With thousands of wholesalers, suppliers, and distributors currently trading in the UK, carrying out the market research required to find which ones are most likely to purchase your products in bulk is time consuming.

Many brands will visit trade shows to find new UK wholesale suppliers but doing so is expensive and only a fraction of wholesalers take out floor space at exhibitions.

You could use one of the many wholesale directory sites on the Internet but the problem with many of these SaleHoo-type platforms is that they’re designed for drop shippers looking for a cheap way to launch an eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, or Etsy.

Given the very low minimum order required of the drop shippers they work with, they’re unlikely to order your products in quantities of hundreds or thousands because they can’t be certain that they’ll be able to clear their shelves of your stock quickly enough.

Our list of UK suppliers, distributors, and wholesalers is intended for use by:

You can use the data we hold on wholesale businesses to market your products and services by email, phone, and direct mail.

We licence usage of the data for one year following purchase and all clients receive extensive customer support post-sale to help them achieve the maximum possible return on their investment with us.

To speak to one of our account managers, please contact us on 0330 010 3495 or you can click here to email our direct marketing team.

What’s on our UK wholesale directory for sales and marketing teams?

On our list of trade suppliers, part of our wider UK business database, we have the following information:

  • 30,250 UK wholesale supplier phone numbers,
  • 17,188 wholesaler decision maker email addresses,
  • 28,906 wholesalers whose record includes employee size (banded),
  • 14,024 wholesalers with turnover level (banded),
  • 8,007 wholesalers with a net worth figure, and
  • 24,046 wholesale supplier website addresses.

You don’t have to purchase our wholesale directory in its entirety. As you can see below, our database is split into 110 different categories – source only the wholesalers you want to contact by choosing the most relevant categories for your product or service.

Licensing our data

You may use the contact details of the wholesale suppliers to:

  • promote your own products direct to wholesalers for twelve months and/or
  • advertise products and services intended for use by wholesale customers to improve their ability to trade.

Please note that the data cannot be used to populate listings on online wholesale directory sites and platforms – this would be a breach of the terms and conditions of our service.

This database is not sold on a lifetime access basis – you must re-licence the data after the original licence has expired to continue contacting the UK businesses contained on the list.

We offer two levels of service – self-service (where you conduct the marketing campaigns) and managed (where we carry out the campaigns for you). Please see further below on this page for more information.

We offer the following quality guarantees on our wholesaler and supplier directories:

  • 85% email deliverability (excluding soft bounces)
  • 92% telephone number accuracy
  • 98% postal address accuracy

If we fail to hit our own quality thresholds, we’ll issue a pro-rata refund to you or supply you with replacement records – whichever you’d prefer.

Our wholesale directory by product categories

For each UK wholesaler and supplier you can source via our list, we have broken them up into product subcategories indicating the type of stock they hold and the types of retailer and industry they would sell to.

In the second column, you can see how many decision maker direct dial contact numbers we have and, in the third column, we show the number of personalised email addresses we have for that category.

 Description Phone Email
 Abrasive Products – Wholesalers 37 15
 Agricultural Merchants 519 193
 Aluminium Stockholders 53 30
 Architectural Ironmongers 10 3
 Autogas Suppliers & Installers 2 0
 Bearings Stockists 221 76
 Brick Merchants 65 32
 Builders’ Merchants 3,470 1,665
 Carpets & Rugs – Wholesale 105 31
 Cash & Carry Wholesalers 857 323
 Central Heating Supplies & Equipment 170 53
 Chemicals – Distributors & Wholesalers 284 146
 Chemists’ & Pharmacists’ Suppliers & Wholesalers 217 103
 Chinese Food Wholesalers and Suppliers 21 11
 China & Glassware – Wholesale 13 2
 Cleaning Equipment – Industrial 74 20
 Cleaning Materials & Equipment 545 218
 Clothing Wholesalers 468 116
 Coal & Smokeless Fuel Merchants & Distributors 347 45
 Dairy Equipment Suppliers 51 26
 Dairy Produce Merchants 185 54
 Decorators’ Merchants 689 111
 Do It Yourself Wholesalers 14 3
 Double Glazing Suppliers 404 114
 Egg Merchants 114 18
 Electrical Distribution Companies 94 37
 Electrical Wholesalers 2,355 981
 Engineers’ Merchants 213 94
 Essential Oil Merchants 23 5
 Film Distributors 46 19
 Firework Stockists 107 23
 First Aid & Medical Supplies 56 19
 Fish Merchants – Wholesale 336 106
 Florists – Wholesale & Supplies 142 33
 Frozen Foods – Wholesale 250 100
 Fruit & Vegetables – Wholesale 757 214
 Fuel Dealers 161 68
 Furniture – Hire & Leasing 49 14
 Furniture – Wholesale 174 52
 Garden Ornament Wholesalers & Distributors 22 1
 Garden & Patio Furniture Wholesalers 31 15
 Gas Equipment Wholesalers 10 6
 Giftware – Wholesale 178 56
 Glass Merchants 295 82
 Grain Merchants 56 24
 Hairdressers’ Equipment & Supplies 548 92
 Hay & Straw Merchants 54 1
 Heating Appliance Spare Parts 73 30
 Horticultural Equipment & Supplies 67 25
 Ice Merchants 29 12
 Interior Design Supplies 9 0
 Jewellery – Wholesale 146 36
 Ladieswear – Wholesalers 111 32
 Laundry & Dry Cleaning Supplies 53 19
 Leather Merchants & Wholesalers 39 11
 Lighting Wholesalers 206 82
 Machine Tools – Sales 186 73
 Marine Equipment & Supplies 158 37
 Marble Specialists 260 76
 Marquees; Tents & Portable Floor Hire 413 98
 Meat – Wholesale 502 171
 Metal Merchants 46 26
 Military Equipment Dealers 40 18
 Mineral Merchants 30 15
 Motor Caravan Dealers 268 81
 Motor Factors 843 246
 Newsagents – Wholesale 14 5
 Nurseries – Wholesale 217 38
 Oil Fuel Distributors 338 103
 Optical Goods – Wholesale 78 37
 Painting & Decorating Supplies 211 44
 Paper Merchants 69 27
 Perfume Suppliers 213 39
 Photographic Equipment & Supplies – Wholesale 40 16
 Plant & Machinery Dealers 357 143
 Plastics – Stockists & Suppliers 296 100
 Plumbers’ Merchants 2,138 714
 Potato Merchants & Supplies 127 36
 Poultry Wholesalers 117 31
 Produce Merchants 22 10
 Rag Merchants 10 2
 Reclamation Centres 148 20
 Roofing Supplies & Materials 637 237
 Salvage Dealers 198 25
 Sand; Gravel & Other Aggregates 621 186
 Scrap Metal Merchants 921 209
 Seed Merchants 98 37
 Soft Drinks – Distributors 120 27
 Sportswear Wholesalers 79 24
 Stainless Steel Stockholders 83 50
 Stationery – Wholesale 40 18
 Steel Stockholders 509 274
 Stone Merchants – Natural & Precast 229 77
 Swimming Pool Equipment & Supplies 127 40
 Tea & Coffee Merchants 302 79
 Telephone Equipment 7 5
 Textile Merchants & Agents 300 119
 Tile Stockists 1,126 239
 Tobacconists & Confectioners – Wholesale 44 15
 Tobacconists’ Suppliers 919 111
 Tool Merchants 349 154
 Toys & Games – Wholesale 97 33
 Tube & Tube Fitting Stockists 82 47
 Tyre Wholesalers 63 22
 Upholsterers’ Supplies 42 6
 Video Tape Wholesalers & Distributors 1 1
 Waste Merchants 22 6
 Waste Paper Merchants & Collectors 23 12
 Wines Spirits & Beer – Wholesale 440 141
 Wool Merchants 5 0


30,250 10,097

If you wish to target only certain types of UK wholesale and supply companies, please let us know when you get in touch.

What data is contained on each wholesaler and on the buyers I’ll be contacting?

Against each record on our list of wholesale suppliers, the following information is included where available:

  • contact title for salutations (for example, Mr, Mrs, Dr, Miss, and Sir)
  • buyer’s name (separate fields for first and last name)
  • job title (the job title reported by the contact)
  • company name
  • type of wholesaler (from one of the 110 categories shown below)
  • legal status
  • postal address including 2 lines for the address, town, county, and postcode
  • telephone number (main switchboard number)
  • decision maker email address

If you are only seeking to contact wholesale suppliers within specific levels of turnover, we have that information on just over 14,000 of the 30,000 records we hold. Please ask us to isolate these records if you need to target by size for your marketing campaigns.

How can I use the list to promote my product or service to wholesale suppliers?

You can promote your products and services direct by email, phone, and post.

If you currently lack the capacity or the infrastructure to send out your own email or telephone marketing campaigns, please ask us when you call about our managed B2B email marketing campaigns and managed B2B telemarketing campaigns.

Wholesale and trade suppliers marketing directory FAQ

Who are the contacts on your database?

The contacts on our database are the senior contacts within the businesses. They will, more often than not, be the most senior of buyers within these UK companies.

If you want to use this database to find new wholesale buyers and distributors for your products, you should send your offers direct to a buyer’s postal or email address as well as contacting them directly by phone.

If you’re selling products or services designed to improve efficiency and profitability within a wholesaler, you should also target the senior contact as they will be the person with overall budgetary responsibility.

How is this service different to SaleHoo?

In addition to allowing its clients to find wholesalers, drop shippers and product sources, SaleHoo provides an online platform which contains the technology customers require to help them build their own e-commerce website.

SaleHoo currently offers access to over 8,000 wholesale suppliers selling millions of different types of products in comparison to the over 30,000 UK wholesalers and trade suppliers offered on More Than Words marketing database.

In contrast, Alibaba is a site for manufacturers and wholesalers to advertise their company and their products to real-world and online retailers in their industry. This functionality is not available with our service.

Is this a membership scheme?

No – this is not a membership scheme and, by purchasing the database (as a whole or in part), you do not become a “member”.

You will be our customer and this will entitle you to year-round support from your account manager as well as from our advertising and technical teams.

Do you hold information on importers?

Many of the UK wholesalers and suppliers contained on our database will import products from overseas however this information is not held on the files of each business we list.

If you want a marketing directory of importers and exporters, we sell this list separately. We currently have 4,100 importers, exporters, and agents on our database – please ask us for more information when you get in touch.

I am a wholesaler and I’m looking for retailers to stock the items I sell. Can you help?

Yes we can although this is not the product for you. Please click here for our UK retailers list.

We have over 300,000 UK retailers within over 220,000 retailer telephone numbers and 66,000 retailer email addresses. You can search for retail buyers by category – there are over 220 individual retail categories on our database.

You can also search for the stores you wish to target by geographical area and by company size (site/store number, turnover, and so on).

Please ask us for more information on our list of retailers when you call.

Can this data be used by overseas companies to find wholesalers in the UK?

Yes. We sell this database to companies around the world from the United States to New Zealand.

However, under our licensing arrangement, we are not permitted to send you the database for your own use – you must use our managed services to target the UK wholesalers on our list.

Can I upload this information to my website and sell subscriptions to it?

No – you are not permitted to load any of the data contained on our UK wholesalers database to any websites you control. You also may not the information we provide you to populate any printed or online directories of businesses.

If you wish to resell the data to third parties, this is a permitted use however we will need to know the name of each company you sell it to. You will be charged a licence fee for each customer and you will be responsible for their usage of the data.

Order your bespoke wholesale and trade suppliers marketing database

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Get in touch with us – let us know about your company, what you sell, and which types of wholesalers you want to approach. We’ll then create a bespoke list

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