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More Than Words provides a database of places of worship for businesses marketing to religious organisations

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Jan 31, 2024

Marketing list of places of worship

More Than Words’ database of places of worship is a multi-denomination list of religious organisations all over the UK. 

Our places of worship marketing list contains accurate contact and marketing details for the right decision-makers within local places of worship. 

This is a great resource for businesses that sell relevant products and services, helping them to generate leads and sales.

How many church buildings are in the UK?

There are 40,300 places of worship in the UK, according to the National Churches Trust (NCT).

 In addition, the Office for National Statistics lists 11,625 organisations under SIC Code 9491 (religious organisations) that are VAT and/or PAYE registered.

In places of worship, decisions are usually made by one of three groups:

  • Board of Directors – who ensure compliance with laws and regulations,
  • leaders – such as a priest, swami, rabbi, minister, etc, and
  • ministry director – who runs and manages the place of worship on a daily basis.

The right contact for you depends on what you are selling.

Who’s on our list of places of worship?

More Than Words’ religious organisation business directory includes the following:

  • 12,867 places of worship with postal address,
  • 7,158 names for church members with the authority to make purchase decisions,
  • 7,171 phone numbers (either direct or main switchboard), and
  • 971 email addresses.

We want to know about your company, what you sell, and the benefits it delivers.

This will allow us to narrow down the list of decision makers most likely to benefit from what you offer.

More Than Words note – looking for SIC codes for places of worship? There is no exact match however the closest UK SIC code is 94910 – “Activities of religious organisations”

Our full service

1. List of religious organisations

  • a comprehensive list of religious institutions
  • detail for each business, such as company name, contact personal information, etc.
  • multiple fields are available for each entry, and
  • data purchased is valid for 12 months.

2. Three email broadcasts with detailed reports

You will receive the following information with your mailing list:

  • the design and copywriting of one email,
  • three email broadcasts, plus
  • three days after the campaign is broadcast, detailed reporting shows open rates and click through rates

3. After-sale service

  • You can always reach us for help with any technical issues, so that you can use the database easily, and
  • We are able to provide advice and insight on advertising you send to religious organisations

Marketing to places of worship

Our list of places of worship allows for communication with decision-makers within religious organisations. This helps you to build awareness of your products and build lasting relationships. 

Direct marketing is contacting customers directly with relevant offers, products, and services – usually by email, phone, or postal mail. 

The benefits of direct marketing are that it removes the ‘chance’ factor of indirect or reactive marketing based on keywords or common searches.

This removes the expense of distributing marketing material out without guarantee that it will reach your prospects.

Email marketing to places of worship

For businesses of all levels, email marketing campaigns can be an effective way to connect with places of worship.

With email marketing costing less than mainstream marketing channels, it is a good place to start if you’re just starting out. Email marketing is inexpensive to start up, and you can send thousands of emails on a limited budget with a number of cost-effective tools available online.

Additionally, email marketing platforms offer templates and analytics tools that make it easy to get started. You can test subject lines, copy content, even the offer you want to send to your B2B email database and refine the campaign as you go.

For clients who lack the expertise or the capacity to handle their own campaigns, we provide outsourced email marketing services.

Telemarketing to places of worship

B2B telemarketing data gives your sales and marketing teams the insights they need to directly engage with prospects and save time qualifying leads. 

As the conversation flows, you can obtain valuable insight into what the prospect needs and how your product or service could help them. 

Prospects can ask questions and you can ease pain points personally, which helps build trust.

Our outsourced telemarketing services help you establish a stronger relationship with prospects if you don’t have the resources in house.

Selling to places of worship

Research from the Lake Institute on Faith & Giving in 2019 identified how churches manage their finances. The study found that after wages, churches spend the majority of their money maintaining building, spreading the message of the church, and doing community ministry.

Marketers can use this insight to approach religious institutions with their products and services. Churches and other organisations will search for businesses that match up with their stated mission and goals. Therefore, you should investigate the contacts on your places of worship list before you begin a direct marketing campaign.

Consider what the main objectives of your prospects are and tailor your marketing campaigns accordingly. Places of worship often have a high number of decision-makers and your product will need to impress the most of them.

Getting to know your contacts and using all of the marketing channels available to you will keep your business top of mind.

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Find out more about our database of places of worship 

With our comprehensive list of places of worship, you can easily contact relevant contacts within religious organisations across the United Kingdom.

You can trust that More Than Words’ data comes with the knowledge and experience of our in-house team of direct marketers to help you generate maximum investment returns.

Find out more about our list of places of worship by calling 0330 010 8300, or click here to email our marketing databases team.

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