In 2021, traditional marketing tactics and strategies can’t be relied upon to generate leads and make sales. But, when planning your marketing approaches for 2021, they shouldn’t be entirely discounted altogether.

This, a strategically-planned marketing plan – combining both traditional direct marketing and modern content marketing techniques – will likely be needed if you want to consolidate your position in the markets you already serve and broaden your reach into newer markets.

Gaining measurable marketing insight into the behavioural and spending habits of both your existing and prospective clients is invaluable if you wish to benefit from increased engagement with your brand and its products and services.

Whatever industry you’re working in, by targeting specific marketing and sales activity at different stages of the client journey, your business will be able to engage with your target market to qualify, nurture, and successfully convert leads into paying customers.

In this blog, we run through the range of services we offer at More Than Words and explain the value behind taking the following five marketing approaches in 2012:

  1. telemarketing
  2. GDPR-compliant B2B data lists
  3. email marketing
  4. copywriting
  5. social media content

Marketing approaches in 2021 – telemarketing

Whereas business to consumer telemarketing may have a reputation as being somewhat outdated these days, B2B telemarketing is still a very powerful force, enabling valuable connections to be made over the phone.

As time has passed and we’ve seen the possibilities that email and internet marketing can bring, we’ve also seen the disadvantage of relying solely on these forms of communication for your marketing activity – the lack of a human connection between you and your potential leads.

That’s why More Than Words’ telemarketing team work with companies, charities, and public sector organisations to connect you to the people who matter in an engaging and memorable way that drives client engagement and increases footfall for your business.

Some of the many advantages of using our telemarketing services include appointment setting, lead generation, market research, data validation and pipeline building, brand awareness and event promotion.

To find out more about More Than Words’ range of telemarketing services, please click here.

GDPR compliant B2B data lists

Email addresses are easy to find online but what’s not so easy to find are high-quality ones that are GDPR-compliant, and updated regularly to ensure quality.

Whatever industry you’re in – from healthcare and estate agents through to insurance and financial – we can provide your business with your own bespoke email database to help you drive engagement, generate leads, and discover new customers.

What’s more, all our databases are UK-specific, GDPR-compliant, fully researched and up to date.

At More Than Words, you can easily select the contacts you wish to email from one of our three main databases – our B2B email database, our school email addresses list, and our public sector email addresses database.

As an established and trusted data supplier, our team has access to the widest selection of business data meaning that you don’t need to go anywhere else to find the potential buyers you’ve identified.

We provide data in a variety of formats to suit your own preferences and we’ll update your records on an annual basis.

Email marketing

Email marketing can deliver a significant return on investment.

Indeed, according to the Data and Marketing Association, companies using email marketing now expect a £42.24 turnover return for every £1 they spend, a figure that has actually increased since the introduction of GDPR privacy laws.

Thankfully, GDPR is nothing you need to worry about with More Than Words’ managed email marketing service.

We not only take care of GDPR compliance, we also design and write your emails, send it to your chosen audience, and provide you with a report after each campaign so that your sales team can follow up with the new leads we’ve identified.

Done correctly and with the right email database, email marketing offers your company the opportunity for quick win sales and the chance to build your brand among your target audience over the course of a year.

At More Than Words, you’ll be allocated:

  • your own experienced designer who will create attractive and engaging graphics for your campaign,
  • an experienced and skilled in-house copywriter who will create punchy and persuasive copy designed to inspire and entice your prospects,
  • a dedicated account manager who will act as your own personal port of call throughout your email marketing campaign, and
  • your own data team contact who will book campaign dates for you and offer advice on how to use the marketing reports we provide.

Click here for more information on our managed B2B email marketing campaigns, our managed school email marketing campaigns, and our managed email marketing campaigns to the public sector.


Great copy should grab attention, engage and spark enthusiasm.

Copywriting is invaluable tool for making the right first impression, intriguing your audience, and converting a casual reader or visitor to your website into a loyal customer.

At More Than Words we provide a range of online and offline copywriting and content marketing services including:

  • article creation and blog posts,
  • direct marketing copy,
  • email marketing copy,
  • sales letters and brochures,
  • native advertising copy, and
  • website copy.

If your marketing content can change the way someone thinks about your product or service then you can guarantee it can help persuade them to buy it.

That’s where we come in.

The copy on your website, in your emails, or any other business correspondence should always be written with the same care and attention you would give your customers face-to-face.

That is why we always make sure the copy we write for you is 100% fit for purpose; conveying your message in clear, easy-to-understand language that engages your audience while fully representing your brand.

At More Than Words we produce high-quality copy for a wide variety of sectors, business types, and content styles depending on what you require.

Contact us on 0330 010 8300 to find out more about our copywriting services.

Social media content

A strong social media presence is important to the success of any business.

Building your social media presence has the power to improve brand credibility and drive organic growth in your business, ultimately leading to increased sales, profits and customers.

Not only can you win over new customers by leading them to your site from your social media posts but you can also engage with customer queries in real-time.

This helps establish your business as reliable and approachable; encouraging your audience to interact with your brand.

Your SEO ranking can also be enhanced by building your social media presence.

Sharing content, interacting with customers, and building a fanbase or following helps validate your brand in the eyes of search engines; all working to improve your online reputation and ranking.

More Than Words provide social media management services, employing our years of industry expertise and know-how to develop your company’s reach and potential across social media.

We develop and tailor content plans across all social media channels to establish an online identity for your company which delivers real and measurable benefits.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help grow your business with a tailored suite of marketing approaches in 2021 and beyond.

Marketing approaches in 2021 and More Than Words

More Than Words are a UK-based B2B marketing agency working with a range of leading national and international clients to help drive growth and increase revenues via strategic content marketing, copywriting, telemarketing, B2B data and email marketing.

Helmed by a team of marketers and sales professionals with decades of experience under our belts, we pride ourselves on delivering honest, straight-talking and measurable marketing services that help our clients’ businesses flourish.

So, whether you’re after some sharply written and engaging copy for your website, blog posts and social media channels, or require access to our comprehensive, GDPR-compliant data lists, get in touch with More Than Words today to find out how we can help take your marketing to the next level.

To find out more about More Than Words and deciding on the best marketing approaches in 2021 for your business, please give us a call on 0330 010 8300 or click here to email us.

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