For suppliers looking to quickly generate brand new, high-quality leads which convert into sales, you should consider investing in direct marketing to dentists – specifically email marketing and telephone marketing.

According to a report by business property adviser Christie & Co, the UK dental industry is undergoing a significant transformation at this time as a result of Brexit and ongoing staff shortages.

With the 2020 coronavirus outbreak making it difficult to book face-to-face appointments alongside a recession caused by the pandemic and NHS dental charges rising by 5% in December, dental practices are looking for new ways of operating to keep them financially secure.

Direct marketing to dentists’ inboxes by email or having a conversation over the phone is much more likely to get your message across now than investing in web-based and social media marketing.

The British Dental Survey 2017 found that three quarters of UK dentists are operating as mixed practices offering both NHS and private dental work.

This means that the majority of dentists on More Than Words’ database are likely to be in a position to make purchasing decisions when you make contact with them.

Using a database of dentists to make first contact

More Than Words’ list of dentists is suitable for any business supplying products or services to dental surgeries including:

  • laboratories,
  • software suppliers,
  • medical equipment manufacturers, and
  • distributors of medical supplies

Dental surgeries are businesses, requiring a steady income and regular clients to keep their business stable.

After a tough few years, dentists are working hard to get suppliers who offer the most value to their business and customers.

Email marketing to dentists with More Than Words

If you’re interested in running email marketing campaigns to dentists, we offer the following managed service:

1. Dentist email addresses

  • a comprehensive list of dentists’ email addresses, free of duplicates and regularly updated,
  • multiple fields included per entry including postal addresses and contact names for budget holders and decision makers, and
  • full 12 months use of the data.

2. One email marketing design, three email broadcasts and full follow-up reporting

  • one email design – our in-house team of experienced copywriters and designers will design and create one attractive and engaging email campaign for your company based on your chosen offer, product or service,
  • three email broadcasts – we will send your email marketing campaignvia our trusted servers to the dentists email addresses of your choice, and
  • full reports for each email campaign – three days after each send, we’ll email you a spreadsheet showing which contacts opened and clicked through to your website (and the number of times they did so).

3. Dentist email database – after-sales support

  • free technical support – for the entire time you own the data you also have access to our in-house data technicians who can help you to get the most out of the database whatever your level of experience, and
  • free advertising support – you will be assigned an account manager and be able to contact our design and copywriting teams, who will review and give feedback for any marketing campaigns you design in house.

Marketing to dentists with More Than Words’ telemarketing team

1. Dentists’ calling list

  • a comprehensive list of dentists’ telephone numbers, constantly updated and duplicate-free,
  • multiple fields included per entry including postal addresses and contact names for budget holders and decision makers, and
  • full 12 months use of the data.

2. Minimum 40 hours’ telemarketing to dentists

  • we can make appointments for your reps, generate leads for follow-up, carry out market research, validate your current database, and/or promote any event you’re attending or hosting,
  • once you are clear on the objectives for your telemarketing campaign to dentists, our telesales script writer will create an opening and closing strategy together with objection handles,
  • once you’ve signed off the script, your telemarketer (who will introduce themselves to you) will be trained on the campaign, on your company, and on your products and services prior to calling,
  • following training, they will be overseen and motivated by a senior telemarketing manager,
  • if we make a call and we believe that there is an advantage in you following up straight away, we’ll contact you to let you know, and
  • over the course of the campaign, you’ll be able to view the progress live online. All calls are recorded and easily retrievable via our system.

Full direct marketing to dentists with More Than Words

1. Our full dentist marketing database

  • all the contact information we hold on every dental practice – email, phone, and post,
  • multiple fields included per entry including contact names for budget holders and decision makers, and
  • full 12 months use of the data.

2. One email marketing design, three email broadcasts and full follow-up reporting

  • as above

3. 10-15 hours’ telemarketing after every email campaign

  • the service is as described above
  • let us follow up and contact the dental practices which opened your email and clicked through to your website to generate more leads and sales.

What is on More Than Words’ database of dentists?

More Than Words’ dentists database contains 12,036 dental practices with 3,045 verified, up-to-date email addresses.

The list also contains postal addresses and telephone numbers you can use for separate direct mail and telemarketing campaigns or to follow up on your email marketing messages.

You don’t have to buy the entire database from us – in fact we recommend choosing a personalised list focused on the demographics that best suit your business.

Please let your account manager know what specifics you are interested in and they’ll run a bespoke count and quote for your marketing database or campaign.

An overview of the dental sector in the UK economy

The dental industry is worth £7bn to the UK economy as a whole and this is spread across 14,124 businesses – the majority of which are independent businesses performing both NHS and private treatments.

A survey from FMC found that 58% of dentists expect to do more private treatment in the next year, whilst 51% plan to invest in high-technology equipment and software to improve the quality of their treatments.

This move to grow private dentistry is partly to do with increasing NHS targets for dental practices, combined with the chronic underfunding reported by dentists offering NHS treatments since 2010.

This is a crucial time for businesses selling products and services that could help dental practices to provide more value to their patients – especially those that would make a private service more appealing to those currently under the NHS.

How to sell products and services to dentists using email marketing and telemarketing

Ongoing problems in the dental sector – including performance, staff recruitment and retention and lack of access – were exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic.

This is an important time for businesses who are in a position to held dentists to meet demand and provide a higher quality service to their patients.

Dentists surveyed in a 2020 BDA survey said that accessing PPE equipment and being fit-tested to use it appropriately was the most important issue they were facing.

Companies providing PPE supplies or health and safety training will find contacts from a list of dentists email addresses are more than welcoming to messages offering solutions to this challenge.

Software and technology providers should also be able to find an angle here, providing technology that helps them to speed up how they work and give better customer service and increased value to their patients.

For any company the best suggestion we can offer before launching your marketing campaign is to identify a differentiator in your service that sets you apart from your competition.

Remember that a dental practice is a small business with the same objectives as you – bringing in long-term customers and having sustainable sales targets.

Work out how your business can help them to achieve their goals and you should get stronger leads of your own in return.

Contact More Than Words to generate more leads and sales from marketing to dentists

The UK dental sector today is ready for suppliers of goods and services who want to win new customers and, over time, build up a substantial revenue stream from existing and returning clients.

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