Our experienced call centre team are able to handle all the telemarketing jobs you throw at them.

Whether it’s deftly sidestepping a gatekeeper to get through to speak to a potential highly valuable client about a complex product or service you’re selling or you want them to collect information from prospects in person that you’ll use your future marketing campaigns to build a sales pipeline over the coming 12 to 24 months, we have the talent you need here at More Than Words.

We specialise in B2B sales – we’ll introduce what you sell in an open, confident, honest, and persuasive way to the decision makers in the private sector you choose.

And it’s not just business to business marketing campaigns we run for our clients – we can promote you direct to decision makers within schools, hospitals, councils, and the rest of the public sector.

If you have your own consumer database, we can run B2C campaigns to that too.

Whether it’s appointment setting, lead generation, market research, or updating your client and prospect databases with the latest information, we’d appreciate the opportunity to introduce our services to you.

To find out more about what our B2B telemarketing agency services can offer your business, please call 0330 010 3495 or you can send us an enquiry by clicking here to email us.

Telemarketing for London

3,000,000+ business DMs
DMs within 50,000 schools
250,000 public sector DMs
Lead gen/appointment booking
Market research services
No set-up fees, no contract
To find out more about our telemarketing services for London companies, please fill in the box on the right or call us on:
0330 010 3495
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    To speak with an account manager about our telemarketing services for London companies, call
    0330 010 3495
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    What results do you want from your telemarketing campaign?

    Are you looking for new business opportunities with your telemarketing campaign? Do you want your telemarketing campaign to be part business development, part database cleansing?

    Most of the telemarketing jobs we work on for clients include one or more of the following solutions – appointment setting, lead generation, market research, database cleansing, and asking clients and prospects to come to an event or exhibition you’re attending or hosting.

    1. Appointment setting

    Our telemarketing agents will set up meetings for your sales representatives on specific dates and times. If you give us access to your reps’ diaries, our call centre team can add appointments to their schedule in real time.

    Our appointment setting team have considerable experience in not just booking meetings with clients but providing your reps with the information they need to close the sale.

    When you speak with one of our account managers, we’ll create a form for our agents to fill in when they’re live on the call with the prospect containing the answers to the questions you need prior to seeing potential clients.

    2. Lead generation

    Like most B2B telemarketing companies, lead generation is our second most popular business development service.

    Instead of booking meetings with clients, we engage in a full two-way conversation with company decision makers to try to identify immediate and future sales opportunities for your team. As with our lead generation service, our telemarketing staff ask the potential customers we’re speaking with the questions you need to be answered on your behalf.

    If our telemarketing agent believes that a lead they have generated needs immediate attention from one of your sales reps, we’ll let you know straight away.

    3. Market research

    Market research is also one of the most popular telemarketing jobs we’re asked to undertake by London businesses.

    The types of companies using it the most are often companies which want a better idea of their competition in the sector they operate in. How many clients do their competitors have? How long are their clients been tied up in contracts for? How much are these clients paying to their competitors?

    For the markets you operate in, you get a better idea of how your products, services, solutions, and pricing fit in the marketplace as well as an indication of the level of awareness about your company among potential customers .

    Other business use the services of telemarketing companies to scope out potential new markets for them – to find out if there is demand for their products, services, and solutions among businesses in sectors they’ve never approached before. If that’s what you need from us, please let us know.

    4. Database cleansing

    Arguably the two most valuable IP assets within your business are your client and prospect databases. By working these databases properly, some companies manage to achieve 50% of more of their turnover from clients who have either bought from them before or who have made previous enquiries.
    Key to successful exploitation of these databases is accuracy. While you may choose data cleansing services to achieve the highest level of accuracy, telemarketing is better if you want more depth to your marketing information.

    You can only use telemarketing to check to see that the name, job title, postal address, email address, and more that you have on file is correct.

    And you can piggyback onto it market research to find out more about each business and its individual needs when our reps are on the phone to decision makers on your behalf.

    We can even add the social media handles of the companies and individuals you’re trying to sell to.

    5. Event and exhibition invitation

    Are you hosting or have you taken out a stand at an exhibition or event?

    We contact your existing customers and prospects on your behalf as well as sourcing data for decision makers from other companies and organisation who you’d like to attend.

    Finding the clients you need to target

    Our telemarketing team are keen to run appointment setting, lead generation, or market research campaigns to your existing clients and prospects. But what if you want us to speak to the clients for which you have no contact data?

    In addition to offering outsourced B2B telemarketing, we’re also an established data owner and data broker. This means that, in nearly all cases, we’re able to source any additional data for use on your telemarketing campaign.

    The three telemarketing databases we hold

    We hold the following three telemarketing databases:

    Telemarketing for London

    3,000,000+ business DMs
    DMs within 50,000 schools
    250,000 public sector DMs
    Lead gen/appointment booking
    Market research services
    No set-up fees, no contract
    To find out more about our telemarketing services for London companies, please fill in the box on the right or call us on:
    0330 010 3495
    or you can click here to email us

      Leave an enquiry
      Send us your details and we'll email or call you back.
      To send us a message with your enquiry, please use the form at the bottom of this page
      To speak with an account manager about our telemarketing services for London companies, call
      0330 010 3495
      or you can click here to email us

      Choosing the type of businesses and organisations you’re targeting

      From our three telemarketing databases, you can choose just the businesses and organisation you wish to target in London and around the UK.

      For our list of companies, you can choose targets by line of business, geographical location, company size (turnover, number of staff, number of branches, and so on) and many other factors.

      For schools, you can select by area, type of school, number of pupils, and up to 100 different additional qualifying criteria.

      From our public sector list, you can choose to contact decision makers from up to seven levels of seniority differentiated by their purchasing responsibilities.

      Which decision maker do you need to get in touch with?

      As well as the senior decision maker within businesses, we hold contact information on the following: engineering buyers, facilities managers, finance directors, fleet managers, human resources contacts, marketing managers and directors, operations managers and directors, sales managers and directors, and telecoms managers.

      With schools, you can choose head teacher, deputy head teacher, school business manager, facilities managers, heads of year, heads of subject, and more.

      For public sector campaigns, we have records of decision makers at up to seven different levels of seniority. As nearly all public sector organisations have unique decision making structures and job titles, individuals are identified by their area of purchasing responsibility.

      Do you work on B2C campaigns?

      We are a B2B telemarketing specialist however we do occasionally work on B2C campaigns.

      Your London telemarketing team

      There will be at least five members of staff working on your B2B telemarketing campaign – your account manager, the script writer, the manager, the agent(s), and the data engineer.

      Account manager

      Your account manager is the person within More Than Words responsible for your experience with us. It’s their job to make sure that timetables and targets are hit and that your enquiries are dealt with quickly and to your satisfaction.

      They’re also the person with whom you agree the purposes and the goals of the campaign and they’re responsible for sharing those purposes and goals with the rest of the team working on your behalf.

      Telesales script writer

      Although the goal of our telemarketing campaigns is to open two-way and meaningful conversations with the decision makers we contact, the telesales script writer is there to help your rep with their opening, closing, and objection handles (the questions that a prospective client may come up with during a call).

      As with all sales and marketing presentations, we have a better chance of obtaining the result you want on a scripted and structured call where the telemarketer both answers the client’s questions while leading the conversation. Prior to the first call being made, you’ll be asked to review and amend the telesales script until you’re happy to sign it off.

      Telemarketing manager

      Once your telesales script and structure has been signed off, the telemarketing manager on your campaign is then responsible for understanding the result they’ve been tasked to achieve and for training your telemarketing agent on your company and its products and services.

      When the campaign is live, they provide ongoing motivation and training to your telesales rep(s) including incentivisation of their performance to improve overall campaign results.

      Telemarketing rep(s)

      One or more telemarketing reps will work on your campaign. We’ll select the telesales rep(s) based on their experience in pitching the markets you want to approach and the types of products or services you wish to sell.

      We strongly encourage clients to speak with their telemarketing rep prior to the start of the campaign so that, if they have any questions when the campaign is live, they feel comfortable to approach you directly.

      Data engineer

      Your data engineer is there to make sure that you can access your online spreadsheet at all times as well as the telemarketing manager and rep. If you need help logging in or downloading either the spreadsheets or calls made on your behalf, please contact your data engineer.

      London telemarketing FAQ

      Does telemarketing still work?

      B2B telemarketing is an option which has increasingly found favour among London companies in the past five years. While content and online marketing does work, many company owners consider waiting for potential clients to contact them to be too passive – they prefer to take the lead instead.

      Direct marketing, specifically telemarketing campaigns, email marketing campaigns, and direct mail marketing, are proactive solutions to lead generation and appointment setting. They allow you to take much greater control over the sales process and they are very effective in finding and winning new business.

      What companies use telemarketing?

      Many companies in London use telemarketing to find new business. While many firms have their own in-house agents, most companies use telemarketing companies like More Than Words to do the work for them.

      Among the B2B companies using telemarketing companies for lead generation, appointment setting, and market research include cybersecurity companies, subscription HR services, business travel agencies, financial services providers, accountants, food and drink distributors, and more.

      Do you have the email address of company owners on your database?

      Yes. We hold the following three email databases:

      Combining email marketing with telemarketing can lead to significantly better results and a higher number of leads from a campaign. If you’re interested in exploring the option of using our combined email and telephone marketing service, please let us know when you get in touch.

      Which are the major telemarketing companies covering London?

      There are many major telemarketing companies covering the London in addition to More Than Words including PPitch, The Lead Generation Company, DealReach, and Hug Telemarketing.

      Whichever telephone marketing agency you approach first, you should ask for quotes from a number of different service providers to compare them on the price of their campaigns and the experience of their telesales representatives.

      Do you offer telephone answering services to clients?

      No – we are not suppliers of B2B telephone answering services. If you’re looking for a companies to answer the phone on your behalf, please click here for a search of London telephone answering services providers.

      Choosing More Than Words as your telemarketing agency

      In today’s digital world, making a real connection with your advertising is difficult. Telemarketing offers your business the opportunity to start a two-way relationship with target decision makers over the phone.

      Let us be the voice of your business. Let our telemarketing agents start the conversation and then let your sales team turn these conversations into new business.

      Get in touch with us. Let us know more about your company, the products and services you sell, and the types of business or organisation you sell to. We’ll then present you with a list of campaign options best placed to deliver you the result you want.

      To speak with one of our account managers about finding new sales opportunities for your business, please call us 0330 010 3495 or you can send us an enquiry by clicking here to email our telemarketing team for help.

      Call 0330 010 3495

      Telemarketing for London companies

      To find out more, please call us on 0330 010 8300, click here to email us, or fill in the form and we’ll get back to you.