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List of gyms for direct marketing campaigns
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More Than Words' comprehensive list of gyms can help you market your business directly to decision makers in UK health clubs and fitness centres

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Aug 22, 2022

List of gyms for direct marketing campaigns

More Than Words’ list of gyms offers complete data on gyms in the UK.

The United Kingdom has around 6,700 health and fitness clubs, about half are gyms.

Gym membership in the UK is the second-highest in Europe. There are nearly 9 million members generating a total turnover of £1.9 billion.

What’s on our list of gyms?

Our gym database includes health club, leisure centre and gym information.

This includes:

  • 4,151 full postal addresses,
  • 3,536 contact names for decision-makers in each gym,
  • 3,567 phone numbers (either direct lines or the main switchboard), and
  • 1,414 email addresses.
More Than Words note – looking for SIC codes for gyms? The nearest UK SIC code is 93130 – “Fitness facilities”.

Advertising to gyms

Your business can use our list to advertise to gyms with the greatest need for your products.

Direct marketing campaign involves presenting offers for your products or services to a targeted audience.

Reactive marketing relies on your ads being seen. But direct marketing targets customers and delivers messages designed for them.

Can I carry out email marketing campaigns with the database?

Marketing via email is cheaper than traditional forms of marketing such as direct mail. You can send out thousands in minutes with an email database and a platform like Mail Chimp

When you get in touch with us, ask us about which third party email service providers you should work with on your email marketing campaigns .

Email marketing has an excellent return on investment. In 2019, the DMA reported that for every £1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of £42.

Email marketing campaigns can also be easily tracked and analysed. You can get automatic reports of how many people open your emails and click through to your website. Over time, you can refine your marketing campaigns to generate more leads and sales.

Is the database suitable for telemarketing to gyms?

Telemarketing is an underrated yet valuable marketing tool. It helps marketers identify prospects’ interest levels so they don’t waste time on sales that will not be successful.

Telemarketing is also a good way to get direct feedback from prospects and customers. You can use phone calls to identify procurement practices. This allows you to contact a gym with discounts on gym equipment when they are in the market to buy.

You can use our B2B telemarketing database to:

  • book appointments,
  • generate leads,
  • gather further information about the gyms on the list, and
  • open two-way conversations with decision makers.

Can you run email marketing and telemarketing campaigns to gyms for my company?

We understand that you may not have the time, staff, or infrastructure to run your own marketing campaigns.

We understand that you may not have the time, staff, or infrastructure to run your own marketing campaigns.

To help you reach gym clients, More Than Words provides managed B2B email marketing campaigns

Our copywriting, design and marketing teams create a compelling email around the product or service that you choose. We will then provide you with a full report on your campaign after it is sent, showing open rates, click rates, etc.

With our managed B2B telemarketing campaigns, you can:

  • follow up with prospects,
  • conduct market research, and
  • set appointments for later meetings with your own sales team.

The telemarketing service we provide is cost-effective. We already have a team of experienced telesales specialists on hand. We are experts at lead generation as well as objection handling.

Selling to gyms: Tips for success

You can sell to gyms no matter who you target. From large chains such as Fitness First, David Lloyd or Virgin Active, to small independent clubs, gyms need supplies.

Many gym-goers prefer a home workout post-pandemic. This means that gyms are looking at new ways to make membership prices economical. You could even target group fitness classes, or an individual personal trainer or fitness class.

Determine their individual goals and make your products and services the solution to issues they have. Messages could also provide the means to unlock any opportunity they aren’t yet able to exploit.

This is useful for a number of reasons. Firstly, it gives you an idea of how to sell to them. If you are selling free weights or resistance training equipment, you will probably target athletics-focused gyms If you sell scheduling or fitness goal technology, you could look at gyms that provide personal training.

Further, you can research and find out what the USPs (unique selling points) are of each fitness centre on your list. Perhaps they have exercise classes or a swimming pool, or specialise in cardio or strength training.

Businesses selling…

  • cardio equipment,
  • steam room facilities,
  • boxing or martial art training

…could use this information to offer an effective way for them to raise membership fees.

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Find out more about our list of gyms

More Than Words Marketing can offer your company an accurate list of contacts within health clubs and fitness centres.

You will be supported by our advertising and technical support teams for 12 months after purchase.

To get started contact us on 0330 010 8300 or click here to email our marketing databases team.

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