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Our telemarketing to the public sector service

We offer five types of telemarketing to the public sector for our clients:

  1. Face-to-face appointment booking with public sector decision makers and influencers
  2. Lead generation for your sales and marketing team to follow up
  3. Market research – discovering exactly who the right buyers and influencers are within each organisation and finding out the scope and the size of any forthcoming projects and tenders
  4. Promotion of events you’re attending or hosting
  5. Database cleansing and enhancement – updating your current customer and prospect database with the latest buyer/influencer and contact information

What are your goals for the campaign?

Our core service aim is to deliver as much value to each client as possible.

The best way of doing this is to thoroughly understand what your commercial objectives are for your campaign.

The more information you give us and the more you explain what you want, the better we will be at:

  • identifying the type of genuine buying opportunities you’re seeking and
  • gathering information for your prospecting database which your sales and marketing teams will find the most useful.

Who will we be contacting for you?

For the data used on the campaign, we can either:

  • purchase a list of decision makers and/or influencers from a trusted third party source and/or
  • work from any existing client/prospect list you already have.

If we’re cold calling for you and we need to buy the data in, you can choose who we contact on your behalf based upon their seniority and upon the departments and organisations they have purchasing responsibility for.

We have access to the telephone contact details of budget-holding decision makers in:

  • Care Homes
  • Central Government
  • Dentists
  • Further and Higher Education
  • Housing Associations
  • Local Government
  • MP’s and Lords
  • NHS
  • Parish Councils

Once we have identified the decision makers and influencers most likely to purchase your products and services, we’ll run a count to find out exactly how many numbers we have.

We’ll report back to you within 24 hours with the number of contacts we have found matching your requirements.

We advice you to carefully examine what we send you over with a view to deleting the types of contacts of least commercial value to you.

By doing that, this increases the potential value to you of every call we make as well as reducing the cost of our service.

If we are warm calling on your behalf to a client/prospect list, we’ll need you to send that database over to us.

More Than Words dictionary – your “prospect” list is your database of the decision makers who have previously in touch with you but where no purchase has yet been made.

We’re happy to sign an NDA if required.

Your telemarketing campaign team

Prior to your campaign starting, you’ll deal with one of our experienced telesales script writers to:

  • create an opening to the call which elicits interest and curiosity in your products and services,
  • successfully handle the questions which prospects are likely to have about your company and its products and services (sometimes called “objection handling”), and
  • build a successful closing strategy to each call so that we have the best chance of delivering the outcome you want.

When you have signed off your telesales script, the manager overseeing your campaign will train the telemarketing representative who will be making calls for you.

We always encourage you to speak with your telemarketer before the campaign goes live so that:

  • you can get to know them and
  • they can ask you for more information about your products and services and the value they deliver to public sector clients.

Booking calling hours

We offer telemarketing campaigns to the public sector to clients by the hour subject to a minimum order of 40 hours.

There are no set up fees with our service.

Following payment for the service, we confirm the dates and the hours on which your telemarketer will be calling the public sector decision makers you’re targeting.

When your campaign is underway

After training has been completed and we have started calling for you, you’ll be able to track the campaign in real time via Google Spreadsheets.

We’ll notify you when we’ve spoken to someone and we perceive a strong benefit to you in your following up immediately.

Find out more

To find out more, please speak with one of our account managers on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us at

When speaking with us, you may also want to ask about our public sector email addresses database or our managed email marketing campaigns to the public sector.

Telemarketing to the public sector – how our service works

How UK companies benefit from a well-run, thoroughly-researched telemarketing campaign to the public sector

Telephone marketing to the public sector gives your business and your sales team a strong chance of:

  • building meaningful relationships with relevant decision-makers and influencers who have purchasing responsibility for the products and services you sell and
  • successfully competing for tenders and ad-hoc orders from central government, local government, the NHS, Housing Authorities, and more.

As is common in all organisations with complex decision-making processes where high order values are involved, those in charge of or having influence over purchasing within a public sector organisation must undertake a number of steps before deciding to proceed with a supplier.

The better these decision-makers and influencers know your company and its capabilities, the greater your company’s chance of winning the work.

This is especially important when decisions on how public money is spent are being made.

For many companies, it can be difficult knowing;

  • exactly who the decision-makers and the influencers are within an organisation and
  • which roles they play in the process for purchasing your goods and services.

Our telemarketing team have extensive experience in friendly and effective telephone-based outreach to public sector organisations.

They are experienced in knowing how to find out the pertinent information you need on the people you need to connect with to make a sale.

Telemarketing to the public sector offers your business the opportunity to establish a personal relationship between your company and the decision-makers and influencers and to then build upon it.

Using telemarketing to the public sector successfully

Appointment setting

Most public sector decision makers (including those with purchasing responsibility and those who influence purchasing decisions) like to find out as much about a potential supplier as possible first.

Use our telemarketing service to book appointments with the budget holders who need to understand most;

  • the quality and the efficacy of the products and services your company offers and
  • the value your company delivers to its public sector clients.

Lead generation

Not all public sector purchasing decisions go out to tender and a large number of purchases are made by requisition.

These purchases are often for less than £100,000 and for specific types of products and services.

A telemarketing campaign gives your company the opportunity to:

  • present your products or services to key decision makers and influencers and
  • discover an organisation’s likely expenditure on the types of products and services you offer for the coming 12-24 months.

Market research

The process of decision-making in the public sector is complex.

Use telemarketing to find out:

  • who the key decision makers and influencers are,
  • what their current procurement arrangements are and when their current supply contract ends, and
  • what their procurement plans are for the next 12-24 months.

With this detailed information, you ensure that your future marketing activities:

  • are correctly and precisely targeted and
  • address the known current and future needs of the organisations you’re targeting.

Event promotion

Hiring a stand at a trade show and exhibition is a successful way of:

  • demonstrating your products and services to an interested audience and
  • building company credibility in the minds of public sector decision makers and influencers.

Let us promote the exhibition you’re appearing at or the event you’re hosting.

We’ll call the targets you have selected to issue a personal invitation to them on your behalf to visit your stand.

Data enhancement

We have access to the contact details of over 260,000 officials, managers, executive, and elected representatives.

Your telemarketing campaign will allow you to:

  • check that the contact details you have for the decision makers and influencers you’re targeting are correct and
  • enquire about forthcoming tenders, ad-hoc purchases, current supply arrangements, and more.

How to generate enquiries and leads when telemarketing to the public sector

Many of the other companies competing against you to win public sector work will likely already be using telemarketing to reach out to decision-makers and influencers.

They understand the value of personal contact with decision-makers and influencers in the public sector.

They have already benefited from the advantages that this personal contact brings as the time to choose a supplier approaches.

They’ll either have their own telemarketing team in-house or they’ll be using a service like More Than Words’ to do the work for them.

While speaking to decision-makers and influencers does not guarantee you will win a contract, we believe that it’s absolutely true to say that decision makers and influences are more minded to work with suppliers who have made the extra effort to get to know them and their organisation’s needs.

After all, they are spending public money and a wrong decision could jeopardise a career.

Our telemarketers have run successful campaigns to targets across the public sector including chief executives, parish councillors, facilities managers, and more promoting a wide range of products and services.

Let one of our experienced, professional, and highly personable telemarketing representatives begin these important conversations on your behalf.

Getting started with telemarketing to the public sector

We’re open during office hours between Monday and Friday.

Please call us, email us, or fill out the contact form and let us know the types of public sector organisation you work with, the products and services you sell, and what you want your business to achieve in the next 12 months.

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