The headlines tell why now is the time for marketing cubicles, partitions, and screens in the COVID-19 era…

“Demise of the office job: As millions work from home, Britain’s biggest landlord fears virus could force firms to cut back on building space” (Daily Mail, 12 May 2020)

“The Cubicle Is Back. Blame (or Thank) the Coronavirus” (Wired, 30th April 2020)

“Cubicle comeback? Pandemic will reshape office life for good” (Yahoo AP, 12th May 2020)

“London bar owner said he was considering plastic cubicles to separate groups” (Financial Times, 1st May 2020)

Although the Chancellor has recently extended the furlough scheme (with some slight modifications), he has also indicated that employers will need to contribute towards the payment of wages to their staff soon.

Support for the lockdown, pushback against its loosening

87% of Britons believed the lockdown should continue for at least another three weeks. 89% said they supported the government policy of requiring all non-essential workers to stay at home.

Only 28% believe that the conditions required to make an office workplace space safe have been met.

The onus on getting furloughed employees back to work is firmly and squarely on the employer.

How to persuade staff to return

Employers must now convince staff that it is safe to return and that it is possible to socially distance when they’re in the office.

The use of cubicles, partitions, and screens is, along with deep cleaning, seen as a necessary way of making the case strongly that it’s now OK to come back.

Many have argued that, until there’s a vaccine, society will not return to normal. Businesses and their employers therefore need to adapt and embrace this new temporary normal.

The message that cubicle and partition suppliers & installers should be taking to the businesses and the public sector now

As a result of the COVID-19 lockdown, revenues for most UK businesses have fallen through the floor. While grants and loans may have stemmed the amount of cash leaving companies’ account, the trend is still sharply down.

Britain and its businesses need to get working again.

Cubicle, partition, and screen installers can help them do that and they can start by contacting the directors of and decision makers in UK office-based businesses – we have over 109,000 of them on file.

Six-point manifesto when marketing cubicles, partitions, and screens

These are the six most important points we’d make if we were marketing on your behalf to the directors of and decision makers in UK office-based businesses:

  1. Although a minority, there will be a significant number of staff waiting for an email from you to say “fancy coming back to the office”?
  2. Their initial reaction will be “yes” but “how are you going to protect me? If I catch it, my family might as well. I have to protect my family.”
  3. Let staff know that your premises will be deep-cleaned prior to re-opening. While this is going on, the cleaners will be coming around more regularly too.
  4. Share with employees that you’ll be introducing staggered shifts, putting stickers on the floor 2m apart, and you’re buying as many hand sanitisers as possible.
  5. Demonstrate to directors and decision-makers how installing cubicles, partitions, and screens provides enhanced protection for staff – the ideal sneeze-guards and distance keepers.
  6. Let them know that you’re available to meet at a moment’s notice to give them a quote.

This is a really positive message and one which is certain to resonate strongly with bosses looking for light at the end of the tunnel.

Are decision makers still responding during lockdown and after its easing?

The answer is a firm “yes”.

It went quiet for the first 2-3 weeks of the crisis but, even since then, response rates to emails and telephone calls have been at record levels.

Why? We think it’s because:

  • bosses have more time on their hands,
  • they want a way out of this, and
  • calls and emails are not being stopped by gatekeepers.

One email campaign we ran for an accounting client of ours got a 36% open rate and 154 clickthroughs to their website. We’ve not seen responsiveness at this level since 2007.

Marketing cubicles, partitions, and screens in time for the great return to work

1. UK Cubicle Email Marketing Campaign Package

  • Choose from 109,932 directors and decision makers of office-based companies (select by size of company, business sector, turnover, number of staff, and more)
  • Full database usage rights for 12 months after purchase with discounts for renewal
  • Email design – our copywriters and designers will create an email containing a compelling and engaging business argument for the installation of cubicles, partitions, and screens in their workplaces
  • Three email broadcasts – we will send your email via our trusted servers to the organisations you specify
  • Full reporting on each email campaign – three days after each send, we’ll email you a spreadsheet showing which receipients opened and clicked through to your website (and the number of times they did so).

2. UK Cubicle telemarketing service

  • Conversations with directors and decision makers of office-based companies with the aim of starting a personal relationship between these important decision-makers and your company
  • Lead generation – pass warm leads onto your sales team
  • Market research – get us to ask any questions you want to directors and decision makers
  • Full conversation planning (including openings and objection handles)
  • Live reporting of the campaign – see records completed in real time
  • We’ll notify you straight away if a prospect indicates that the decision to purchase your product/service is imminent

3. Mixture of electronic marketing and telemarketing

While electronic marketing and telemarketing can be very effective on their own, lead generation increases greatly when the two are combined.

Marketing for cubicle, partition, and screen installers

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