List of farmers email addresses for direct marketing

Investing in a list of farmer email addresses is an important step towards building a business relationship with budget holders in the agricultural sector.

This list of UK farms goes even further – a comprehensive directory including personal information for farm owners and managers across the United Kingdom.

Farmers email directory: Who can benefit?

Suppliers of agricultural products and services will find the farming directory invaluable.

Generally, any business that manufactures or distributes farm-related products or equipment includes:

List of farmers email addresses for marketing
  • warehouses,
  • processors,
  • wholesalers,
  • retailers,
  • producers of pesticides,
  • food production companies, and
  • marketing companies.

Any business that deals with farms will be able to generate leads from our list of farmer emails.

Three advantages of working with our agriculture industry email list

More Than Words’ farmers’ email marketing database includes:

1. Farmers information and email addresses

  • key decision maker email addresses regularly updated for accuracy and relevance, free of duplicates,
  • there are multiple fields for each farm, and
  • 12 months use of the data after purchase.

2. Email marketing design and three email broadcasts carried out for you with full follow-up reporting

  • Our team of experienced copywriters and designers will design an email marketing campaign for you based on the offer, product, or service you’ve chosen.
  • We will send out three email campaigns for you from our trusted servers to ensure maximum deliverability to all of your farmer contacts, and
  • After three days, your account manager will send you a full report of the results of your campaign, including the number of recipients who opened your email and clicked through to your website.

3. Support with your list of farmer email addresses

UK Farming Database for Direct Marketing
  • Regardless of your technical level, More Than Words’ team of data specialists will help you use the data you purchase.
  • Our account managers, design team and copywriters will review any advert and provide feedback on any targeted advertising material you send.

What does the More Than Words list of farmer email addresses contain?

We have 1,471 email addresses for farmers and decision-makers in farms all over the UK.

Many of our clients find that making fewer selections of data closely related to their product or service generates more leads and sales.

Tell your account manager what specifics you are interested in, and they’ll run a bespoke count and quote.

Why farming is important to the UK economy

UK agriculture is vital to the economy. Agribusiness contributes £120 billion to the UK’s economy, and employs over 4 million people. The UK economy gains £7.40 for every £1 invested in farming.

70% of the UK’s land is used in agriculture, employing more than 1.5% of its workforce . Therefore, agriculture plays an important role in maintaining the UK’s environment.

Farmers protect habitats necessary for the survival of certain wildlife species. In addition, farmland acts as a carbon sink, decreasing the effects of pollution caused by food production.

Farms also provide about 10% of the UK’s electricity.

Your farmer mailing list: how to sell to decision makers

Aside from Brexit and the Coronavirus pandemic, farmers in the UK have had a tough few years.

Farming processes have had to be continuously adjusted to cope with climate change.

Longer, hotter summers mean some crops are affected by lack of water, and finding solutions to this issue is a priority.

For farmers working with crops, drought-resistant products or technologies would be an easy sell.

A focus on products or services that will help dairy farmers to meet increasing demand volumes would be timely and effective after new research found that supermarkets and other major customers are placing greater pressure on farmers.

Let us handle your email and telephone marketing

More Than Words offers a managed email marketing service to maximize the return on your investment.

Our designers and copywriters can take any information, branding or images you want to include and create attractive and persuasive emails for you.

It will have a compelling subject line and strong headline with a simple design that ensures fast loading.

The email will be optimized so that it displays properly on any device.

Your first three email campaigns will be sent from our servers. We can choose an optimal time and day for your message, or you can choose your preferred time (depending on availability).

We’ll send you a report three days after your email has been delivered to show how your recipients responded.

You will be able to see who opened your email, who clicked through to your website, and how many times.

You can follow up on your email campaign by first starting with the most engaged potential customers.

Alternatively, you can use More Than Words’ telemarketing service and have one of our telesales representatives follow up for you. 

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