Do you need an accurate and up-to-date list of secondary school email addresses?

We have 3,126 UK high school email addresses on our wider UK schools database – we can also provide an email design, your first three email sends, 12 months’ usage licence, and more.

Spending per pupil has now increased to £5,150 and this is likely to climb higher as the government invests more into the education sector post COVID-19.

In this article on our secondary school email database, we cover:

  • our full current offer on our UK secondary school email database
  • email design, broadcast, and broadcast management for new customers
  • the best way to sell education-related products to secondary schools
  • who and how to approach high schools for non-education-related products and services
  • the optimal way of writing an advert to appeal to secondary school heads, leaders, and teachers
  • the importance of secondary school buying cycles
  • success with email marketing to secondary schools
  • how using the phone number information on our secondary school marketing database can deliver additional benefits to your company
  • how to order the UK Secondary Schools Database

Email design, emails campaigns, and after-sales support for clients

Along with our secondary school email database, we are also offering the following for new subscribers:

  • 3,126 emails and 3,122 contact names across 3,303 UK secondary schools
  • One email design
  • Three email sends
  • Licence to use the data for 12 months
  • Quarterly updates (upon request)
  • Free technical support
  • Free advertising support

Together with contact name and email address information for each school, we also provide (where available):

  • amount received in Pupil Premium
  • schools’ gender and religious characteristics
  • headteacher name (where available)
  • local authority
  • lowest and highest age of pupils
  • number of pupils
  • nursery provision
  • OFSTED rating
  • postal address (including postcode)
  • school capacity
  • school type
  • school website
  • SEN classes
  • telephone number

Email design

Working with our in-house copy writers and graphic artists, we’ll design an email for your company.

The email we write for you will:

  • speak to heads, leaders, and teachers using friendly, engaging, formal language they understand and which edifies your brand,
  • describe in detail the benefits that your product or service will bring to their school,
  • deliver a strong call-to-action encouraging contact with your company, and
  • contain a strong subject line designed to encourage as many opens as possible.

The design of your email will conform to your brand standards (colours, logos, and fonts) and it will adopt an elegant and minimalist appearance so that the readers’ full concentration is on the message itself.

All emails will be designed in HTML5 meaning that it will appear correctly on smartphones without the user needing to pinch and zoom to read the contents.

First three email broadcasts to secondary schools

We will deliver your first three school email marketing campaigns direct to the schools on our high school email list on your behalf using our proven broadcast techniques from our trusted servers.

By using our service, you will benefit from a much higher delivery rate than if you send them off yourself.

You can book in additional campaigns at competitive rates if you need them.

Full campaign management and reporting

For each broadcast we run for you, we will conduct full management and reporting of campaigns for you including:

  • immediate notification on opens – as soon as a head, leader, or teacher opens your email, we will notify you generally within one hour (during office hours)
  • full report three days after transmission – we will send you a full report on your campaign showing which schools opened and clicked through and how many times they opened and clicked through (the more opens and clickthroughs, the better)
  • unsubscription management – we will keep detailed and GDPR-compliant records of the schools which no longer wish to receive emails from you.

Technical and advertising support

For the 12 months of your licence, you and your colleagues can contact us for:

  • technical support – help on how to use the database, how to conduct searches, how to manage unsubscribes, and so on, and
  • advertising support – speak with your account manager about the ideas you have for marketing and selling to schools and we’ll share our thoughts and experiences with you. If you put together an email or postal marketing design, we’ll review it for you giving you the most helpful and commercially valuable feedback possible.

Selling to secondary schools with our list of secondary school email addresses – educational products

Although the headteacher controls how the overall budget of their school is allocated, many secondary school heads provide the heads of departments with their own limited budgets to spend on educational products.

Secondary schools will contain a mixture of the following types of heads of department:

  • Head of Maths
  • Head of English
  • Head of Science
  • Head of PE
  • Head of ICT
  • Head of Music
  • Head of Geography
  • Head of History

Each head of department will have discretion on how much they can spend and on what.

When writing marketing materials aimed at specific heads, there may be added value to you in writing it in such a way that you explain the benefits as if you were writing to the headteacher rather than to the head of department.

This is because, in some cases, the head may ask to see the literature prior to signing off an order.

Selling non-educational products to secondary schools with our list of secondary school email addresses

It’s helpful to think of secondary schools like multi-million pound local businesses.

In addition to the products and services they need to buy in so that they can perform their core function (i.e. the education of children), they also need to make other types of purchase to allow the organisation to provide the environment required for the delivery of that core function.

In the last ten or so years, many secondary schools have employed the services of business managers in an attempt to help them save money (through better purchasing and strong contractual negotiations) and make money (through higher enrolments at their school, general fundraising, and renting out of school assets like fields and halls).

If you sell contracted services like marketing, outsourced administration, security, cleaning, catering, facilities management, property maintenance, utilities, and IT support, you would probably be better to target the business manager rather than the head teacher.

Secondary school email database in the UK

We have a high school email address for 3,216 of the secondary schools in the UK.

Most of the secondary schools we list are included in England reflecting that country’s disproportionately larger population compared with other countries in the UK.

How to write an advert which appeals to secondary school decision-makers

When writing an advert to a head, leader, or teacher at a secondary school, you should always put yourself in the position of the person you’re addressing when you’re devising the copy.

For most of the last 10 years, funding to schools has been squeezed so heads, teachers, and leaders have been trying to achieve optimal results for their pupils using a diminishing pool of labour and other resources.

Heads are under pressure from the colleagues they work with, from OFTSTED, and from the parents of the students who attend their schools.

Class sizes, although largely static for the last decade, continues to challenge teachers many of whom may have lost support staff.

Under particular pressure are the SEN departments within secondary schools as the levels of diagnosis of conditions which lead to an EHCP increase.

Your marketing material should show that you understand and empathise with staff and that your solution will help them achieve better results – it’s of particular importance that you explain how your solution will help them.

If you can reference the National Curriculum or reports demonstrating the efficacy of what you sell, even better.

People buy people first and we’re more inclined to get along with someone who we feel understands the challenges we face.

How often do secondary schools buy your products?

Every service or product has a natural lifespan.

For food and other perishables, the lifespan is short. For schoolbooks or other teaching aids, the lifespan may be one year.

On other products and services, the lifespan might be considerably longer and be governed by a contract – for example, the leasing of a minibus or the term on a utility (gas and electricity agreement).

Our point is that not every school will be in the market for your product or service at any given time.

When sending marketing information to our list of high school emails, you should assume that no more than one in twenty of them are either ready to buy your product or service or are contractually allowed to change their provider.

With each email, phone call, or letter you send to schools, you’re building up awareness of your brand and showcasing your ability to service education clients.

This is important – remember that schools are spending public money so, more often than not, decision-makers within schools need to feel trust in your company and that it can deliver what it promises.

Success with email to secondary schools

Email marketing to secondary schools is the most popular and cost-effective form of advertising and promotion to this sector and it has been for around 15 years now.

Schools, in the main, welcome opportunities to hear from potential new suppliers so they can save money, make money, or achieve better results with the resources they have available to them.

Once you have paid for our database of high school email addresses, the relative cost of sending further campaigns is very small in comparison to other forms of marketing.

Percentage response rates for email campaigns are lower however the cost per lead or customer acquisition costs is nearly always substantially lower with email marketing than with telemarketing or postal marketing.

Use the phone to your advantage when connecting with secondary schools

Although email marketing offers the best return on investment for marketing, you may wish to consider booking a telemarketing to schools campaign.

With telemarketing, we can perform the following for you:

  • appointment setting – our education telemarketers secure dozens of strong and qualified appointments with schools each week.
  • lead generation – we find out which schools are interested in your products and services and, once we have found a potential client, we let your sales and marketing team take it from there.
  • market research – gain the most valuable insights come from the people who know you best – your school customers.
  • event promotion – attending an education show or exhibition and want to let target schools know that you’re there? work with us to secure as many attendees as possible.
  • data validation and pipeline building – your education customer database is one of the most valuable assets in your business. we can keep it up to date and make it compliant for GDPR purposes.

Telemarketing is not provided as part of our core marketing service – please ask your account manager for a quote.

More Than Words note – looking for SIC codes for secondary schools? The UK SIC code for secondary school is 85300 – “Secondary education”.

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