers have shifted considerably over the past few years. Stores are moving away from trusted suppliers and focusing more on small businesses.

Entrepreneurs bring innovation and variety to stores, enabling them to differentiate themselves in a competitive market. Business selling to health food shops must identify what they can offer that will help them keep their place in the market.

A modern health food shop offers much more than vitamin supplements and organic ingredients. Some stores are taking advantage of the popularity of natural foods and medicines. Others have carved out a niche by tackling environmental issues.

Today, health food retailers can provide everything from a healthy snack to meal planning, organic food, aromatherapy oils, and B vitamins.

Consider these angles when marketing to health food stores:

  • where and how your products are made – consumers care about where their food comes from and how ethical it is,
  • how does your product or service differ from others – perhaps you use a unique manufacturing process, or your ingredients are local
  • authenticity – healthy food is all about getting back to basics, so being authentic is essential.
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Find out more about our list of health food stores

Our list of health food stores will aid your marketing campaigns by giving you valuable, targeted information about health food retailers in the UK.

For more information on our list of health food stores, please call 0330 010 8300 or you can click here to email our marketing databases team.

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