Are you considering selling portable and temporary buildings to schools during the COVID-19 lockdown as head teachers attempt to give staff and students more room for learning and teaching.

It’s something many headteachers are already considering. What’s it going to be like as the lockdown eases, schools return gradually, and we return to a semblance of normality?

Currently, only 1 in 40 students are attending schools as their parents are either keyworkers or they have Education Care and Health Plans.

Schools across England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland seem to be choosing different re-opening plans and it’s far from clear that the country is ready for it.

Parents and teachers have “high anxiety”

Nearly 200,000 people have also now signed a petition set up National Education Union asking the Government not to reopen schools before it is completely safe and to commit to testing and tracing to help that.

Only 5 per cent of teachers want schools to be reopened, reports the Guardian.

School social distancing would be ‘impossible’ to achieve, said 74% of teachers in a Times Educational Supplement (TES) survey of 17,000 teachers.

Current workarounds “unlikely to be enough”

In addition to companies in your sector selling portable and temporary buildings to schools, other companies are wondering what they could sell which could help schools open and return as close to normal as possible.

Current ideas floated for getting students back in full-time education include only permitting half of students into a school at any one time.

To prepare, many schools are planning on ordering “deep cleans” of their premises prior to the government easing lockdown restrictions.

Some head teachers are considering the idea of day cleaners.

Unlike daily cleaning staff who come before or after a school is open, day cleaners are there when staff and pupils are.

Every time a surface is touched – like a desk, a door handle, a light switch, and so on – they immediately disinfect the surface.

This will not allay the fears of parents or teachers however. Social distancing is likely to be impossible to achieve even at half attendance.

The answer is more space

School staff and students are much more likely to be able to successfully observe social distancing with extra space.

The use of temporary or modular buildings is well established in the education sector and this is a key reason why many companies in your sector are considering selling portable and temporary buildings to schools at this time.

Typical uses for it include the provision of space when a school is being rebuilt or renovated or when additional classrooms are needed so that a school can hit DfE’s teacher-to-pupil ratios.

If you approach head teachers now, the contract you’re awarded may only be for a few months.

However, many epidemiologists and commentators expect social distancing to last for up to 2 years.

How can your business help alleviate the educational crisis caused by COVID-19?

If you can help reduce the disruption to our children’s education, it’s time to start letting schools and their head teachers know.

Marketing portable and modular buildings to schools

School email marketing campaigns

• Choose the schools you wish to target (by type, area, number of pupils, and more)

• Email design – our copywriters and designers will create a persuasive, attractive, engaging, and compelling email design for your company

• Three email broadcasts – we will send your email to schools via our trusted servers to the organisations on your database.

• Full reporting on each email campaign – three days after each send, we’ll email you a spreadsheet showing which schools opened and clicked through to your website (and the number of times they did so).

• Full database usage rights for 12 months after purchase with discounts for renewal.

Telemarketing to schools plus email marketing

• Includes all of the features listing in the schools email marketing service

• Let us have conversations on your behalf with head teachers and school business managers to share with them details of your service.

• We can book and qualify appointments with head teachers and school business managers (either face-to-face, phone, or Skype-type meetings).

• Market research – get us to ask any questions you want to head teachers and school business managers.

• Full conversation planning (including openings and objection handles).

• Live reporting of the campaign – see records completed in real time.

• We’ll notify you straight away if a prospect indicates that they want you to set them up straight away.

Are schools responding to marketing approaches?

In the 2 weeks before and after the mass closure of schools, head teachers and business leaders had very little time to deal with marketing and supply enquiries.

However, since this time, open rates and clickthroughs to email campaigns have often reached 50% or more (normally this would be 8-10%).

For telemarketing campaigns, we are getting through to head teachers at approximately three times the previous rate.

Portable and modular building marketing in the COVID-19 era

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We’ll find out in as much detail as possible about the range of solutions offer and how you can help British schools maintain social distancing and expand their capacity for teaching.

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Selling portable and temporary buildings to schools

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