How to write website copy & SEO

To run a successful business, you don’t have to be a skilful writer – but it certainly helps when writing your website. But you face two problems when attempting to write good web page copy: creating engaging content for your target audience and achieving good SEO.


Your web page could be great, but if it’s four pages deep into search engine results nobody can appreciate your company – simply because they won’t know about it. And whilst this problem can be fixed by writing for SEO it can be a difficult skill to master.


But before we tackle writing SEO, we need to cover the basics of writing good web copy. This article highlights key considerations when writing copy.


Simplicity is key


Your web visitors want information that is easy to digest so what does that mean for your web page? You should delete all ambiguous phrases, filler content and jargon.


Every time you are writing you should ask yourself “could a 13-year-old understand this”? Although it can be tempting to flaunt any special vocabulary you may have, there’s a place and time to do so and now it is not that time.


Your web visitors will be left confused when sentences are overly complex and words must be googled to be vaguely understood. However, the task of simplification shouldn’t be underestimated because it’s often more difficult than using jargon – especially when the writer works in the industry.


Place information in plain sight


Wouldn’t it be easier if life were simpler? While we can’t simplify life, we have all made our web reading experience easier by demanding information fast. Many readers will skim your page looking for the information they need – if they don’t see it in a matter of seconds they will exit your page.


Most readers look for a bullet point list or bold headlines to tell them what information is where. Nobody has the time or desire to read through an 800-word article to find one piece of information when another web page can tell them in a sentence.  


Writing for SEO


Great website copy with a SEO to match is crucial for the success of your business. But with the importance of an online presence increasing you don’t just have to write for your target audience – you need to appease Google.


But what does a search engine’s algorithm want from your writing?


Use primary keywords


If your business sells a jewellery, don’t hesitate to look up the associated key words and include them every chance you get. You should include keywords every chance you get but how do you know when it’s appropriate to include that specific word?


After including your keywords, you should read your writing back – if it sounds natural and flows well then you have successfully included keywords.


However, using the same keyword can quickly become boring for you to write and your audience to read. To combat repetitive and dull sentences use synonyms of the keyword and associated words.


By including several keywords on one webpage, search engines algorithms identify your web page as relevant to search terms and will make your website more accessible. Your company could gain more exposure as


Include links to key pages


Search engines love it when articles link to other relevant sources.


By including links to similar websites, you can align yourself with industry leaders and in turn build credibility.


Don’t write for search engines


You want your web page to be read by as many people as possible yet to do this you must crowd your text with keywords – an action that can significantly lower the quality of your content.


It doesn’t matter if Google likes your web page if too much SEO is turning potential customers away.


It’s a difficult scenario that many people find themselves stuck in. While the number of web visitors will increase so will the bounce rate as potential customers find the content unbearable to read.


Hire a copywriter


So how do you achieve the perfect ratio of writing for search engines and writing for clients? Sadly, there’s no generic formula you can adopt for your web copy – nothing can substitute for skilful writing.


Many people find writing website copy a long tedious process with an end result that they are unhappy with. But you don’t have to sacrifice hours of your time and energy for a mediocre result – just hire a copywriter.


We are a team of professional writers that have years of experience writing website copy for a range of different industries. Your company’s website could generate so many new leads but only if it’s written well with good SEO.


Don’t risk the future of your business – secure its bright future with our help.

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