// Specialist telemarketing service for targeting UK schools
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Specialist telemarketing service for targeting UK schools

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Despite budget cuts imposed on the education sector as part of the government’s recent austerity program, our schools still need to purchase products and services across the academic year.

Some businesses still believe that, to work with a school, you must be a preferred supplier or that jobs are put out to tender. This is actually not the case – independent schools, academies, and multi academy trusts (MATS) manage their own budgets and they are not subject to local government procurement policies. Even LEA-controlled schools purchase equipment from their preferred suppliers whether they are spending their budget on books, workshops, trips, arranging maintenance work, or choosing their own website developer.

One of the most popular ways of marketing your business into schools has been email marketing primarily because of its low cost in comparison to direct mail. If you run email campaigns, then we strongly suggest that you carry out your campaigns across ten months of year missing out July and August when schools are closed.

While this still remains a popular method of marketing to schools, the response levels can vary greatly. Ideally, when you receive a report showing engagement levels on opens and clicks, they should be nurtured and followed up. Like many other forms of marketing, email campaigns are one-sided and, without follow-up, they only become a two-way conversation if the recipient responds.

For some companies, the very thought of picking up the telephone to follow up fills them with dread for a number of reasons including:

lack of confidence

  • not enough time

  • lack of knowledge

  • fear of rejection

Even experienced telemarketers still feel some or all of the above when they’re calling someone for the first time but they have learned how to overcome them to achieve the required results. If you don't follow up your marketing campaigns with a view of starting a two-way conversation with the schools you’re targeting, then you are missing out on sales and opportunities.

What can a telemarketing call to a school do for my company?

  • opens up a personal human interaction

  • provides the opportunity to establish if there is a requirement for your product or service in the short, medium or long term.

  • establishes the decision-making process and who is involved

  • creates a sales lead to be followed up on

  • establishes a medium- and long-term pipeline of opportunities

  • delivers a better return on investment for the cost of the overall marketing campaign

What are the additional and hidden benefits of using a specialist telemarketing service into schools?

  • the service is flexible to fit around your business needs

  • the telemarketer will have experience of calling schools and they will understand how they work

  • any information gathered such as contact names and email addresses can be used in your future marketing and sales activity to create a targeted database for your company’s needs.

If you already work with schools and you want to increase leads from your marketing campaign or if you are new to the sector and you want help with a campaign, our experienced team at More Than Words can offer a flexible telemarketing service into schools.

For companies who are looking to market to schools for the first time we can also provide you with a schools’ database tailored to your needs with managed email campaigns and impactful follow-up telemarketing service.

Our current clients include workshops, web developers, PAT testing, telecoms, playground equipment, managed print, software, uniforms, and more.

To book your campaign for the new academic year, call our team on 0330 010 8300.



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