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How To Choose The Right Copywriter For Your Business

Gain a valuable insight into the best approach to hiring the perfect copywriter for your business.

Copywriting has always been required by businesses pre-internet, for flyers and brochures, magazine listings and newspaper PR pieces. These days though, the need for copy, especially effective copy, reaches above and beyond the odd piece of marketing. Companies like yours require punchy, high-quality copywriting to stand a chance of making the most of online reach. Blogs, website copy, email newsletters and social media posts are just some of the copy savvy businesses required regularly.

Not Any Copywriter, But The Copywriter

So, you just need a good copywriter, right? Sure, that would be a great start, but, every copywriter has their own style, specialities, levels of experience in different industries and costs. Finding the right copywriter to suit the needs of your business will help ensure you're satisfied with the work you receive from them.

Here is your essential who? And where? To finding the right copywriter for your business needs:


Before you start searching for a copywriter you should spend some time figuring out exactly what it is you need from them, which will help you understand who you're looking for. Ask yourself these three questions when you're thinking about who your ideal copywriter is:

What Do They Know?

Although many good writers can write about any topic without prior experience, for excellent and targeted writing, you should ideally hire somebody who is a specialist in your sector. This is even more important if your industry calls for technical and specific language and experience. The person does not need to have worked in your industry, but they should have work to show you that they have done for companies and businesses within your industry.

What Do They Write?

Again, many good writers can apply their skills to all different kinds of copy, but for writing that excels, you'll want a specialist in certain types of writing. You already know they have the industry knowledge you want, but can they write the words you really need? For example, if like 82% of B2B businesses, you use blogs to market your services you might want a writer who specialises in creative, wordy blogs that bring your products to life and hopefully lead a customer down the sales funnel. Another writer could be fiercely technical and write industry recognised white papers and reports, ideal if you're establishing your brand as an industry expert.

How Do They Sound?

Each writer has their own unique tone of voice when it comes to their writing. Many are flexible enough to adapt it to the job at hand, but every writer will have a limit as to how much they can change the way they write. Instead of squeezing a writer into the slot, it makes sense to find somebody who has a natural style already as close as possible to your desired style and tone.

Once you have refined who you're looking for it is a great idea to write a detailed brief so that you have a document to use for reference.


Now you know who you're looking for, you need to know how to find them. Here are a few ways to seek out the perfect writer for your business:

Use A High-Quality Writing Company

Some generalised digital marketing companies do offer complete packages including any writing that you want, but you won't get the specialist services you need. Instead, approach a marketing company with a focus on writing, who take the time to listen to your detailed brief, and ensure that you get exactly the type of copy you need.

Post A Listing

One great way to find the writer you need is to post a version of your brief on a website that advertises projects to writers who can then apply to your project, showcasing what they have to offer. Lots of fantastic writers use these sites to make connections, so it is worth placing an advertisement to see what kind of response you get. When you place your project listing try to make sure you:

● Are as clear as possible about the kind of writer you need

● Are as clear as possible about the word counts or amount of hours you need

● Ensure potential writers know you are a legitimate client

● Do not offer the kind of budget that attracts entry level writers if you want expert writers to apply

Ask For Recommendations

Speak to your contacts and colleagues to see if they know any writers they would recommend. Any writers you get in touch with may be perfect for your needs, or they may not be the right writer for you, but they may be able to point you in the right direction.

Now What?

OK so you've nailed writing down what you need, you've managed to get a list of potential candidates lined up… but you still don't have your perfect writer. So now what?

Once you have reached this stage it is a good idea to:

● Shortlist your favourites

● Pay for some short, paid samples using a specific brief

● Trial two or three favourites with a more in depth brief before committing to a longer project or regular arrangement

“The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time.'' Thomas Jefferson

By following the process above, you should end up a writer that is perfect for your business. There is a lot of trialling involved, but the result is a high-quality writer who writes the type of writing you need, in the style you need. With content marketing costing an average of 60% less than standard marketing, but generating 3 times as many leads, it is worth taking the time and effort to find the kind of writer who can take your business content marketing to the next level.

For more information on Copywriting services provided by More Than Words Marketing call the team on 0330 010 8300.

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