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Could Your Accountancy Business Benefit From Specialist Copywriting?

It takes around 4 years to become a qualified accountant, and endless years gaining the relevant experience in the industry. You've worked hard, you've put the hours in and now you can get some business cards printed, advertise locally and rent a working space. You're ready to go right?

Sadly, that process of gaining clients is not all that easy, as you likely already know. The work doesn't flood in as easily as it used to, not only because of the increase in local competition, but the fact you're against the world of freelance accountants for hire online. Globally, 70% of people work remotely at least once a week, and current trends suggest that we might have a global workforce that is 50% freelance within the next decade. There's a lot of people to compete with, and if you want to survive a global marketplace packed to the brim with accountants with effective marketing strategies at their fingertips, you have to step up your own marketing game.

An Accountants Barrier To Business Growth

Accountants and bookkeepers are faced with the immense challenge of somehow finding the time and expertise needed for a successful marketing campaign. And yet, there's not much chance of growing as a business if you don't.

Commonly accountants are faced with the following challenges:

● Obtaining new clients is difficult

● The marketing you do try seems to be dead money

● You're failing at creating content that sums up how great your business really is

Many accountants these days share your difficulties, but it isn't all doom and gloom. In fact, there are great prospects for your business if you invest in the right kind of marketing. Even better, you don't have to go it alone.

Specialist Copywriting For Accountants: A Winning Marketing Strategy For Forward-Thinking Business Owners

A good copywriter is an asset to any business, but a specialist copywriter with in depth knowledge and understanding of your industry, is invaluable. Copywriters with an understanding of accountancy can let the world know about your business in a way that strengthens your brand and generates sales leads. You can have expertly crafted marketing materials created specifically for your business.

The following types of high-quality, targeted pieces of copywriting can attract potential clients and convert them into those all important sales:

Accountancy Brochure Content Writing

A good business brochure perfectly encapsulates the key messages of your brand, ensuring that the professional tone of your business remains consistent and targeted towards potential customers.

Press Releases

A press release that is attention-grabbing, informative and designed to bring you enquiries and sales can be created and sent to various media outlets for publication and promotion. For the most effective exposure, press releases are widely distributed both online and manually.

Website Updates And Blog Posts

Keeping your website alive with interesting and useful blog posts and announcements is a great way to stay engaged with current customers. It also gives new customers more reason to visit your website, and keeps your business more relevant within your industry, especially if your content is shared.

Whitepaper Case Studies

These days, lots of accountants provide resources and whitepaper case studies for free to clients or others in their industry. These well written documents are often gifted for free, and are so well written that they are shareable and thus, generate leads and hopefully establish your business as a leader within accountancy, actively building brand strength.

Fact Sheets

Direct copy on fact sheets that answers some of the most common questions asked by your customers, helps them feel understood. These kinds of fact sheets also underline why potential customers should choose you and not a competitor, underlining the services you offer that they need.

SEO Content Writing

63% of businesses say that generating traffic and leads is their main issue. Search Engine Optimisation is an important way to enhance your online presence, making your business visible. Detailed knowledge of the correct terms and words to use throughout your blogs and landing pages, and a skillful application of those terms, is an effective way for your business to generate traffic and leads.

Social Media Post Content

Professional copywriters can skillfully create social media posts that capture the tone and voice of your business. Successful social media posts are shareable and personable, enhancing your online image and reach without compromising on professionalism.

Email Newsletters

Newsletters that are written to provide value to the reader, and direct them to a specific page on your website are an important way to retain current customers. Any news, offers or information you want your customers to know about can be promoted on an email newsletter written in a way that naturally guides the reader to take action.

Direct Mail And Flyers

Local direct marketing is still relevant within accountancy, but the copywriting on the leaflet has to stand out to ensure potential customers read it and don't throw it away with other marketing flyers and leaflets they receive.

Proof Reading And Copy Editing

If you are happy creating content yourself, your web copy can be proofread or edited to ensure it is free from any errors, and formatted to fit in with the brand image and tone you want to present.

Your Business Can Benefit From Specialised Content Marketing Services

Many positions within the accountancy industry can benefit from specialised copywriting, including, but not limited to:

● Auditor

● Payroll Clerk

● Bookkeeper

● Accountancy firms

● Accounts Receivable/ Payable Clerk

● Tax Advisor

● Forensics Accountant

● Data Analyst

● Financial Advisor

Do you want your business to benefit from the following?

- Effective and growing marketing reach

- Stronger brand message

- Increased sales leads

- Better customer retention

- Improved social media presence

- Consistent tone of voice across all platforms

The steps you need to take are pretty simple and straightforward. Get an understanding of exactly what it is you want, or what it is you think you need. Then reach out to a professional freelancer or copywriting company for a consultation and estimate. Once they produce the work, you begin to see the benefits very quickly, with marketing materials you are proud to use to represent your business.

There are lots of customers out there desperate for your fantastic accountancy services, let's help them find you! To find out more call us on 0330 010 8300.

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