The most successful marketing strategies for security companies during COVID-19 involve striking a balance between informing customers of the value of the services you offer and the increased threat of loss, theft, and damage during the lockdown.

The best marketing ideas require you to achieve that balance and to make the business case for your manned guarding, CCTV (monitoring), and door access systems.

In this article, we consider:

  • why sharing the facts with your customers is important – they may not know the threat
  • explaining to them how police services are stretched during the pandemic
  • four different marketing strategy ideas for security companies.

Tell potential customers the facts

In the Home Office’s “Crime against businesses: findings from the 2018 Commercial Victimisation Survey” published on the 5th September 2019, the Government found that, for every 1,000 premises surveyed by type of commercial premises during normal times, the following numbers of incidents were reported:

Type of property Criminal incidents reported per 1,000 premises
Wholesale and retail 27,358
Accommodation and food 4.998
Arts, entertainment, and recreation 2,755
Transportation and storage 2,575
Administration and support 1,504
Manufacturing 1,148
Construction 910
Agriculture, forestry, and fishing 870
Information and communication 300

Wholesalers and retailers needed protection even in normal times

The average wholesaler or retailer lost £7,483 in stolen or unpaid items in 2018 with one company suffering a loss of £844,000 worth of goods.

The most commonly stolen items were food, clothing, alcohol, equipment, IT, and cosmetics.

Given the current economic upheaval, there is predicted to be a greater demand for manned and electronic security solutions as a means of crime prevention. But why?

Higher value items at risk because of increased home working

More staff are working from home at the moment and, as a result, wholesale units, retail outlets, manufacturing premises, offices, and construction sites are often deserted.

Business owners are becoming increasingly concerned about the prospect of theft, criminal damage, and vandalism.

On March 20th 2020, James Brokenshire, Minister for State for Security at the Home Office, issued a clarification stating that, during the current economic upheaval, security professionals are classed as key workers by HM Government.

For the “(g)uarding of empty or closed commercial, retail, or office premises” which can not be monitored remotely and where a physical presence is required, “you should seek to minimise the number of staff deployed to the lowest safest level and ensure the social distancing is required”, paraphrasing a press release issued by the SIA on 26th March 2020.

Although the overall number of crimes has fallen since the introduction of emergency measures, anecdotal reports suggest that gangs across the UK (with specific reference to Manchester, Liverpool, Middlesbrough, Hartlepool and Glasgow) are using the current situation to break into empty retail outlets, hospitality venues, and construction sites.

Before this new threat arose, police were already overstretched.

Deputy Chief Constable Paul Netherton, the national lead for civil contingencies, warned on March 19th 2020 that they may enact “a graduated withdrawal of service” from normal duties if the current health emergency worsens. Routine patrols and neighbourhood policing will be de-prioritised behind responding to crime and threats to public safety.

The easing of lockdown is being rolled out in different phases across the four countries of the UK. As we’ve seen, the threat from theft or damage was already high prior to the pandemic.

Does your security company currently have personnel and the technological solutions it can deploy to help protect the assets and property of the businesses most at risk?

If you demonstrate the value of your security services to clients now, they will see the benefit and likely be more inclined to continue using your company once things have returned to something approaching normality.

4 marketing strategies for security companies during COVID-19

1. In-house direct marketing using a UK business database

  • Choose from the types of decision makers and companies you want to market to – over 2,000 lines of business available so choose only the companies you want. You can also select companies to contact by geographical area.
  • Data includes company name, email address, contact names, contact job titles, postal address, and phone numbers. Supplementary information provided may include turnover band, company net worth, profitable or loss-making, percentage changes in sales volume and profit, type of premises, and number of branches.
  • Full database usage rights for 12 months after purchase with discounts for renewal.

2. Our managed B2B email marketing campaign service

  • Choose from the types of decision makers and companies you want to market to – over 2,000 lines of business available so choose only the companies you want. You can also select companies to contact by geographical area.
  • Email design – our copywriters and designers will create a persuasive, attractive, engaging, and compelling email design for your company demonstrating clearly how you protect business assets and property.
  • Three email broadcasts – we will send your email via our trusted servers to the organisations on your database.
  • Full reporting on each email campaign – three days after each send, we’ll email you a spreadsheet showing which recipients opened and clicked through to your website (and the number of times they did so).
  • Full database usage rights for 12 months after purchase with discounts for renewal.

3. Our B2B telemarketing service

  • Let our telemarketing team have conversations on your behalf with key decision makers (DMs) with the aim of finding out what each company has which needs protection.
  • Lead generation – pass warm leads onto your sales team.
  • We can book and qualify appointments with decision makers (either face-to-face, phone, or Skype-type meetings).
  • Market research – get us to ask any questions you want to decision makers (including asking about how their current security arrangements for when the business is open or closed).
  • Full conversation planning (including openings and objection handles).
  • Live reporting of the campaign – see records completed in real time.
  • We’ll notify you straight away if a prospect indicates that they have immediate security concerns they’d like to discuss with you.

4. Mixture of electronic marketing and telemarketing

While electronic marketing and telemarketing can be very effective on their own, lead generation increases greatly when the two are combined.

Take advantage of our marketing strategies for security companies during COVID-19

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Marketing Strategies For Security Companies During COVID-19

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