Marketing training courses during COVID-19 is a challenge but business owners and senior managers are using this time to train their staff so that their companies are stronger when the economy starts to re-open.

Does your company offer learners the opportunity to top up their continuous professional development remotely in one of the following areas?

• Agriculture • Fire • Medical • Safeguarding
• Business • Healthcare & Medical • Mental Health • Security
• Construction • Hospitality • Physical Fitness • Social Care
• Design • Human resources • Project Management • Sport
• Education & Teaching • Information Technology • Property • Telecommunications
• Energy • Leadership • Public Sector • Tourism
• Engineering • Legal • Retail • Transport
• Finance • Media • Risk Management • Veterinary

The COVID-19 crisis is an extremely unusual time of for employers and employees and I’m certain that, like us, you never thought that you’d ever run a marketing campaign under these type of circumstances.

In response to the current situation, more people are working from home than ever before and no-one is quite sure how long this will go on for.

We’re starting to see loosening of the lockdown although no-one really knows when everything will get back to normal.

Time to study and to learn

Often, in normal times, employees’ workloads do not give them the opportunity to engage in continuous professional development courses so that they can improve their skills and career prospects.

It depends on each company but there now may be a chance for employers to take advantage of reduced economic activity to give their staff time to gain additional professional qualifications.

If employers do allow this, the overall range of knowledge and skills within the company is greater giving them a competitive advantage when things return to normal.

Getting in touch with these companies

We have access to the names of key decision-makers within over 400,000 UK companies.

Contact us to let us know the names and the content of the courses you can offer online or remotely.

Working with you, we’ll then present you with a count for the companies we’ve found whose staff will benefit from your firm’s online CPD courses.

We can contact them via email, phone, or a mixture of both on your behalf.

Marketing training courses during COVID-19 – our solutions

1. Our email marketing campaign service

  • Choose from the types of decision makers and companies you want to market to – over 2,000 lines of business available so choose only the companies you want.
  • Email design – our copywriters and designers will create a persuasive, attractive, engaging, and compelling email design for your company demonstrating clearly the contents of your courses and the advantages of qualification.
  • Three email broadcasts – we will send your email via our trusted servers to the organisations on your database.
  • Full reporting on each email campaign – three days after each send, we’ll email you a spreadsheet showing which recipients opened and clicked through to your website (and the number of times they did so).
  • Full database usage rights for 12 months after purchase with discounts for renewal.

2. Our telemarketing service

  • Let us have conversations on your behalf with key decision makers (DMs) with the aim of finding out which training needs could be addressed during these times of reduced economic activity.
  • Lead generation – pass warm leads onto your sales team.
  • We can book and qualify appointments with decision makers (either face-to-face, phone, or Skype-type meetings).
  • Market research – get us to ask any questions you want to decision makers (including asking about their current training arrangement (remote or otherwise)).
  • Full conversation planning (including openings and objection handles).
  • Live reporting of the campaign – see records completed in real time.
  • We’ll notify you straight away if a prospect indicates that they see the benefits straight away and they would like to speak with someone at your company.

3. Mixture of electronic marketing and telemarketing

While electronic marketing and telemarketing can be very effective on their own, lead generation increases greatly when the two are combined.

Marketing training courses during

To discuss marketing training courses during COVID-19, please get in touch with More Than Words.

We’ll find out in as much detail as possible about the range of courses you offer and how you can help British businesses and employees upskill for when this period in our history ends.

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Marketing your training courses during COVID-19

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