The right copywriter – a person who can make their words persuade your target customers to buy from you – is worth more than their weight in gold in the digital era.

Copywriting has always been required by businesses pre-internet for flyers and brochures, magazine listings and newspaper PR pieces.

Today however, the need for copy, especially Google-optimised, sales-driven, benefits-lead copy, reaches above and beyond the odd piece of printed marketing.

Companies now require punchy, high-quality, client-focused, SEO-ready copywriting to stand a chance of their products and services being found online.

Those words must also convert visitors into paying customers.

As a result, copywriting has never been in more demand and the skills the right copywriter needs to be successful are now a lot broader than their counterparts in previous decades.

The right copywriter can turn his or her hand to whatever you need from them be that blogs and articles, website copy, email newsletters, social media marketing, white papers, e-books, and more.

Not any copywriter will it – you need the right copywriter

So, you just need a good copywriter, right?

That would be a great start but every copywriter has their own style, specialities, levels of experience in different industries and costs.

Some specialise in B2B, some in B2C, some in education writing but, whichever their chosen niche, there has to be something extra in their writing which gives people and business decision makers the justification to buy your products and services.

The right copywriter for your website and your marketing materials can add significantly to your company revenues through their work.

But how to find them?

Who is the right copywriter?

Before you start searching for a copywriter you should spend some time working out exactly what it is you need from them.

This will help you better understand who you’re looking for.

Ask yourself these three questions when you’re selecting the right copywriter for your firm:

What do they know?

Although many good writers can write about any topic without prior experience, you should ideally hire somebody who is a specialist in your sector.

This is even more important if what you sell is complex and you and your colleagues use technical and specific language when discussing your products and services.

The job of a copywriter is to make the complex simple – simple enough for the man or woman on the Clapham omnibus to understand.

The person does not need to have worked in your industry but, when they start working for you, you’ll be surprised at just how quickly they learn and how they describe what you sell in glorious, benefits-led plain English.

What do they write?

If, like 82% of B2B businesses, you use blogs and articles to market your services, you want a writer who can explain in the simplest terms possible the situations your clients face and how you overcome their problems.

You’ll want someone who can write for the layperson but who can repurpose their work for more technically-minded decision makers, influencers, and customers.

There is always an onboarding period with a new copywriter when he or she learns about your company, your products and services, the marketplace you operate in, and the tone of language you want them to use in the work they create for you.

But when that learning period is over, your copywriter can turn his or her hand to any task they set you whether it’s a product description, a sales letter, a speech, or more.

The right copywriter may not be on your books as an employee but they might as well be because of the contribution they make.

How do they sound?

Each copywriter has their own unique tone of voice – a tone of voice which reflects their personality.

The right copywriter is like an actor however.

At the end of their initial learning curve, every piece of work they produce will be your company’s voice disembodied and in text.

The best copywriting work is copywriting which others believe was written by you or someone in your company.

How do you find the right copywriter?

Now you know who you’re looking for, you need to know how to find them.

Here are the four ways we suggest:

1. Do it yourself

You might be the ideal copywriter for your business.

One of your staff might be the ideal copywriter for your business.

If you or your colleague can find time to write every day and learn effective website design and SEO copywriting, you don’t need to find an outsider to do the work for you.

2. Freelance copywriter

You can find multiple freelance copywriters on sites like People Per Hour and Fiverrr.

There are some amazing copywriters on these platforms as well as some who are less talented.

Using sites like these are an effective way of roadtesting copywriters to see if they are the right fit for your company.

When posting a job on these platform, make sure that you:

  • are as clear as possible about the kind of writer you need,
  • are as clear as possible about the word counts or amount of hours you need,
  • ensure potential writers know you are a legitimate client, and
  • do not offer the kind of budget that attracts entry level writers if you want expert writers to apply.

3. Ask for recommendations

Speak to your contacts and colleagues to see if they know any writers they would recommend to you.

If so, make sure you ask them for a portfolio of previous work to check that their base style is one you could see being successfully adapted to your company.

4. Content production and distribution service

There are many content marketing companies on the internet using in-house and outsourced pools of talent to create copy of all kinds for clients.

You deal with content marketing companies much in the way you would a freelancer but with one important difference.

Content marketing companies tend, following the initial onboarding period, to require commitment from clients to produce a certain amount of work for each client on a contractual basis.

By doing this, they become an arms-length department within your company often working in partnership with your sales and marketing team to produce general content for your website and other promotional materials as well as specific content for promotions, email newsletters, product launches, and so on.

“The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time.” Thomas Jefferson

Is the right copywriter for your company working at More Than Words?

With content marketing costing an average of 60% less than standard marketing but generating three times as many leads, investing in content is worth it for companies wanting quality leads in greater quantity, more sales, and a much more visible online presence.

We’d appreciate the opportunity to find out more about your company, the products and services you operate it, your target markets, and what you want to achieve over the next 12-24 months.

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