Do you need an accurate, up-to-date UK marketing managers’ database and marketing directors’ database? Want to have the ability to email marketing managers direct to their inbox with information on your products and services?

For a limited period, we are promoting the UK Marketing Manager’s database at a special price for clients brand new to More Than Words.

Containing over 19,000 contact names with purchasing responsibility and influence, clients purchasing the product benefit from being able to contact them via the near 12,000 email addresses included in the package.

These decision makers have an annual budget of £21.6bn a year to spend promoting their products and services to their target audiences.

In addition to the data, our in-house creative artists and copy writers will design an email for transmission to the marketing managers on the database.

We’ll send the email on three separate occasions on your behalf from our trusted servers and we then send you a full report showing opens and clickthroughs three days later.

We explain how our email design and broadcasting service works later on this page describing the advantages to your company of letting us do the marketing for you.

Please call us to ask for our best price.

On this page, we:

  • introduce you to the person who will be overseeing your campaigns to marketing managers and directors
  • list the products and services most in demand from marketing managers and marketing directors
  • share with you what’s on the UK Marketing Managers’ Database and our current promotional offer
  • show how the database has been compiled to reflect the variety of marketing and sales channels
  • list the types of marketing managers and marketing directors you can target with our database and the products and services they buy
  • demonstrate how to describe your particular expertise to generate enquiries and revenue
  • show why telemarketing is often the most underused channel for pitching to marketing managers and directors
  • list the additional benefits clients receive when they purchase the UK Marketing Managers’ Database
  • list the top 50 job titles (and contact names with email addresses)
  • give you our contact details so that you can place an order with us.

What do marketing managers and directors buy?

Typical examples of the types of product and service launched to marketing managers and directors include:

  • accounting platform integrations,
  • advertising agency services,
  • audio production (podcasting),
  • B2B data (email, mailing, and telephone),
  • B2C mailing data,
  • backlink building services,
  • branding services (design, linguistics, packaging, and so on),
  • campaign planning services (including research and identification of target audiences and the best ways to engage with them),
  • compliance consulting (particularly for finance, investment, and insurance related firms),
  • content production for websites and lead generation funnels,
  • copy writing services (blog posts, articles, white papers, downloadables),
  • CRM integrations,
  • CRM suppliers,
  • data analytics services and software,
  • digital marketing consultancy services,
  • focus group interview services,
  • graphic design for web-based and non-web marketing materials,
  • market intelligence services (including telemarketing research),
  • marketing automation software,
  • marketing consultants (with specialisms on new trends),
  • media outreach (for guest posts and backlinks),
  • online market research platforms,
  • outdoor and out-of-home advertising,
  • printing services,
  • public relations services,
  • SEO and PPC management and consultancy,
  • social media marketing consultancy and content creation services,
  • software and software engineers,
  • telemarketing and telephone research services,
  • training for staff and management,
  • video production (for websites, social media campaigns),
  • web analytic platforms,
  • website building and content
  • website hosting and maintenance, and
  • workflow and productivity software.

A database which reflects the variety of marketing and sales channels

This is a database which truly reflects B2B and B2C marketing as it is today. The breadth of contacts and companies we have prepared for you provide you with selling opportunities in companies large and small.

Many of the firms on the database make use of more traditional outbound forms of promotion like email marketing, telephone marketing, and postal marketing. According to the DMA, outbound marketing is continuing to produce record returns, especially for email marketing, even in the era of GDPR. The demise of outbound marketing has been greatly exaggerated.

Companies using outdoor and out-of-home marketing are also well represented on the database. This market is experiencing both growth in the amount of space booked and disruption through the introduction of digital technology, dynamic messaging, and interactivity.

The fastest growing sector of advertising is online marketing. We are witnessing a growing trend for consumers and businesses to research products, services, and potential suppliers at the early part of the decision-making cycle. Consumers and company decision makers are now less inclined to call or email potential suppliers for fear of being pitched for the business.

This change in behaviour has led to the growth of lead generation funnels as brands realise they may have to be seen 13 or more times by their target audience before any engagement with a sales team takes place.

In my 20+ years in the industry, the growth of online advertising is, without doubt, the most profound change in the way that buyers discover sellers. This change is forcing companies to innovate and experiment with their marketing more than ever before.

We are seeing a land grab in which tens of thousands of companies are taking part where the goals are to:

  • achieve high search engine rankings,
  • build significant social media followings,
  • provide relevant, engaging, and actionable content that can be found easily to answer the questions clients ask about their products, services, and businesses, and
  • game PPC advertising to reduce cost-per-lead by focusing on longer-tail keywords (have you seen how much Google Ads charge for popular search terms?).

Not only are companies having to compete against each other but they’re also now competing against very intelligently run lead generation services who want to harvest sales enquiries and sell them on.

Your products and services can help companies and their agencies achieve more because of your knowledge, experience, and insight and it’s time to share that with this audience.

Who can you target with the marketing managers’ email database?

There are dozens of different types of marketing managers and marketing directors on the database. The nine most common types of contact you can get in touch with are:

  • general marketing leaders and heads within larger and smaller companies,
  • content marketers,
  • digital marketers,
  • brand marketers,
  • marcom,
  • email marketers,
  • marketing researchers,
  • social media marketers, and
  • product marketers.

General marketing leaders

“Generalist” marketers in charge of a department in a larger firm or responsible for marketing activity within smaller companies, will have, over time, gained both knowledge and/or experience in organising and running different types of marketing campaigns.

Within larger companies, the chief generalist is likely to be called a “marketing director” and, within smaller companies, a “marketing manager”.

Within larger companies

Many of the contacts on the UK Marketing Managers’ Database are responsible for their company’s entire range of marketing activities and in the appointment of colleagues and teams who run these activities. They will often work for larger companies and have titles like “Head of Marketing”, “Chief Marketing Officer”, or “Marketing Director”.

As well as overseeing the day to day running of their departments and holding meetings, they will also be expected to present reports to fellow board members detailing marketing spend, cost per lead, and other forms of key performance indicators. Part of their remit is to keep up to date with developments in marketing in general so that they can position their company and train their teams to take advantage of new routes to market and changes in strategy.

Among the many products and services that marketing department directors within larger firms are likely to invest are:

  • training for their marketing staff and for themselves,
  • compliance issues (particularly for finance, investment, and insurance related firms),
  • consultants with particular specialisms on new marketing trends,
  • software and software engineers to integrate marketing activities into a CRM system, and
  • software to increase the workflow and productivity of staff members.

Within smaller companies

With smaller firms on the database, the contacts will be either the sole person in charge of all online and offline promotional activity for their firm or they will run a very small team. On occasions, there will be overlap between the sales and marketing functions within these companies as senior management look to stretch their budget as far as possible.

The types of products and services that marketing managers within smaller companies will be likely to invest in are:

  • connected to enhanced personal and team productivity,
  • the production of content for websites and lead generation funnels,
  • copy writing and graphic design services,
  • website building, content, hosting, and maintenance,
  • general graphic design and printing services for non-web marketing materials,
  • social media platform management (sometimes including the creation of content),
  • video production,
  • SEO and PPC management,
  • and more.

Marketing managers are often under acute levels of pressure and their available outsourcing budget is likely to be limited for many activities. However, most marketing managers tend to stay with companies, contractors, and freelancers who they trust, who work to budget, and who deliver on time.

As the relationship develops, you will likely be able to increase the amount you charge them although this is not always the case.

Content marketers

Content marketers and marketing managers are in charge of the production of written, visual, and audio material for their company. Content marketers work to various different design & linguistic branding guidelines and they distribute their company’s content according to an internal release calendar.

Within many companies, the content marketing manager (or the person with the equivalent title) will be responsible for the creation of all content for the company. If they don’t distribute the content themselves, they will send the materials to digital marketing colleagues and social media marketing colleagues for dissemination.

Content marketers will either produce the content themselves or they will assign tasks to a small in-house team. Most content marketing departments however rely on contractors and freelancers to generate distributable content because of the inherent difficulties in managing internal copywriters and they will be allocated an outsourcing budget for doing so.

Content marketers’ budgets will be spent on the following services:

  • copy writing services (blog posts, articles, white papers, downloadables),
  • video production (for websites, social media campaigns),
  • web building, content, hosting, and maintenance,
  • audio production (podcasting),
  • digital marketing consultancy services,
  • social media marketing consultancy services,
  • campaign planning services (including research and identification of target audiences and the best ways to engage with them),
  • and more.

In our experience, most content marketers do not like creating content themselves. The biggest challenge you will face in marketing to them is to convince them to use you instead of their existing contractors and freelancers, particularly if you propose to charge more than they’re currently paying.

For smaller companies which don’t employ a content marketer, there is an opportunity to pitch content creation, management, and distribution as a whole.

Digital marketers

The domain of most digital marketers involves a mixture of the creation, distribution, and monitoring of marketing materials on the internet and via search engines and social media.

Digital marketers use data analysis in much of their decision making when devising marketing strategies and ordering content for individual sales channels. During the course of a particular campaign, tweaks to the distribution and the content may be made in an effort to improve results.

Because a lot of a digital marketer’s time is spent on analysis and campaign planning, they are likely to have a greater need for and a greater budget to spend on many of the same products and services mentioned in the section of this article covering content marketers, particularly if a company has no internal content marketing team.

They are also likely to spend money on:

  • SEO consultancy services
  • backlink building services
  • media outreach (for guest posts and backlinks)
  • web analytic platforms
  • CRM integrations
  • accounting platform integrations

For smaller companies which don’t employ a digital marketer and where their website lacks a blog, there is an opportunity to pitch both content creation, management, distribution, social media marketing, and pay-per-click marketing as a package.

Brand marketers

Pre-internet, a “brand” described the image and the personality of multi-national or national brands. The word has now been claimed by much smaller companies and, in addition to the image and personality of a business, it now also describes the values by which a company operates and the expectations that customers have of its products and services. Brand marketers help define an overall brand vision and a value proposition for their company.

Brand managers are responsible for planning all media and communications of a company offline, online, and via social media – they have a much wider remit than their digital marketing colleagues.

They are often involved in pricing decisions, product launches, and product development as well as being tasked with finding new business opportunities and new marketplaces. They analyse both their customers and competitors and feed information and insights on them back to the Head of Marketing and, often, the board itself.

If there is no specific digital marketing team within their business, they will likely purchase the same range of products and services as a digital marketing manager as well as:

  • public relations services
  • data analysis services
  • outdoor and out-of-home advertising
  • advertising agency services
  • marketing automation software
  • branding services (design, linguistics, packaging, and so on).

Smaller companies are unlikely to have a brand marketer and, in those cases, you should pitch your products or services instead to the marketing manager.


Marketing communications (or marcoms) managers and staff are responsible for reaching potential clients often through third party media including billboard advertising, radio, television, magazines, newspapers, and direct mail.

Marcoms is complex because a company is attempting to disseminate the same message (often through third parties who may spin that content for their own purposes) to disparate audiences to both extol the product and the company and to shorten the sales cycle through that exposure.

Much marcom activity is now being refocused to working with online destinations. This is because of the general switch in the preference of buyers to search online for information about a company and its products prior to contacting it or one of its resellers for specific details on a proposed purchase.

Telephone marketing and email marketing (particular for B2B companies) has enjoyed a renaissance in previous years too with average return on investments increasing across both channels.

Marcom managers will generally have notional budgets with each purchase being signed off by either a brand manager or head of marketing. Products and services in demand from marcom departments include:

  • public relations services
  • B2B email, mailing, and telephone data
  • B2C mailing data
  • advertising agency services
  • market intelligence services (including telemarketing research)
  • CRM suppliers
  • copywriting services
  • printing services
  • mailing house services

Email marketers

Over the next 10-15 years, much of the budget currently allocated to email marketing will likely be reallocated to inbound marketing and content marketing. However, for the foreseeable future, email marketing will continue play an important role in lead generation (B2B) and in customer retention through content marketing (both B2B and B2C).

Except for larger companies in the UK which tend to have an email marketing function in-house (with their own designers, copy writers, delivery platform, and data managers), email marketers are generally given annual budgets (spent over the course of 12 months) on:

  • B2B email databases (B2C email databases are almost never bought any more since the introduction of GDPR)
  • email delivery platforms
  • email design services
  • email copywriting services
  • services to integrate email campaign responsiveness with CRM software

Marketing researchers

The work done by marketing researchers provides the Head of Marketing and other marketing teams within a business with information on:

  • which customers are buying which products,
  • which products would be successfully cross-marketed to existing customers,
  • customer buying patterns,
  • customer demographics not currently being targeted who are likely to be receptive to new products and services,
  • and more

They do this by planning and implementing research campaigns and by a deep analysis of sales and engagement data. This information is then analysed both qualitatively and quantitatively to produce content and distribution strategies for future marketing campaigns.

Marketing research budgets are likely to be spent on:

  • online market research platforms,
  • data analytics software,
  • telemarketing and telephone research services, and
  • focus group interview services.

Social media marketers

Social media marketers promote brands, products, and services directly and via third parties (like influencers and brand advocates) on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and similar platforms.

Social media marketers generally work with the digital marketers and content marketers within their company when putting together engagement and lead generation campaigns for each of the major social media platforms individually.

How do they work together?

  • content marketers help social media marketers connect with more prospects and suspects by producing social media posts, white papers, and infographics while
  • digital marketers prepare landing pages to capture customer information and they run pay-per-click campaigns to target audiences. Digital marketers ask content marketers for blogs, articles, whitepapers, infographics, and other collateral so that, when a potential customer visits the company’s website, they can attempt to capture their information for the sale team to follow up.

Social media marketers’ main responsibility is to increase the size of the relevant audience engaging with their company as time goes on through a mixture of organic or non-organic (paid for) traffic.

The types of products and services social media marketing managers are likely to purchase if they don’t have the support of a content marketing or digital marketing team are:

  • copywriting services (blog posts, articles, white papers, downloadables),
  • graphic design for web-based marketing materials,
  • media outreach (for guest posts and backlinks), and
  • PPC management and consultancy.

Product marketers

Product marketers are responsible for taking a brand new product to the market by presenting it to the intended audience and by providing the product with the desired strategic messaging and positioning (often but not always to separate it from other competing products on the market).

Product marketers are involved in the assessment of a new product during development for its suitability with the target marketplace and its existing core audience in general. They’re looking for desirable points of differentiation which can be used to promote the product.

They are the “voice of the customer” in the development and launch phases – for example, many product marketers are involved in the pricing.

The focus with product marketing is the driving of demand and the most rapid adoption of a product among its intended audience. Much of this focus may be on revenue generation from existing customers who are familiar with and loyal to the brand.

Product marketers often use many of the same marketing channels are their colleagues in marcom, social media, marketing research, and digital marketing but often operate as a separate team.

How to demonstrate your expertise to generate enquiries and revenues

When advertising to the marketing managers and directors on our database, what should you include in your communications to them?

For the larger companies on the database, it’s more important to demonstrate not only your abilities to deliver your services well but that your services can slot into an established team. You should show that what you do stops blockages in the production of content or in the processes required to distribute marketing materials.

For smaller companies, their demands on your business are likely to be much higher because they have far less people and far lower budgets to achieve their targets. They are likely to be less advanced in terms of technological deployment of marketing and in available capacity to produce written, graphical, or video content. You need to let them know not just the core strengths of your product or service but the additional ways in which your product or service can help them (most likely in ways they don’t even realise yet).

Marketing is one of the hardest professional services jobs. It takes years to learn how to do it well and that’s against a background of constant technical innovation and changing business and consumer tastes.

You need to demonstrate:

  • empathy with their pain points (what makes their job difficult and frustration),
  • an understanding of how difficult it is for them to achieve their targets, and
  • explain to them quickly, succinctly, and in plain English what you do and how it can help them

Testimonials work well for all companies – particularly larger ones. For creative companies, have as many samples as ready as possible to send clients – better still, put your creative team on standby to create bespoke samples for every enquiry.

For more analytical and data-driven marketing activities, have ready case studies on how your service has helped other companies better decipher their data to produce results which yielded better engagement and returns.

Additional services with the UK Marketing Managers’ Database

Inclusive email design

With your purchase of the UK Marketing Managers’ Database, you receive an inclusive email design to send to the clients you wish to target. Your email is composed by our in-house copywriters and realised by our in-house designers.

The copy in your email will demonstrate clearly and strongly the value that you deliver to clients. Writing a compelling subject line is of high importance in persuading recipients to open your email.

When they’re reading your email, the product or service you offer must be understandable immediately because the given value of an email to a recipient is determined by them in as little as 2-8 seconds. A strong headline, punchy copy, intelligent use of sub-headlines, and a clear offer must be made within this constrained time period.

Our preference is to design elegant and minimalist emails to reduce loading time and to not distract recipients’ attention from the main message you’re conveying. We will, of course, use your logo, your colours, and (if technically possible) your font.

Your email will be designed in HTML5 to ensure that it displays correctly on whichever device it’s opened – desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Three inclusive email broadcasts

Once you have signed off your design, we’ll send three email broadcast to the recipients you want to connect with as part of our B2B email marketing campaigns service.

We’ll send the emails on the days and at the times of your choosing from our established distribution network. The servers through which we send your emails have been operational for years and they have built up a high trust score meaning that far more of your emails actually get through to receipients’ inboxes.

Whenever a recipient opens your email and clicks through to your website, we’ll inform you within an hour (excepting any technical issues at our end) of who has interacted with you – their name, their company, their job title, and their contact details.

Three days after the broadcast has been sent, we’ll send you a full report of the activity generated by your campaign – opens, clickthroughs, and unsubscribes. For recipients who have opened or clicked through, we’ll show you how many times they have done so.

Other More Than Words clients who have contacted the receipients who have opened and clicked through the most have generally found that those companies and decision-makers have a clear and immediate interest in wanting to proceed to purchase.

Back-up support services after-sales

When you purchase the UK Marketing Managers’ Database, we’re keen for you to use it as much as possible during the 12 month license (subject to a maximum of 1 email campaign a month).

To assist you, we provide clients with free technical support on using the database. If you are unsure about how to use databases or on how to manipulate them to break the database off into different sectors for different campaigns, please get in touch with us during office hours and we’ll walk you through how to do it on the phone. Any questions you have of a technical nature, please call or email us.

Our advertising team are also available for you – designers, copy writers, and campaign planners as well as your own account manager. Please feel free to call us to discuss any ideas you have about campaigns you want to carry out to marketing managers and marketing directors. Send us over any material you’ve produced and, normally within 24 hours, we’ll email you with feedback.

Have you considered telemarketing to contact marketing managers and marketing directors?

As with other types of marketing you currently carry out to sell your product or service, most of the actual deals you do as a result of using the UK Marketing Managers’ Database will be closed on the phone or in person.

Although our telemarketing services are not part of the UK Marketing Managers’ Database, ask us about our lead generation and appointment making service. Alternatively, if you have a target audience in mind and you’d benefit from having them answer a few questions, let us know what you want us to ask them and we’ll do it for you.

UK Marketing Managers’ Database (inc Marketing Directors) 2022 – our offer

Please call now for our best promotional price on the UK Marketing Managers’ Database which includes:

  • 19,114 marketing manager and marketing director contact names
  • 11,919 marketing manager and marketing director email addresses
  • 3 inclusive email campaigns
  • full reporting on your marketing manager email campaigns
  • technical and advertising support
  • 12 months’ data usage

Our list of marketing managers (incorporating the latest list of marketing directors) contains over 19,000 contact names with job titles, 12,000 of which have email addresses.

If you’d like a full list of all job titles available, please get in touch with us and we’ll send you an Excel spreadsheet with all job titles contained on it.

Contact Job Title Total Contact Job Title with email addresses Total
Marketing Manager 10,606 Marketing Manager 6,374
Marketing Director 2,083 Marketing Director 1,266
Sales & Marketing Manager 1,774 Sales & Marketing Manager 1,163
Sales & Marketing Director 1,041 Sales & Marketing Director 736
Head of Marketing 1,003 Head of Marketing 636
Digital Marketing Manager 226 Digital Marketing Manager 157
Senior Marketing Manager 118 Senior Marketing Manager 71
Sales And Marketing Manager 98 Group Marketing Manager 66
Group Marketing Manager 95 Sales And Marketing Manager 60
Sales And Marketing Director 65 Product Marketing Manager 46
Product Marketing Manager 62 Sales And Marketing Director 44
Group Marketing Director 43 Group Marketing Director 27
PR & Marketing Manager 41 PR & Marketing Manager 27
Online Marketing Manager 34 UK Marketing Manager 25
UK Marketing Manager 33 Global Marketing Manager 22
Head of Marketing And Communications 32 Online Marketing Manager 22
Head of Marketing & Communications 28 Head of Marketing And Communications 21
Global Marketing Manager 27 Trade Marketing Manager 21
Head of Marketing & Sales 27 Head of Marketing & Sales 17
Assistant Marketing Manager 24 Direct Marketing Manager 15
Trade Marketing Manager 22 IT & Marketing Manager 14
Direct Marketing Manager 21 Brand Marketing Manager 13
Regional Marketing Manager 20 Assistant Marketing Manager 13
Brand Marketing Manager 18 Interim Marketing Manager 13
IT & Marketing Manager 18 Regional Marketing Manager 13
International Marketing Manager 17 Head of Marketing & Communications 12
Commercial Marketing Manager 16 Email Marketing Manager 11
Head of Marketing & Communications 16 Commercial Marketing Manager 11
Telemarketing Manager 15 Head of Marketing & Communications 11
Senior Digital Marketing Manager 13 Telemarketing Manager 10
Interim Marketing Manager 13 International Marketing Manager 10
Retail Marketing Manager 13 Group Head of Marketing 9
Group Head of Marketing 12 Retail Marketing Manager 9
Communications & Marketing Manager 11 Senior Digital Marketing Manager 8
Email Marketing Manager 11 Business & Marketing Manager 7
Customer Marketing Manager 11 Channel Marketing Manager 7
Events And Marketing Manager 11 Events & Marketing Manager 7
Communications And Marketing Manager 11 Communications & Marketing Manager 7
Content Marketing Manager 11 UK Marketing Director 7
Digital Marketing Director 11 Corporate Marketing Manager 7
Business Development & Marketing Manager 10 Digital Marketing Director 7
Events & Marketing Manager 10 Global Head of Marketing 7
UK Marketing Director 10 Category Marketing Manager 6
Business Development & Marketing Manager 9 Finance & Marketing Manager 6
Finance & Marketing Manager 9 Head of Marketing & Comms 6
PR And Marketing Manager 8 Global Marketing Director 6
Global Marketing Director 8 Customer Marketing Manager 6
Channel Marketing Manager 8 Finance & Marketing Director 6
Business & Marketing Manager 8 Head of Marketing & Events 6
Other job titles (952 titles) 952 Other job titles (656 titles) 657
Total 19,114 Total 11,919

Additional information contained on each record

The following fields are included with each record containing a marketing manager or director:

  • address (including town, county, and postcode)
  • phone (generally the central office or branch number)
  • employees (on site and nationally)
  • company registration number (if applicable and incorporation date)
  • turnover band
  • company net worth
  • profitable or loss-making
  • profit percent change
  • sales volume increase or decrease
  • website
  • premise type description
  • branch count

Not all fields are populated. There may be a general lack of information on some fields across most of the database. Please contact us to ask about coverage on any of the above fields if they are of particular importance to your marketing activities.

How to order your copy

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How to order our UK Marketing Managers' Database

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