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Forget cash is king, social media is arguably the most important factor to growing a successful company. After all, the facts and figures don’t lie…


71% of customers who have had a good social media experience with a brand said that they were likely to recommend them to others.


Facebook influenced 52% of customers’ offline and online purchases in 2015.


On Instagram, products the top content type for the top 200 global brands


And while using social media is an important tool – everyone is doing it.


As of 2018, there are 50 million small businesses using Facebook pages to connect with customers. Out of that 50 million, 4 million of those businesses pay for Facebook advertising.


So, the real question is “How can I make my brand stand out from the crowd?” Just a couple years ago paid advertising was enough to give your company the edge it needed to stand out, however now times have changed.


But that doesn’t mean that your company can’t reap the many benefits of using social media, it just requires more work. Unfortunately, there are few companies that have any spare time to dedicate into engaging with customers and building a reputation on social media.


That’s where we come in, we can help you…


Increase your brand awareness


The pessimistic say that social media is so oversaturated with users that it’s hard to stand out whilst the optimistic say that a larger reach is better to grow your business.


There’s no denying that everyone from the mega brand Apple to your local newspaper shop is using social media to advertise their products. But clearly, it’s working.


On Instagram, 60% of users say that they have discovered new products on the platform – just imagine how much you could increase your brand awareness by using multiple social media accounts.  


Humanize your brand


Showing your business’s human side can help your customers trust your brand, but how can we help you achieve this?


Posting testimonials from past customers, pictures of happy customers with your product and about your brand values can create a human connection between you and your customers.


Networking opportunities


While traditional media only offers one-way communication, social media gives you the unique opportunity to engage with your customers on a public platform.


If you successfully communicate and engage with your clients, you could very quickly develop a reputation for your great customer service skills and responsiveness.


Because these comments are available to the public, it opens the door to another brand noticing you and partnering with you.


Become a thought leader


Social media gives your business the opportunity to establish itself as a thought leader, no matter what industry you’re in. But what is a thought leader and why do you want to become one?


A business that is a thought leader is the go-to source for information that is associated with their line of work.


Roughly half of B2B marketers surveyed by LinkedIn research said that thought leadership could help build trust in their clients. However, when buyers were surveyed, the research found that more than 80% said thought leadership builds trust.


While our post a day service can certainly help your brand become a thought leader, we also have a dedicated package for that. If you want to pull out all the stops to become a thought leader, you should consider this package [link].


Is your brand ready to grow its social media presence?


Do you like what you’ve heard? You’ll be happy to learn that you too can gain all these benefits without adding hours to your work schedule.


Our post a day service gives you 28 days’ worth of posts over a 4-week basis, that’s an engaging post on all your social media channels on a regular basis.


When you sign up with our service, you receive our post a day service for 3 months as a minimum, which is the perfect amount of time to see your social media accounts start to improve.

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