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List of architects for use by sales and marketing teams
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Our list of architects in the UK is your opportunity to get in touch with a select range of key industry decision makers.

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May 18, 2022

List of architects UK database

Our list of architects contains 5,340 British architects and offers your business a route into this £8bn a year marketplace.

All of the information on our architect database is fully verified, featuring prominent architects within the building and design sector and listed with the Architects Registration Board.

This list is invaluable for any business in the construction, design, or engineering sectors wanting to:

  • engage fully with decision makers within the sector,
  • build brand awareness and a reputation for excellence in your field, and
  • generate high-value new leads.

Why it’s important to market to architects

On any building project, an architecture firm holds the majority of the power.

From planning permission to interior design, an architect’s extensive experience makes them the most important member of the building and design team. Our list of United Kingdom based architects contains these important decision makers.

Research shows that, on small-to-medium design and building projects, architect-specified products and services often go straight through to the final phase without question.

This fact alone strongly demonstrates just how important it is for your product or service to win over an architect in order to repeatedly secure high-value contracts on award winning projects.

Strategic and targeted selling to our list of architects

Selling to an experienced, qualified architect is a process which, to be successful, must be planned and followed through. More Than Words Marketing can handle the design and broadcast sides of your marketing campaigns.

We strongly recommend that you use our list of architects in Great Britain to send off one email campaign a month. You should also combine email marketing from your list of architect firms with other types of marketing – we’ll explain why later in this article

Get to know your audience and the types of project they work on

Each architectural practice on the database will have its own specialism.

There is significant value in separating the UK architecture database into prospects and suspects:

  • “prospects”: (those with a very high likelihood of specifying the type of product or service that you sell), and
  • “suspects”: (what you sell might not be of particular relevance on the majority of jobs they do but they may need it occasionally).

For prospects, your marketing communications should focus around a short summary of both the unique selling points of your product or service and recent projects for which it was specified.

For suspects, blanket marketing of your product or service risks commoditising it.

Your marketing will deliver a better return if you demonstrate to your potential clients in the clearest possible terms the benefits your product or service brings to existing buildings or newly designed spaces you are already involved in.

Combine email marketing with other forms of marketing to appeal to architecture firms

Here at More Than Words, we believe that all companies should constantly develop and refine their “marketing mix”, on a varying scale personal to them. Email marketing should be one of a number of channels you adopt in an attempt to reach buyers.

You should also consider postal marketing, telemarketing , social media campaigns, exhibiting at niche trade shows and exhibitions, and more.

Our architect database marketing service

The list of architects offered by More Than Words Marketing contains:

  • 5,340 architectural practices,
  • 2,383 email addresses,
  • 5,340 contact names,
  • wider location search (e.g. Greater London),
  • specific address search (e.g. St Paul, EC4M),
  • architects working on both commercial and residential projects, and
  • information on legal status (sole trader, partnership, limited company, PLC)

1. Architect database

  • An extensive list of architects (part of our vast database of UK businesses)
  • Architect email addresses
  • Data will be available for use for 12 months from the date of purchase, and
  • Each entry contains multiple fields.

2. One email marketing design, three email broadcasts, and full follow-up reports for each campaign

  • Our in-house copywriters and designers create one engaging and persuasive email design,
  • three email marketing campaigns delivered from our trusted servers
  • Every email campaign has full reports – we provide you with a spreadsheet showing every email click through and opened.

3. After-sales support services

  • Regardless of your level of technical experience, our in-house data technicians are on hand to assist you in using the data you purchase.

Telemarketing follow-up available to contacts on our list of architects

The human element is often the key to success in marketing campaigns and the thing which sets you apart from other businesses contacting architecture and design practices.

For those who don’t have the time or resources to hire a telemarketing team of their own, we can provide you with access to our in-house team of telemarketers.

They provide years of experience, are up to date with the latest news and best practices, and know how to really appeal to your contacts – increasing your chances of making a sale.

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To find out more, please call us on 0330 010 8300. Or click here to email us and ask us how we can work with you marketing your products to architects.

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