Our client is a minibus company, specialising in the supply and conversion of wheelchair accessible minibuses.

They had a database of 1085 historical data records that they wanted to cleanse, verify and update for accuracy using telemarketing.

Our approach

Our Telemarketing team contacted each entry from the mix of care homes and hospices that made up the database.

The information gathered was used to update contact names, telephone numbers, postal addresses and email addresses for the individuals responsible for dealing with minibuses.

Additionally, we performed market research, asking if and when they were likely to replace their vehicle over the next 12 months, and if they would like to receive additional information from our client.


Hours of calls performed


Companies requesting further information


Leads generated



Our client now has a fully up-to-date, cleansed, GDPR compliant database, with 73 opt ins for monthly newsletters and 17 leads to follow up on.

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