There are many reasons why the companies whose products and services we help take to market order a list of accountants – after all, this is a sector with a combined annual turnover of £5.3bn a year.

Some of our clients work in financial services and they are looking to network with individuals in similar sectors.

Others have a financial product, service, or software that they believe will be of interest to those in this area.

To market your product effectively to this sector, you need access to an up-to-date list of accountants where the emphasis is on the reliability of the contact information and which is updated on a continuous rolling cycle.

Our list of accountants in the UK

More Than Words is currently offering a comprehensive accountants’ email list to clients comprising:

  • 15,253 data records for chartered accountants, tax accountants and bookkeepers.
  • 8,940 phone numbers, and
  • 7,737 have email addresses

Our accountant database offers three separate ways to get in touch with accountants:

Together with your purchase, we also offer the advice and support of our experienced and dedicated marketing team to help you with your marketing campaigns.

Don’t want the whole list?

Contact us to let us know which practices you do want to get in touch with and we’ll help you select the contacts likely to be the most open to what you are offering.

When we’ve identified them together, our email designers, copywriters, dispatchers, and reporters work with you to create and send a compelling, engaging, response-drive email campaign to your selected targets.

In this article, we share with you:

  • the value offered to clients by an accurate, up-to-date accountants’ email list
  • the types of accountants you will find on the database
  • the additional information contained on each practice contained on our list of accountants
  • database only versus managed email marketing campaigns
  • successfully presenting your products and services to accountants
  • the benefits of following up or supporting with a telemarketing campaign
  • ordering your list of accountants

5 ways to increase the likelihood of success when email marketing to accountants

Our list of chartered accountants provides you and your business with an up-to-date, accurate, and GDPR-compliant source of accountants’ email addresses including the contact details of the key influencers and decision makers for each organisation.

But, if you’re new to email marketing to accountants, which five approaches do our team recommend to maximise your chances of success?

1. Database accuracy

In any marketing campaign to accountants, one of the two main factors behind generating a significant commercial return on your campaign is correctly identifying and connecting with the decision makers and influencers.

In other words, the more accurate the accountants’ contact database you’re working from, the better the result.

More Than Words guarantees the accuracy of all of its B2B email marketing databases by offering pro-rata refunds or replacement records when we fail to hit accuracy levels.

2. Understanding why accountants would want your product or service

The second major factor behind generating a high commercial return from a sustained series of emails to accountants is the content of your marketing message.

The easiest way to get an accountant to respond to your marketing email is:

  • to acknowledge that they may be experiencing difficulties in areas of their practice which may be negatively impacting the profitability and/or efficiency of their practice and
  • to demonstrate how the product or service you’re offering can overcome these issues.

For example, accountants often struggle with issues caused by outdated software and differing accounting processes across different departments within their larger client businesses.

Business providing automation software, training, or communication improvements across company departments might focus on these issues and then highlight how the adoption of their services could help to limit material weakness and thus provide new opportunities for growth.

3. Telling as well as selling

People respond better to emails which focus on what you can do for them rather than what they can do for you.

This means focusing not only on the offer that you are giving them but also how this will make their lives easier.

Over the 12 months of your campaign to accountants, share as much useful and actionable information as possible to build up the credibility of your company and its products and services in the minds of decision makers.

Some businesses also include things like tips and advice, or links to useful news pages and blogs.

You can generate additional leads by making your series of emails feel like a valuable source of regular information and insight as well as a simple promotion.

4. Segment your accountants’ email list

It is human nature to respond better to communication which feels as though it is designed specifically for you and this can be done easily through segmentation.

For example, you may want to split your list of accountants into groups by turnover. It may be that the product or service you offer works just as well across practices of all sizes but smaller practices would respond better to a more nuanced sales message than a larger practice.

You can then send different versions of your emails which been slightly altered to suit each group ensuring that the communication feels unique and specific leading to increased lead generation.

5. Ask for action

Never leave any recipient in any doubt that you want them to respond to your message.

Always end your email with a call to action – an invite for them to call you, email you, or leave a message on their website.

More Than Words’ email team has more than 20 years’ experience in helping clients market successfully to accountants – traditionally, one of the hardest sectors to sell to.

With either our database only option or our managed email marketing service, you have 12 months’ unlimited access to the list of accountants from the date of purchase.

When you order your list of accountants from us, we’ll be there to assist you to make sure you benefit from the highest possible return from your investment in us.

What types of accountants are on our accountants’ email list?

Within our accountant contact database, part of our wider and comprehensive UK business database, you will find a range of accountants, including:

  • financial accountants
  • bookkeepers
  • a list of chartered accountants
  • tax accountants
  • management accountants

The additional information contained on each practice contained on our list of accountants

The majority of our clients use a list of accountants in order to find and market to decision makers and influencers in the sector.

In addition to the email address, the following information is provided on each record:

  • practice name
  • contact name
  • job title
  • address (including town and postcode)
  • telephone number
  • number of employees
  • company registration number
  • turnover band
  • company net worth
  • profit percent change
  • sales volume increase or decrease
  • website
  • premise type description
  • branch count

Not every field will be populated for every data record but we are able to narrow down the databases by a specific field if this is something that is of particular interest to you.

Database only versus managed email marketing to accountants

You can purchase our list of accountants as either:

Database-only service

We provide you with our accountant database as either a Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, or comma-separated value file.

The following accuracy guarantees are provided by More Than Words:

  • 98% address accuracy
  • 95% telephone accuracy
  • 90% email accuracy

If we fail to achieve these benchmarks, you will be entitled to either a pro-rata refund of the amount over the threshold or to replacement records.

12-month managed email campaigns

Our expert team of copywriters and in-house designers create a series of 12 marketing emails ready to send out to the contacts once a month on your list of accountants.

We will send all of the email marketing campaigns out for you on your behalf.

After three days, we send you a full analytics report showing:

  • which recipients opened your email and how many times,
  • which recipients clicked through to your website and how many times, and
  • which recipients opted out of being included on future campaigns

For direct replies and queries you receive from your campaign, we will forward those to you within half an hour of receipt for immediate follow-up.

Following up or support with a telemarketing campaign

Many individuals feel more comfortable with proceeding with an enquiry after they have been able to talk it through in person.

To help convert clients like these, we offer follow-up telemarketing services contacting a mixture of:

  • the accountants on the database you most want to do business with and
  • the accountants which open your email and click through to your website the most.

You have access to an online campaign folder where you can view these calls as they happen in real time and manage any follow up actions required.

Ordering your copy of the accountants email list

To find out more about our list of chartered accountants, please call us on 0330 010 8300 or click here to email and ask our marketing databases how we can work with you marketing your products to accountants and bookkeepers.

Our accurate, GDPR-compliant list of accountants

To find out more, please call us on 0330 010 8300, click here to email us, or fill in the form and we’ll get back to you.