Are business owners ready to receive legal advice to help them during the current crisis? Yes – one email campaign we recently ran for a solicitors’ practice got:

• a 51% open rate and

• 311 clickthroughs to their website.

These are unprecedented numbers for a marketing campaign for a solicitors’ practice and those numbers contain one very clear message.

The fear and uncertainty in business owners’ minds is partly caused by a lack of clarity on the courses of action open to them

The message is that business owners are being tested now more than they ever have been before. The 2008-2010 Great Recession was a challenge but what we’re going through now is much greater.

What do business owners want help with at the moment? The five main areas identified are:

  1. What are the consequences of not paying their rent this month or quarter?
  2. What are our rights if a business customer cancels an order prior to completion?
  3. Employees, employment rights, and furloughing during and after the lockdown
  4. What recourse is available to me if my customers are not paying me what I’m owed?
  5. At what point would I be trading wrongfully? And how can I get out of a failing company in the most personally advantageous way?

On all of the points above, there is plenty of general content online but nothing specific to individual business’s requirements.

Businesses need (and are willing to pay for) advice specific to their situation.

Re-writing content produced by the government and its QUANGOs on the effects on business of COVID-19 for your site blog isn’t enough.

Don’t waste their time dispensing the same advice they’ve already read and don’t waste your time by writing a missive no-one’s going to bother to read.

You need to do four things:

  1. Be creative and passionate in your expression – address them like a mentor, a friend, and like you’re actually interested in their fate.
  2. Show potential clients different ways of approaching the situation they’re in – tell them something they don’t know because they probably know as much about furloughing as you do by now.
  3. Demonstrate your commercial acumen – you’re more than just a fee earner. You help clients get out of tight spots your entire career because it’s what you love doing.
  4. Give them hope and give them a solution – offer specific, fixed-price introductory packages to clients on the areas of concern they’re facing right now.

One very popular service we’ve been promoting for solicitors in the last 3 weeks is a fixed-price lease contract review to assess whether there is a legal basis within an agreement to not pay rent for the quarter.

The solicitors’ practices we are working with charge between £275 and £400 for that service and, quite often at the same time, respondents place additional legal work with the firm.

Speak with one of our team to device a series of special introductory services to:

  • generate revenue for your practice and
  • establish the basis for a longer-term relationship between your practice and the clients you onboard through these campaigns.

Our offer

Although we can’t guarantee a level of responsiveness for your campaign, we’re currently offering the following B2B email marketing campaign to solicitors:

  • choose up to 3,000 company directors (choose by location, sector, size, and more) to target from our database (fully GDPR compliant),
  • we will send one email newsletter per week for the next three weeks covering issues of greatest concern to business owners and introducing your special fixed-price services,
  • your email newsletters will be written by one of the UK’s most experienced professional service bloggers and sales copy writers,
  • you will receive a full report on each of the three campaigns we do for you showing opens and clickthroughs, and
  • xclusivity – we won’t email the 3,000 companies we contact on your behalf for any other legal firm while your campaign is live.

Marketing for solicitors in the COVID-19 era

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We’ll find out in as much detail as possible about the range of solutions you offer and how you can help British businesses survive the crisis and thrive in its aftermath.

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Marketing for solicitors during COVID-19

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