The Benefits of White Papers

White papers are fact-packed, in-depth reports on specific topics that present a problem and provide a solution. So how do you bring that in line with your marketing strategy? It’s simple. Make you the solution.


You can write your whitepaper on virtually any subject, with the aim of educating your audience about a particular issue they may come across, or to explain or promote a particular methodology related to your field.


White papers are essentially handy problem-solving guides that your potential customers will come across while researching how they can tackle a specific problem they’re facing. So not only can you offer them information in their time of need, but gently nudge them towards your products or services at the same time.


Over two thirds of all marketers out there (more than 68 percent today) use white papers as a marketing tactic to promote their business, so why aren’t you?


White papers can:


Generate more leads


This is arguably the most popular benefit of creating a white paper. Since they contain so much educational content in a conversational and easy-to-read language, as well as powerful direct marketing reminiscent of a corporate brochure, white papers are renowned for their high conversion rates.


This can also be accredited to the fact that your average white paper isn’t directed at your everyday casual reader. If someone has sought out your white paper, taken the time to download it, and has read the entire document cover to cover, it’s likely they already had an interest in your industry or services.


Due to this, the primary objective of a white paper is to inform someone struggling to decide on an action at the final stage of their purchasing decision. Your specialist knowledge works as the final prompt towards them approaching you as the solution to their problems.


This wealth of information in your reports also helps you to build connections with your readers, who will then see you as the authority figure on the subject. That means they’re more likely to come to you when they have issues related to your field. This leads smoothly on to our next point.


Establish your brand image


White papers do so much more than just generate leads. They give you the opportunity to establish your brand as the authority figure on that particular topic; building your desired brand image.


An important step in branding your company is making sure customers think of you when they need help, and there’s no better way of doing this than showcasing your expertise on the topic.


At the end of your white paper, where you would usually place a salesy, persuasive call to action, you would simply include a short description of your company. That’s because the aim of a whitepaper is not to sell anything; it’s to establish you as a leader in your field that people want to approach.


Push marketing tactics will still have a place in your strategy, we’re sure. But the ability to also utilise different online tools which increase your brand awareness and strengthen your reputation as a specialist on top of your sales pitches will be the key to your overall marketing success.


In the absence of emotional, weighted sales pitches, you can instead establish a strong sense of authority in your whitepapers using logic.


There are a number of customers who do not respond well to being told what to do. White papers make readers feel as though they have come to the decision to work with you themselves – due to your impressive knowledge, reputation, and evident expertise in the subject – then you’ll have much more success in building a working relationship with them.


White papers should always be written with personality; accurately reflecting your brand voice and company culture. That’s how white papers help to establish brand trust and win over your customers.


Build up your mailing list


In the era of GDPR, B2C companies are finding it more and more difficult to generate lists of email addresses for their campaigns. Customers must now give their explicit consent before you’re able to market to them.


The great thing about white papers is, once you’ve established yourself as an expert in your field, it’s likely you’ll get a huge influx of sign-ups and opt-ins.


On top of this, you can also give away your white paper as a ‘free gift’ in exchange for a sign-up to your mailing list; meaning you generate a huge number of subscribers that are eager to get their hands on your specialist knowledge.


This method also works well for other behaviours you want to encourage in your audience, such as allowing them to download the white paper once they have liked you on Facebook, followed you on Twitter, or created an account on your site.


To make the most of your white paper, make sure the topics you cover are both relevant to the content of your blog and newsletters, as well as ensuring it contains something of value to your readers.


You’ll want to make sure your white paper is unique, containing high quality information that they can’t find anywhere else.


Let us help


Here at More Than Words, we’re huge advocates of using white papers to establish your company as the go-to expert for your field. It’s an organic way of showing potential customers that you really know what you’re talking about; gently nudging them towards a sale without them feeling like they’re being pitched to.


This subtlety is the reason it is so important that your white paper is professionally written. By outsourcing your white paper writing to a copywriting expert, you can ensure your document is completely objective; informing and not directly selling your company.


To find out more about our white paper writing services at More Than Words as well as how we input your extensive unique industry knowledge into all of the work we produce for you, talk to the team today.

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