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Copywriting For Investment Companies

Find out why your investment company needs specialist copywriting to ensure your services stand out from the competition.

According to UK Parliament statistics, the UK financial services and insurance sectors contribute over £124 billion annually to the UK economy. It is a thriving industry and yet, one of the trickiest to market. Every single sector has its own technical language, specialisms and priorities but, the financial services are particularly challenging for many reasons, including but not limited to:

● The financial sector isn't particularly chatty, as privacy and secrecy are the norm

British people find it extremely difficult to talk about their finances, even more difficult than discussing mental health

● The area of finance isn't particularly easy to translate to those who aren't well acquainted with the industry jargon

● Financial marketing is easy to get wrong, aka Revolut's 'single-shaming' fail this year

For these reasons, and many more, it is really important to hire a specialist copywriter to write marketing copy for your business. A copywriter with experience writing for your industry can simplify your message and communicate how your business stands out amongst the rest.

Why Outsourcing A Copywriter Makes Good Business Sense

It can be easy to think that you have the expertise and therefore you can write whatever needs writing. You know your business, you know the industry and you won't require any extra pay for doing the work either. The mistake in thinking this way is assuming copywriters just write about what they know when in fact there is so much more skill involved. Copywriters know how to apply their expertise to form the kind of words that convert leads to sales. The kind of words that effectively convey a brand voice, reaching out to their target audience. Copywriters know how to tell your story.

So when your company needs blogs, web copy, brochures, landing ages, white papers or press releases written, you need the kind of expertise a financial copywriter can offer. They will work with you to understand exactly what you need. Whether your business relates to insurance, administration, financial advice or stock exchange (or any of the other many financial business types) and whether your business is big or small, a high-quality copywriter will provide you with exceptional copy that reflects your brand in the right way.

Finding A Financial Copywriter Working In Your Niche

Choosing a financial copywriter to produce content for your business is a great step towards better marketing and brand representation when it comes to copy. However, delving a bit deeper into your search and finding a professional writing company or freelancer who works within your niche will bring you greater rewards. Specialist financial copywriting can have a focus on niches such as:

● Trade

● Stock exchange

● Financial regulation

● Treasury

● Technology

● Banking

● Foreign currency

● Life insurance

A copywriter within the niche your business specialises in will have the experience and knowledge needed to understand your competitors, clients and customers which is invaluable when it comes to increasing your chances of being happy with the work they produce for you.

You could even push the niche further and look for a copywriter who not only specialises in your financial niche, but they also specialise in writing the specific type of copy you need.

Some copywriters write a bit of everything, and some only write white papers, advertising copy, blog post or landing pages (to name a few).

Usually, aside from technical pieces, financial copywriting focuses on leading the audience to take action, whether that is signing up for something, purchasing something, enquiring about something, or just interacting with your company. Producing copy within such a challenging industry that is effective for a brand is exceptionally skilled work.

Take The Next Step Towards Specialised Copywriting That Works For Your Business

Do you want to take advantage of the exceptional services of a writing company who specialises in the financial sector to help you with your email outreach? Do you want to hire a specialist freelancer to create strategic landing pages to generate leads, like 68% of B2B businesses?

Whichever writing services you need to take your business to the next level, take the time to ensure you're working with a specialist in your industry. A copywriter with experience writing for the financial sector can keep your copy legal, targeted and effective, aiding in brand growth, brand awareness and advertising campaign success.

More Than Words Copywriters have significant experience writing for investment and financial services companies in the UK, Middle East, Europe and the Far East. If you would like to discuss a forthcoming copywriting project then call us on 0330 010 8300 for a consultation.

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