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How does content marketing produce inbound enquiries

Producing a steady flow of new enquiries is the main goal of any B2B company. Traditionally this has been done through outbound marketing which involves contacting other businesses directly through telemarketing, email lists and trade shows. Although these methods are still being used, inbound marketing has recently become a mainstay in the B2B marketing mix.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the production of online content like articles, blog posts, and videos as a means to drive sales. It’s much more of a non-intrusive marketing strategy than using outbound methods.

Inbound marketing pulls potential customers through the sales process with well-written articles, guides, blog posts, and case studies about the problems that potential customers are struggling with. This content not only address the problems a client is facing but they also provide insight into how to overcome those issues.

In this article, we will discuss:

  • Why is content marketing important?

  • Content marketing to gain inbound enquiries

  • How to improve lead generation skills?

  • Implementing content strategy

Why is content marketing important?

Content marketing is a constantly innovating set of marketing strategies developed to make the most out of consumer needs. By hyper-focusing on the individual interests of each potential customer, the leads generated by your work are guided partially through the sales process already. This is why, in Hubspot's research, over 55% of marketers say blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority.

There are many companies which create blog posts as a marketing tool. These include Slack, a team chat service for businesses. Their high quality blog posts show unexpected use cases to lead to the business generating extra venue from their posts.

The volume of search traffic alone justifies reaching out through content marketing. Over 5 billion searches are made to Google daily, many of which include keywords that your business can target through well written blog articles.

The growth of the content marketing industry

Content marketing has continued to grow year on year as the largest marketing sector. This comes as no surprise as 77% of internet users read blog posts regularly according to TechJury. These users searching for what they need rely on well-produced, trustworthy content to fix their problems.

Every industry is reachable via content marketing. Many B2B businesses rely on Google and other search providers to discover solutions to their needs. Even B2B ecommerce sales are outperforming the growth of B2C ecommerce sales with system-as-a-service and turnkey solutions maximising the ability to sell B2B products.

Another reason for the continued growth of content marketing is in the versatility it provides. Content can be built quickly into the other platforms a business markets across including social media, email marketing and events. For example, TED. Their innovative strategy to market their event uses content marketing by developing a constant stream of videos and written content through the speaker's presentations.

The cost of inbound marketing

The growth of content marketing is directly correlated with the growth of inbound enquiries. This is due to the growing need for nurturing within the sales process which can be very costly to do long term. Strategic IC reports that only 25% are going to be ready to buy in 12-24 months.

With the cost differences between inbound and outbound marketing, there is no wonder that businesses are looking at content marketing as their main inbound strategy. The disparity between costs were £256 for an outbound lead vs £103 for an inbound lead (Source: ImpactBND).

The savings of over £150 indicate a remarkable cut to the cost of marketing- something which is often a struggle to find savings in.

Producing a profitable content marketing strategy

A profitable content marketing strategy starts with attracting as many potential leads as possible. This starts by targeting the key agitations of your client or customer. Revenue concerns is a serious issue in many industries. For example, if you are a green energy provider, your potential customer might be desperate to save on energy costs.

If this is true, it's likely they require content that helps them break down potential methods to reduce their outgoings on energy. In which case, writing an article that targets those concerns and shows them how installing green energy solutions can save them money long-term will help drive sales.

Once those enquiries are made, your sales team can take these leads through the sales process. They will take the potential client from their current product and service and show how this system is worth the upgrades.

With regards to the previous example, after targeting them for saving money, you could at this point start the comparison process for what would save them the most money overall. A factory may prefer to use a large windfarm whereas smaller workspaces might prefer solar panels. Choosing an option can be as simple as discussing their needs and budget.

The content that they arrived from provides the prospecting. If they chose to contact you after the article, it's because they were desperate for a solution. Use their time sensitivity requirements to help push the sale to produce quicker sales than the 12-24 month period suggested for some industries.

Implementing content strategy

With the significant savings that content marketing can bring to your marketing efforts, introducing it to your marketing mix is compelling. But, if you don’t have a marketing team with the capacity for producing content, it can be difficult to capitalise on this benefit.

We are More Than Words Marketing and our team of copywriters are available for you to outsource your article writing efforts to. Our work brings new leads straight to your sales team, giving them more opportunities to convert. You can call us at More Than Words Marketing at 0330 010 8300 or email clare@morethanwordsuk.co.uk

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