Is B2B telemarketing still a successful route to market for UK accountancy firms? Yes and it’s become more so in recent years as client perceptions of their accountants have changed.

How is the accountancy industry viewed by clients now and why is it different than before?

Clients today feel more distant from their accountant than ever before and the primary reason for that is software packages like Xero and QuickBooks. They’re very clever and useful services but their mass adoption has meant that accountants have essentially outsourced bookkeeping duties to the clients. Accountants just don’t stay in touch like they used to and customers don’t like that.

Clients feel that they’re missing a human connection with their accountant and accountancy firm.

So much so that 36% of clients want to leave their current accountant. Why is that?

It’s because clients feel that their accountant has forgotten about them. Their accountant takes too long to get back in touch with them, they’re confused by their bookkeeping package and no-one’s trying to help, and why is it that accountants only log in the bookkeeping package they’ve sold to clients two months before CT600 and Companies House submission dates? They need longer to raise the money they need to pay HMRC than that!

If your accountancy firm is better than the rest and you’re really on the side of your clients, this is an opportunity for you to increase your customer base, grow your revenues, and sell on higher-value services.

If we were working with your accountancy practice as your telemarketing partner, how would we use that part of your marketing budget that you kindly spent with us?

Making B2B telemarketing for accountants work

On any telemarketing campaign, we’re only interested in producing the type of outcomes you want. To make sure that’s exactly what we provide you with, we ask you the following questions.

What do you want your campaigns to achieve?

Is it that…

  • you want to sign up new clients?
  • you want to sell more specialist services to your existing customer base like inheritance planning, R&D tax credit and patent box consultancy, and more?
  • the state of some your clients’ books so bad and you want to get in touch with them to sell them additional on-site or remote human bookkeeping services?
  • you are concerned that you’re not in regular enough contact with your existing customers and do you want them to know that you still want their business?

Or is it a mixture of two or more of these points?

Do you want brand new business?

If you do, that’s fine. The main reason accountancy firms partner with telemarketing companies is to increase the monthly income paid to them by increasing the number of clients they serve.

Let us know about the types of company you want to target – company structure, line of business, size (turnover/number of employees/number of branches) and we’ll find these companies on our own UK B2B telemarketing data (we have over 3,000,000 businesses on file).

Do you want our telemarketers to generate leads and book appointments for your?

When accountants work with telemarketing companies like More Than Words, they’re either interested in:

  • lead generation – we speak to existing/potential customers to determine the level of interest in a service you wish to offer and then pass that back to you to follow up with full notes
  • appointment setting – as with lead generation but, when our telemarketing team are on the phone to your existing/potential customers, we book meetings at set dates and times for you to meet at your office, the client’s premises, or via phone or video call.

Not sure which is the best approach for you to take to get the deal? Speak to one of our account managers, tell them what you want from the campaign, and they’ll let you know what they believe is likely to get you the return you’re after.

We have ways of making a potential or existing client talk

If all we did when our team members were on the phone to a client was generate leads or book appointments, we’d be missing a trick and we’d be making it harder for you to maximise your return on investment.

For many people we speak to, they still may be tied in to a contract with their existing accountancy practice. We’ll note down which firm they’re using, whether they’re happy or not, and when they’ll come out of contract. That’s perfect for follow-ups.

And give us a list of questions for our telemarketers to ask when they’re on the phone. We’re on the phone to these companies anyway so why not use the time as productively as possible to find out the information you want to know.

Worried at the idea of using cold calling?

Don’t worry about cold calling – with respect, no-one else does. In the way that some people don’t like to receive email marketing and other people dislike postal marketing, there’s always going to be a proportion of the market you’re targeting which doesn’t respond to cold calling.

In our experience, people want to talk, especially the people who are fed up with their current accountancy practice. They want to tell their story and they want to find a firm of accountants who they feel actually want their business.

There are far more of these people than you might realise and our telemarketers have the skills, knowledge, and conversational techniques required to reflect back clients’ experiences at them in such a way as to give them enough reason to book meetings with you and your colleagues.

A track record of success and a talent for generating ROI

More Than Words’ team have worked with hundreds of UK accountancy practices over the last ten years helping them to find new clients and to promote their services. Our lead generation and appointment setting skills have produced a return on investment for the accountants and accountancy firms who have worked with our telemarketers.

Make us your telemarketing partner as you increase both your revenues and your client base.

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More Than Words note – telemarketing is just one of the many services we offer to accountants. Check out our marketing for accountants section on our sister website – we offer a variety of options from copywriting to blogging to search engine optimisation. Each marketing strategy we provide has its own page so please do read up on what you’re interested in and then give us a call.

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