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Is your business taking advantage of the digital revolution? The rise of social media has given your company the perfect opportunity to reach your customers wherever they may be; establishing your online presence, boosting your customer service experience, and driving brand loyalty with every post.


It is estimated that in 2019 there will be around 2.77 billion social media users around the globe, meaning the value of social networking for businesses is ever increasing.


Rather than hoping a customer comes across your ad in a magazine or calls your hotline to find out more you can deliver engaging and informative marketing messages right into the palm of their hands.


Why is social media so crucial for entrepreneurial success?


Your business’s social media accounts are your direct line to your customer base. You know your target audience is online and social media platforms are the perfect place to do your networking.


Not only can you win over new customers by leading them to your site from your posts but you can also engage with customer queries in real-time. This helps establish your business as a customer champion; encouraging your fanbase to interact with you and know they can rely on your response.


So what can social media do for you?


Increase brand visibility and brand loyalty


Being active on social media ensures your company name is always popping up in your customers’ news feeds. With regular posts and engaging content in your house style you make your business known. Over time your followers will be able to instantly recognise your content as your brand becomes a familiar face on their screen.


Over 91% of marketers say that just a few hours of social marketing efforts significantly increased their brand visibility and heightened user experience for their customers. Once your social media presence is established your customers will find it much easier to find and connect with your business.


This has a huge domino effect on the entire relationship; more interactions lead to increased trust and loyalty in your company which results in improved customer retention.


Customer satisfaction and brand loyalty go hand in hand, so establishing your brand on social media will likely lead to more happy customers (who may then even post about you and share your content themselves).


Start a conversation


Social media marketing offers so much more than traditional advertising for one key reason; it uses two way interaction.


Gone are the days of trying to guess what your customers are thinking. As is often the case on social media – you can guarantee they’ll let you know if they’re unhappy with something! This is bound to happen whether you’re there to address it or not.


Getting your business on social media means you can see to negative customer experiences yourself head on; improving your service accordingly, repairing your relationship with the individual customer, and protecting your overall reputation.


You can also use your social media as a sounding board for new ideas, hear what your customers are asking for, and keep your fanbase up to date on all changes in your business.


Healthier customer satisfaction


What’s the best way to build a relationship with your customers? Talk to them! Social media platforms help you give your company a voice.


When they interact with your posts with comments and shares, they receive a modified response rather than an automated computerised message. This shows your customers that you value them. You have the chance to constantly interact with your customers and engage your audience with every post you share.


Cost-effective marketing opportunities


When it comes to advertising strategy, social media comes second to none. Creating your account and posting original content is completely free for almost all popular social networking platforms. That means you can get your brand name and your product or services in front of an audience at no expense.


You can increase traffic to your blog and website by sharing your original content and links. This gives customers a reason to click through to your site. The more you share, the more inbound traffic you generate; creating new, organic conversion opportunities.


Many platforms also allow for paid advertising on which to run your marketing campaigns. These social media platforms come with built-in analytics tool that give you unique insights into who your customers actually are; allowing you to tailor your future campaigns to appeal to your real target audience.


You can even enhance your SEO rankings as you grow your social media presence. Sharing content, interacting with customers, and building up a following all show search engines your brand validity; all working to improve your reputation online.


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Crafting a LinkedIn profile that gets you connections and attracts top employers recruiters is an art that takes plenty of time and expertise. Get yourself noticed with a professionally written LinkedIn profile. 


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Establishing a social media presence is an absolute must for businesses in every sector. Keep your customers happy and engaged with our daily posting service. Contact us to find out more.


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