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Are You Missing The Human Element From Your Email Or Direct Mail Campaigns?

Read about why the human element matters in direct mail and email campaigns, to ensure your outreach is as effective as possible.

Statistics tell us that 93% of B2B businesses use email to distribute content, and for every £1 spent on email marketing £38 is generated. With such a chunky return it makes sense to be utilising email as much as possible in your marketing campaigns. In addition, direct mail, despite only having a 30% likelihood of being opened, offers a rate of response nearly four times higher than email, making it another excellent avenue of marketing to pursue.

It isn't quite as simple as sending out any old content to your customers though, as any seasoned marketer knows.

"The digital world has power because it has dynamic information, but it's important that we stay human instead of being another machine sitting in front of a machine." - Pranav Mistry

If nearly 100% of B2B businesses use email to distribute content, you're competing with every Tom, Dick and Harry out there, as well as Jim, John and Josie too, as every business competes for the attention of the consumer in increasingly innovative ways.

Dropping boring, linear content out there is simply not enough to get your brand seen or heard. This is especially true when it comes to sending out marketing that is the copywriting version of the moon: dry, dusty and devoid of any form of human life.

Customers are constantly bombarded with marketing that has been carefully collated and created based on highly sophisticated analytics. Businesses go hard on the numbers, data and trends, forgetting that customers still need to be able to relate to their business. Without the human touch, your company simply disappears into the ether with every other marketing attempt going, wasting your budget, and failing to represent what you have to offer potential customers.

To help you avoid the easy mistake of being faceless in your outreach, here are our top tips to inject the human element into what you're putting out to clients.

Show Who You Really Are

Being polished as a brand is important, but not to the point you can't see anything relatable beneath the veneer. Personality is what makes any brand stand out, so don't be afraid to show who you really are. In your email campaigns and direct marketing campaigns there is a lot of room for dynamic copy that highlights your brand personality. How can you truly converse with those you want to connect with?

Give A Little 'Behind The Scenes' Glimpse

Letting customers get to know the faces behind your business, the processes behind your products and the stories you have to tell is an excellent way to offer customers a connection to your brand. Features like 'meet the team' or 'a day in the life of' are always popular, and for good reason, they're offering customers a way to see the people behind the business. People relate to people.

Provide As Many Ways As Possible For Customers To Reach You

Being accessible makes your business more personable, because it is reachable and customers feel they can easily connect. On your email campaigns and direct mail campaigns, make sure there are multiple ways for customers to connect with you. Social media handles, newsletters, phone numbers, postal addresses and emails should all be included on anything you put out. Just make sure there is somebody or something to respond on those platforms, otherwise your connection falls flat, and the customer loses trust and interest quickly.

Reach Out More

Using services like telemarketing is a great way to enhance the human element of your marketing campaigns. Telemarketing supports your email and direct mail campaigns with a human voice, which is a direct human connection that cannot be compared with any copywriting.

In 2017, the human voice was considered by some, the most important technology of the year. You can read about it in this interesting article, which highlights how the human voice cannot be beaten by any form of technology. It also highlights how businesses have to think about incorporating the human voice in the way they relate to customers if they want to stay relevant.

Using a trusted professional marketing company like https://www.morethanwordsuk.co.uk/ to provide telemarketing in addition to your marketing campaigns, can only keep your business relevant in the way it relates to its customers.

Make Your Relationship With Clients A Two Way Street

It is so important not to keep throwing content to clients or potential clients that wholly revolves around what you have to offer as a business. There needs to be some level of value in what you are sending that stands alone as something they would not only want to read or watch, but something they would want to share. In addition, you should be asking questions and actively engaging with your audience so that they can relate to your brand with ease. Putting out information and statements with no leeway for conversation will only suck the life out of any campaigns you have. Build engagement for a personable brand that people actually want to interact with.

If you think that you are missing the human element from your email or direct mail campaigns there is so much you can do to change that. As well as the above tips, think creatively about how you can reach out in a way that shows the very heart of who you are as a business. In an increasingly faceless digital world, any business looking to future-proof their success has to find a way to humanise their marketing.



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